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I play a Taylormade Superfast 2.0 4 wood instead of carrying a 3 & 5 wood. My home course is pretty short nd it comes in handy for long par 3s. It lets me carry an extra wedge which I use much more often. I almost never hit my 5 wood when I carried it. It's shorter than my 3 wood was but has good trajectory and better gap from my driver to be more useful for me.
That part is called a ferrule.  The ferrule is purely cosmetic to make the transition from the club head's hosel to the shaft a smooth transition.  Its attached with epoxy.  Just be careful that little piece is moving and the shaft is not slipping in and out of the club head.  I doubt it since you said the ferrule is cracked, it probably just that.
Love the game and still playing every night. After many, many rounds I started to get the point of needing the extra clubs. Then I ran low on golf bucks to buy them and it's really challenging me now. I love it from all angles.
We had a bobcat on hole 4 last weekend. I dread the day I might run into a mountain lion.
I have a 52.8, 56.11 and 60.8. I find I go through streaks and each has been my go to club around the greens at different times. Maybe as I get better I will understand those streaks. It could be in my head or the climate since I play through the winter here in high elevation California.
The Bridgestone E6 is good. I found one the other day and tried it. I ended up finishing the whole round with since i liked it so much. Then I bought a dozen:-) I see Srixon AD333 is mentioned here, but if the OP wants to try a Srixon ball, the Soft Feel matches his requirements better. It's Srixon's ball targeted for slow swing speeds
It may be the specific hybrids are just a poor fit for you. I had a couple Adams A3 hybrids and just could not hit the ball. I'd top it usually. Then a buddy saw I played taylormade irons and gave me a rescue mid he had lying around 16*. I can swing a 2 iron, but will drop it for the rescue club since its much easier to hit from the rough. I love it and its my go to club now. I can hit it from 140-200 by lengthening my swing. It has way more heft than the Adams so it...
I just got a taylormade R7 2 iron and 3 iron. I just don't feel good hitting hybrids, so I completed my iron set with all irons. This should help my game a lot. Also grabbed a Ogio 2010 Sultan cart bag. It's branded Srixon, so I got for $95 instead of the $162 I have been seeing online. I think I like it better than the 2011 but time will tell
Funny, I just upgraded from my old Adams assaults circa 1997 to Taylormade R7 circa 2008. I gained 15 yards with the new clubs but I assume any other game improvement set from another company would have done the same. Love the clubs though.
I would love an extra large Wow that was easy!
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