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I like Bubba. I love watching him play. He's on a short list of players I might stay home to watch play rather than play myself ... but on second thought, that's what the DVR is for. :) I like his "Bible Thumping" because that's a big part of who he is and he's just being himself and I like his honesty. He's a family man.  He is very emotional and I like that too. I think he's as close to everyman as you're going to get. Yes, I am a big fan of Bubba!
The Adams Idea Pro Forged  (not Pro Gold) with the True Temper frequency matched Black Gold rifle shafts are very sweet irons.
Driver            260 3 Wood         240 18* Hybrid     225 20* Hybrid     205 4 Iron            190 5 Iron            180 6 Iron            165 7 Iron            155 8 Iron            145 9 Iron            135 PW               118 Gw                108 56* SW          85 
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