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My reply was not about Bubba.  I have no problem with your vote, just your religious slur.Hell of an entrance though!
No I am saying what is the big deal if someone promotes their beliefs or if they promote a product.  At least someone who promotes their beliefs is not being paid to do so. At least one promotion carries more integrity and pure intent.  You called religion a product as in an insurance policy.  I was playing along and making the comparison. Well I hate to tell you but this "dull tool" void of cognitive capacity has studied world views and has a degree in it. I have no...
Maybe you should be as vocally negative about every golfer that has an endorsement deal then.  Or are you just prejudice against endorsing a religious insurance policy?
With the one that has the pencil laying on the paper, I don't like the white space at the top and the subtitle which I think is very important seems to be a bit lost in everything else.  The one where the pencil is standing up has a more prominent subtitle, that I think conveys the message of the book more effectively.
No problem, I snuck a peek at the website to verify. :)
The Ping CFS Stiff is a medium launch shaft, where the s300 is a low launch one.
My 8 is good for 150ish and I would say maybe 30-35(guessing) with the S300s.
As in peak height?  Not sure but not high enough with the S300s.
I am currently switching out my TT DG S300 shafts with the stock CFS stiff shafts on my i20s.  I feel my S300 flight the ball a bit too low for me.  I am probably middle to lower on the spectrum of stiff anyway.  Yeah ping can make them whatever swing weight you like.  As far as the i20-25s are concerned it has to be one of the best looking irons that will perform like a GI iron.
Ah yes, the "interweb", the place where we learn the reality of religious, race and gender prejudices.Yep those are the similar beliefs to a number of world views. The quote still has nothing to do with the slur of being a bible thumper. He is talking about the work done through the foundation that golf allows him to have and encouraging others.
New Posts  All Forums: