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I just wanted to stop by and wish you East Coast guys luck(not that you'll need it) and I hope you all have a great time.  I apologize that I could not make it. Congrats to everyone who made the team.  I look forward to getting healthy for the next one and meeting a lot of you guys the next time around. 
Much appreciated everyone.
No real updates.  Looking to probably have surgery sometime around January.  That is about it.  Until I know more...thanks to all who have put in the effort to help my swing improve over the years.  
A bit therapeutic.    
Yeah I am having as much fun playing disc golf as I ever had playing regular golf. Found the driving putter that I have been looking for in the Innova Colt. That thing goes forever and flies so straight. Holds a hyzer line as well as on the third hole in that video.
Supposedly some decent fishing there at RS.  Yeah Nags is a pain as far as slow play and getting a tee time.  Great course though. 
New Posts  All Forums: