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Yeah I am having as much fun playing disc golf as I ever had playing regular golf. Found the driving putter that I have been looking for in the Innova Colt. That thing goes forever and flies so straight. Holds a hyzer line as well as on the third hole in that video.
Supposedly some decent fishing there at RS.  Yeah Nags is a pain as far as slow play and getting a tee time.  Great course though. 
Welcome to the site!
I will be doing the same.  Played a total of 9 holes this year before my injury and I will likely need surgery near the end of the year on my wrist, my golf year is completely shut down.  
Congrats Jake! Very cool. Next time turn and face the camera though instead please. ;-P.
I may have a bit of a compulsive disc buying problem......
I realize that you are probably exaggerating the "100 things", but the angle the ball was coming in, and the distance it was from the reach of her foot there was really only two options as I see it.  Try to do what she did and failed at, or let the ball go.  Feel for her, but hey, at least it was nice looking OG.   
New Posts  All Forums: