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I really wish they would do away with this little marketing scheme. I can't imagine they need it. The ball is literally the best tour quality ball I have tried in my opinion.
Nice first post and welcome to the site!  I would just also say that practicing with the purpose of improving the motion of the swing is key as well.  I don't believe you are just saying bash a driver and then bash an iron over and over, I get where you are going with that and switching between clubs.  I think there is some value in that.  You mentioned working with an instructor, that instructor will likely give the student a priority piece that should be identified as a...
Great round Erik.     Not so great for my recent round.  Have not really played for a few weeks.  even though the score was not great I did like what I was seeing for the most part with the ball flight and start lines.  The swing changes are starting to show some decent results.  Hitting it much better off the tee anyway.  Misjudged the wind on a few shots and hit it way over the greens.  Struggled with the short game and the bunkers.  Hit a few shots fat as...
Good luck with that. Check out my 100 yards and in stats on the game golf link. I never really "work" on it much.
Spend the majority of your time working on the full swing. http://thesandtrap.com/t/58816/65-20-15-practice-ratios-where-to-devote-your-practice-time
Thanks.  I know I have a tendency to "feel" a bit too much of the arms with it.  Trying to get toe up at 2 sometimes gives me an arms feel.  I have been working on trying to keep the turning rates up going back.
Last time to hit the range before it closes.  I eventually hit the ball in the drill swing.  Looking to get a winter setup to continue working on this over the winter.  Finally starting to feel I can swing out without hooking the ball.  Still needs some serious time over the winter.      
I always look for the quick fix, it is way better than fixing the source of the problem.   For example:   1. If you are hooking the ball(for a righty), just take the right thumb off the grip during the swing.   2. If you are struggling on mats...forget that one.   3.  Shake hands going back and going forward.   4.  Hold the bird without killing it, but here is the kicker, also don't let it fly away.     If it is about having to go to the bathroom on the course...
Not trying to ruin your fun or anything, but it is a bad way to try and teach you to get your weight forward a bit at impact hitting down on the ball. It may have caused you to hit the ball a bit better but is not really a true fix and is not a new "tip" either. I have heard it taught, sometimes in other ways, but is basically telling someone to hit the ball on the downswing before they hit the ground. No new concept there.
Looks purdy.
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