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I really liked Celebration for the money when I was there. Close to Disney if I recall.
This made me look up my four iron data as well. So far I would not even think about taking it out of the bag. I have been feeling that I am more accurate with it over a hybrid and so far this is going in the right direction.
No he is just using data from his shots while playing on the course. His four iron data is only about five shots over the course of nine rounds or whatever it is he has played. Game golf also does not really work that way. I believe you have to be on a course and you have to be playing a hole for it to work. And I don't know that you could even play the same hole over and over, say if it was a four iron tee shot into a par three. Then again if you had that time and...
That looks great. Thank you very much to Golf Alchemy for doing this! Congrats @l3rewski!
Down in Fort Myers Florida. http://gamegolf.com/round/150415
QFTSave your pennies and we'll head out there in a year or two.
If there were dinosaurs outside, would you play golf?
This definition of a real golfer is just rather silly. There is no real need to be able to hit the two shots that were mentioned and it certainly is not a defining characteristic of a real golfer. Trying to define such a golfer is useless.
My thoughts and many prayers are being sent your way Shane.
Just a follow up post.  I have been a member since October 2011.  I loved the look of the site and I also came here to learn about the golf swing.  My swing was a mess at the time.  I could tell that this was the place to be for that.  Some of my past favorite threads...
New Posts  All Forums: