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Two for me and both were last year, one was a 154yd 8 iron and the other a 175yd 6 iron, the first I kind of thinned (not pretty) and the second was a sweet strike that never left the pin - what a great feeling!
MULVn8tor, i'm the same as you, I love buying new clubs but like you hit a terrible slice, which is starting to come under control, I'll pass on the best bit of advice i've received on here, save the money you were going to spend on a driver and use it on some lessons, my slice seems to be coming from not enough shoulder turn on the back swing.
Well since that Yonex "fitting" I've been to a club fitter here in the Uk (Nick Hibbs Tour X Golf - Warrington) and there is NO WAY i'm swinging 117 or faster! I was put on the monitor and was consistently hitting 101 - 102 which is still pretty decent I guess, though the negative angle of -5 degrees is killing me. After about an hour it was pointed out to me that I need some lessons to help sort my slice, it turns out I dont have enough shoulder turn, so i'm going to...
Without wishing to come across as an ass here, but if you really do hit 290 - 300yds consistently what the hell do you need a new driver for?
Cheers for that Rick, i'll have a look, i'm going to a range not far from home later today, the teaching pro there is highly regarded apparently, so i'll go and see what he says.
Thanks for the advise fellas, I definately do need to slow it down, its obviously not working, you'd of thought at 44 i'd of learned to wind it in a little! The 121 was me really swinging hard and I doubt thats repeatable nor a base for saying thats my swing speed because it just isn't. I'll find a good teaching pro and get to work on that in to out swing - I have an R9 Supertri 10.5 fitted to a stiff flex Fubuki Alpha, the pro yesterday tried me in a 12 degree with...
I've finally realised the importance of having some lessons, I went to a demonstration day today at my local American Golf here in the UK the only manufacturers were there were Yonex, but they had flight monitors there and a full range of equipment so it was pretty good and they guy certainly knew his stuff.   In the end he said I wouldn't try and sell you a club because I just can't fit you because your so inconsistent! Thats fair enough he was straight with me and...
Cheers Everybody, it would of been good to see it go in yes, hopefully i'll see the next one! 
I got my first hole in one the other day, I still cant believe it, 158yd par 3 - 8 iron, I kind of thinned it (not pretty but still a 1 on the card) the ball took off, hit the side of a bunker and then we lost sight of it after that, I walked up and assumed it had run off the back of the green, but I walked to the pin just incase and there sat my little Z Star smiling up at me!  :-) What a great feeling.....I want another one now!
I have the Garmin S1 approach, it's a superb tool and really quite accurate, you tend to realise just how much you come to rely upon it the first time you forget to take it out with you! As for "I personally do not understand why people waste their money". Well its their money, I'm not sure how many watches Garmin have sold, but I dare say its more than a few and the price is really quite reasonable. I have managed 36 holes from one charge but as a watch it's suppose...
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