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Went to a fitting centre yesterday to try the mini driver out and all i can say is i am very impressed with it, i was testing the 14 degree model and my longest was 267 yards. It is much more accurate than my Callaway X hot which i was getting over 3k rpm on. So i was having some very bad shots with when it did go wrong.   This brought my spin levels way down and i was very confident with the club to just keep hitting it as hard as i could. I traded my X Hot in and...
Ye i really am puzzled at the moment, I use my 60* for everything inside lets say 70 yards. So i will probably only use the other wedges for just full shots as i dont play chip and runs and use my 60* in greenside bunkers as well. I'll probably go 50 and 54 i think.
I currently have a 60* Vokey and a G20 45* PW, I'm switching out the 54* SW because it is to clunky for my liking for a SW. I was thinking about getting a 56* SW and a 50* GW. Would this setup be ok or would i be better off with a 52* GW instead?
Maybe u can buy one of last seasons drivers for a discount price new? I rarely buy the latest equipment i normally go 1 year back on equipment get it new for a good deal. This year i bought the X hot driver with a free hybrid and have to say it has changed my game completely. Im sure u can pick up a G20 or a RBZ for half the price they originally sold for without a problem. A lot of shops have excessive stock left over that they want to get rid of so they sell them fairly...
I have had driver problems for the last 2 years. The best advice i can give u is, get a lesson then a custom fit. I got 2 in 1 and now i am really confident with my driver. I have 11.5 loft but when i miss now it's a controlled miss and not a crazy 50 yard hook. It still gets up to at least 200 yards if i dont strike it sweet and in play.
Upgraded after 7 years with the white hot 2 ball putter. I wasn't confident with that putter and was not making enough putts to be happy wit it. Bought a TM White smoke putter wothout even testing it and loved it straight away. For me feel is not that important with a putter the really nice looks of the white putter just gives me more confidence in making 6-12 foot putts. I have never putted better before and wont be changing again for a long time.
II was actually looking at the i20 irons now, the looks off of them is what im most interested in as well as holding onto them for the next 3-4 years maybe even longer. I feel like i can get good use out of them and can cover my handicap for quite a long time. I would prefer to do the work with my irons rather than have them do the work for me which i feel the G20 are doing right now.
I purely hate the clunkyness of my current irons, i would prefer a more sleek looking iron and they are going to high up in the air for my liking. I wouldn't say i need new irons i just plan on playing much more golf this year and would like a set of irons to cover me when i inevitably drop my handicap as i will be playing more than double what i have played in previous years.
As a 20 HC player i feel my irons are the best part of my game, I currently use G20 but honestly i hate the look and feel off of them and looking down at the huge head size is a problem for me. I was looking at the jpx 825 pro, i20 and the rocketbladez tour irons, I love the look off of all of them and i'm confident i could play those irons nicely. I feel like all the height the G20's are giving me i dont really need since i have never struggled with my iron play. I got...
I couldn't agree more, There are cheaper franchises here in ireland than the Americangolf shop i went to but i would gladly pay that bit more to get that service he gave. His knowledge of the game was very impressive. I told him i was also looking for new irons and he told me to keep the ones i have as they are fine for me now, he could have showed me the latest model and said these will improve you but he just really gave me and my bro great advice and i will definitely...
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