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I would move there, then I could hang out with my buddy all the time.   The new assignment and changes feel pretty good in the irons already.  Struggling to find the ball a bit, especially in the 3w and the driver.  That just tells me things are changing and I am good with it for now.  I have gone back to hitting it very low with those clubs so I have not got things obviously quite where they should be yet.  For some reason with that goofy backswing where I loop out then...
Failed pretty bad on my goals this year. Hard to get better when you spend months of a short summer not able to stop the club face from shutting down with the driver. Got better with irons, but that was about it.
A horrifying snake attack on the golf course today while golfing with my son.  It was a close call.    
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ciphernate/round/107837   Struggled through some swing changes today.         Birdied a long par four that I have not birdied yet so that was my best hole by far.   Hit probably my longest drive of the year.  The stars must have aligned.  
Nice score bud! I have not played there yet. The famous volcano hole! Haha.
42 was my score.  
  ;-)     Almost anything from Cool Hand Luke: "Yeah well... sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand."   "Yeah well, gives me something to do."
I adjust things to the left side before each swing because I feel like I can get a little more weight forward.  
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