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Nevermind, I just found it in the description, but which of the two stock shafts is stiffer?
Could someone tell me, and I'm sure I probably overlooked and missed it somewhere, but what is the stock shaft in this driver and weight of it?
1) You just copied what I said above genius. 2) Don't ever say powned again. Ever. 3) Lol, You have no reply to Duke because you know you're saltyass is wrong and you tried to be funny with a different comment and fell very, very short and to that I say, later bitch.
Okay dumbass, flopping involves no contact with the opposing player and thus going to the ground on your own. Every single "flop" you think you saw was initiated by contact by a Kentucky player. If the refs are calling charges (on both sides fairly) why not take charges? That's why Coach K is the best in the game and why you have no comeback because you're wrong.
LOL. Well I'm glad its a 1 on 10 battle here, but sadly I actually have a life rather then get on here and argue with an 18 year old, who actually is very mature, I just love seeing people's reactions on here. JasonK88S - Nice pun in there bro! You had me ROLLIN! Fourputt - There's no arguing with you because you're always right so for that I apologize, oh righteous one. David in FL - Good point man, I never knew that until now! Thanks a bunch! Meenman -...
I don't really think of Adams drivers like that. I'm just giving Dferlmann a hard time. Thanks for the heads up though, big guy. I really appreciate it.
That's a dead giveaway right there. You're already biased because you were a golf course employee. I now disregard anything you have to say about the matter. And an FYI, judging people isn't in a golf employee's job description big guy. I would leave that stuff to God.
  First off, tiddly-winks is a game you should take up because it suits your feminine personality. Second, don't try to say I can't afford to play because once again, it's not your job to judge people.
  You need the Ping Anser Driver. Theres a lot of different shafts to try out at Illini and its forgiving and long. You will be set.
Oh and PS to all: this thread if for funny stories about guys (who actually have a set of balls) to tell their funny stories about sneaking onto courses. It's not for sticklers (douchebags as i call them) to come on and judge people for having "poor morals." You don't know anything about the people on here and calling someone out like that is a little ridiculous. How about you do us all a favor and move on over to a different thread and leave negative comments there....
New Posts  All Forums: