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My PGA choices are:   Rory McIlroy -10 Karl Pettersson -11 Greg Ogilvy -8
Bubba Watson -6 Tiger Woods -3 Lee Westwood -2
I have three to offer the forum.     1. Locally it's Amana Colonies Golf Course in Amana, Iowa. http://www.amanagolfcourse.com/   2. In Texas where I live part of the year it's Timber Creek G.C. http://www.timbercreekgolfclub.com/golf/proto/timbercreekgc/   3. My 'permanent' home course is in Virginia and is Quantico MCB Medal of Honor Golf Course, http://www.quantico.usmc-mccs.org/Golf/index.cfm which I've played off and on since 1970. I know that course...
I learned during my third year of playing so so golf that the mental side of golf had to be considered in order to improve. In my mind I started to draw on an idea to develop consistency in my entire game. When it came together for me there were three words, concentration, control, and then confidence. I started to develop my swing from that day forward into a completely different level. I believe it could be said I went two levels from where I had been. Low nineties...
That is the Quantico Va. (USMC) Medal of Honor course, where I played many a round as a teenager. My high school, Woodbridge SHS, had it as their home course. The hole shown in the photo is a 160 yard par 3 and was part of their front nine as the fourth hole. I know at one time they changed the nines and it may be the 13th hole now. I made my only hole in one on this particular hole as a nineteen year old in 1972. Might explain how I got my username   Thanks for asking!
I'm a senior systems engineer and specialize in three diverse areas: Avionics for spacecraft and aircraft, Network communications and infrastructures, and Audio-Visual Systems Integration. I have 30 years in these fields. Prior to that, I was an Avionics Technician in the US Navy for 8 years, with stints with VQ-4 (C-130's) and HSL-34 (SH-2F's).   I work presently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for an aerospace company that manufactures aircraft radios
Hi everyone, I just joined the site yesterday and I'm very glad to find a place to share golf --- past, present, and future, on here with you all.    I have been involved in golf since my childhood, I love the game of golf and all the wonderful things it's brought me. It kept me close to my father when I was growing up and during the four years I worked for him on weekends as his caddy. I didn't play then, but later did start playing once he insisted "it was time"....
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