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I'm self taught for the most part so I would film my swing and break down every little thing to try and match my positions to the common positions that most pros share.. id say i have good positions but I do have a lot of bad habits. most important thing is stick with what works and keep practicing. just think of furyk. ugly but very effective. theres no right way. 
lol stfu. i just want to make sure I'm swinging right. 
I've got this habit of snapping my left leg straight occasionally at impact. it stops my turn and my hands through and i double cross. anybody heard of such a problem and any drills to help? thanks
looks to me like youre bringing the club inside too much on the backswing and then it causes you to come over the top a little, hence your fade. i used to have the same exact problem. easiest way to fix it it to make a wider arc. reach out with your hands on the backswing almost like youre coming back outside the plane, from there you only have one place to go, back to the plane or even slightly inside.
with the driver i have started teeing it about a ball or 2 inside of my front heel. helps me catch it from the inside a little better without flipping my hands after it.    yes the idea with teeing it forward is to minimize backspin but also because your arms are still extending through the target zone. 
heres how id put it: i wouldn't be able to swing in tennis shoes, id fall over. regular shoes just can't handle the torque of your feet
people say you should have loose wrists but when i loosen my wrists i think i create way too much lag too control.   is it possible to have too loose of wrists because when my wrists are loose with my driver its all bad however when i control my wrists to 90 degrees of lag and make a nice wide turn i hit the ball straight as an arrow with a gorgeous ball flight.   what do you think??
okay i hear you, i will definitely work on that drill. who knows maybe i beat that old habit of a weight shift too much! thanks mike
its funny you say that because I've been told my hips move too much forward and my hands can never catch up. i have really really quick hips.. i am wondering if its possible to have over active hips because the only times I've hit draws with my driver are when i ignore my hips and use all shoulders oddly enough, my hips still obviously do something.    also that drill looks very stack and tilt, which i know is heavily advocated here but i don't swing that way so I'm...
hey guys I've burned a lot of things in my brain and now i just have this combination of too many things in my swing and my head is cluttered on the course and i have absolutely no confidence.    basically i just want to know the fundamentals to the modern golf swing because I'm surely doing something wrong.   i have two things that are driving me crazy about my game lately:   1. driver slice got rid of it once upon a time but its come back into my game...
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