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For me, learning golf is all about perseverance. It would be great to go back in time and only do the things that worked! Unfortunately that’s not possible; all we can do is keep working at it through the good times and the bad.   There were countless times when I went up the wrong path; when I wrongly thought I had the drill that was going to transform my swing or the tip that was going to make every shot go straight.   The best thing I did was persevere and...
Comments and advice are welcome! 
  As you can see I still struggle with the early release! It's usually not quite as bad as this though!    I've been working on keeping my weight more even on the backswing to stop me swaying to the right. On the downswing I have been working at sliding my weight left and finishing well balanced on my left heel. 
  Here's my swing over a year and a half later..
I've tried putting tape just behind the ball and it works really well. You can quickly reuse the same bit of tape over and over again as well so it's actually pretty convenient.    Another method is putting tape about 6 inches in front of the ball. You then hit the ball and try and take the tape away as well. This is excellent way of intuitively stopping yourself from flipping and ensuring that you take a divot after contact. 
 I'll give that a try, thanks!
I now shoot under 100 and I believe once the season starts I will break 90 for the first time.    I've got a DTL on my iphone and I'll hopefully upload tonight.    I actually don't have an official handicap yet purely as I don't play medals and tend to play a lot of different courses as a visitor. I regularly shoot around 45 on my local par 33 and my record is 40.    I hit balls for 30 minutes on the short range and I only visibly duffed one. On the proper range I'd...
I’ve come across an indoor golf centre in Glasgow, Scotland which is very conveniently located for me. It has a chipping area with bunker, a separate putting green and a 30 yard range. http://www.indoorgolfacademies.co.uk/facilities   The short game is something I neglect badly. The range I normally go to is well protected from the elements but the short game area is obviously outdoor and a no go area in bad weather or winter evenings. The thought of getting consistent...
In the past I actively worked at shifting my weight onto my right side on the back swing. I would brace on my right leg however to prevent me from swaying to the right. This was the advice of my first golf pro.   My current Pro however has advised against this. He wants me to have my weight evenly balanced at the top of the backswing (or even still slightly on the left). The reason being that even though I thought I was bracing on my right leg I was actually slightly...
 Amen to that! 
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