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Yeah I probably could in a couple more weeks.  I feel like in a normal swing for me both hands work at driving the club down.  Not really sure if this is good or bad, but I don't really feel one is much more dominant than the other. In some ways it seems more simple to swing one handed. It is a good thing that I have a new "Mission by Mathews" crossbow then.   
Tried this out today.  I am thinking if the wrist does not heal well, I might just be able to get some rounds in like this.    
You will get through it.  Keep at it, keep working through your drills.  I went through it last year, heck maybe I will this year again.  Just keep working and staying positive.  Your game will come around. 
Way to play @Jakester23!
Wow, that looks pretty spectacular! I don't have a new console either but I might have to just for this game. And maybe whatever the new EA Sports golf game is called. And maybe a basketball game. Oh definitely FIFA as well.
Wow! He really loves Star Wars!
@Crim I think you need to get back to what @saevel25 was saying about getting the hips opened up at impact. You actually need to work in sliding them forward and open. You may need to feel that your arms are not really doing much in the downswing right now but feel your hip and core rotation turning the club down and around. In the picture below you can see that you are near impact and you are basically all arms to that point. That will lead to less power, losing...
Welcome to the site Pete!
Just a heads up @HighlandLaird is a banned user and the post is over a year old.
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