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I can believe it.  They are very eye catching.  Maybe a bit too much going on for me but I would love to have one.  
Seven Nation Army on repeat kind of day.
Yeah I wear it on my right wrist as well. Mainly because of a medical condition that is more annoying than anything else if I wear it on my left.
Wow, so what is your formal watch like?
QFT. Really good stuff there for @eastcoastshanksIf I ever start shanking the ball I slow my swing down or make partial swings until I stop shanking the ball. I might just be chipping the ball out there, but instead of just continuing to shank every ball at least you are working on checkpoints in the swing.
Snowing here this morning, coming down pretty good now.  
Yep, this keeps getting better and better.
My new favorite:
I have no clue what you are talking about...
BAN HIM!!!!!!
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