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Some of the woods he uses are just beautiful. They can only make a handfull of guitars each month. The factory is pretty amazing to visit as well. It is fun to watch them making the guitars. Made here in Sparta, WI.
Shot 37 this morning.  More importantly than scoring decently again, I did not have any smother hooks off the tee.  For the most part I was able to play a big push fade/sliceish thingy that helped advance the ball safely as far as I have been able to do for a while.  Fairly happy camper here.
There have been some studies that show on center contact that blades are tighter than CB irons.
Yeah I love the recording studio. Very heavy though. Got me through my punk/indie years nicely though. ;)Perceptive. Yeah my uncle who makes the bows makes the guitars as well. They are very popular with the country stars I guess. They retail for 8-9k or so. I have no idea how much my #17 is worth. My dad has #03 which is pretty cool. :). Check out mcphersonguitars.com I think it is.
Yeah the dispersion should be better with your blades, it is just a matter of the distance forgiveness through perimeter weighting that a CB iron offers. I am not so sure you are losing many strokes with them. You may lose distance one or twice a round but you could easily be making up for that in the tighter dispersion. I would stick with them.
That depends on what your miss is with those irons. How often do you miss short by hitting them off center a bit? That is the answer to your question.
Great band!
I know but my left hand can't take playing for very long anymore. However...#17
Very nice! I have been really wanting to get a Nashville tele, but I just can't justify it since I don't play much anymore.
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