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Yeah...he says a lot of dumb things.
I am just waiting patiently for my buddy to show up. I am excited for the incite.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ciphernate/round/111423   One of my worst rounds of the year.  I have not played much lately but have been practicing enough.  Just could not stop the driver from going right and could not stop the irons from moving left.  I probably hit half the trees on the course.  Hit some great pitch shots and bunker shots.  Just could not get a feel for the greens and could not buy a 4-8 foot putt all day.  Back to work on things.
I really want to get that at some point. I have heard good things.
Yeah, I do agree with Matt that he has gotten more attention because of being a Yankee, but you and Drew are right, the guy's stats are pretty dang impressive.  Also he was pretty clutch in October at times.  I don't have any issue with the attention, but it is probably "slightly" trumped up.   
That is one crazy ass round! Nice playing. Love the putt you dropped on 18 to make it a 36.
That is very stupid.  He could have easily stuck one of those shafts in his neck.  
Same here.  I have really learned to enjoy it.  That being said it is nice to play with friends/family, sometimes both, now and then.  
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