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I thought so as well watching it for the first time.
Was that your first time watching it?  I recently saw it for the first time, and thought it was pretty good as well.  What accents?
I look at it this way, in 1980 there were 40 players within' 2 strokes of the best scoring average on the tour.  In 2013 there were 86 players within' two strokes of the best scoring average.
Yeah I am pretty excited to watch that as well.  I will probably have to record it and watch it later though.  I thought they did a very nice job with the pilot.  Martin Freeman seems a little odd in his role though.  I am originally from MN so the show gives me some good laughs.  Hopefully I don't sound quite like the characters in the show.  @iacas do I sound like this? :)
I liked Fargo, I will definitely check out more of the episodes.   
Punch out as far as you can safely advance it down the fairway to the left.  It does not look like there is much room to try anything else to me.  That could be just the picture though.
Yeah I think it is usually for the best. 
Hit the range today and the virus was dormant.
Here is one of my brother's videos:
My brother has been playing it quite a bit and has had a lot of fun with it. He has frapps or whatever it is called and has recorded some of the gameplay for YouTube. It looks like pretty fun.
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