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I realize that you are probably exaggerating the "100 things", but the angle the ball was coming in, and the distance it was from the reach of her foot there was really only two options as I see it.  Try to do what she did and failed at, or let the ball go.  Feel for her, but hey, at least it was nice looking OG.   
I am not really too sure, but I did have a lot better results when I moved my arms into a more "free hanging" position instead of out away from the body a bit like yours are now.  That is a major set up piece I worked on with Erik and Mike last year in Erie.
Being a Wolves fan, I wonder...is Rubio ever going to be healthy?  He has had one healthy season so far.  I don't really think the Wolves are a good team anytime soon, but this is about as interested as I have been in watching them since Sprewell decided that at the age of 34 he would not be able to "feed his family" with a $14.6 million contract.  
I know all the circumstances, but I just can't get myself to believe this story.   
Not a fan. My brother is though.
Yeah I am out for the year with a tendon injury near my left wrist. The injury happened back in early April.
If there is anyway that you can get on the Irish course that week I would. Otherwise a few very highly ranked courses in the state are out that way: Blackwolf Run - This is probably the best option but it will book quickly that week I would imagine. The Bog - The State Am seems to be played here a lot and is another great course. The Bull at Pinehurst - also supposed to be very nice.  For places close by to visit Sheboygan is a nice place to go to on the lake.  BTW,...
What do you guys like to do other than golf? Are you looking for recommendations of places to play as well? I am guessing the Thursday tee times would start at about 7:30am but I am not sure and they will definitely be posted before that day. I was thinking about going to one of the practice rounds but I probably will not end up going.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
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