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Thanks, I did it a bit back woods with no clamps or vice or roll pin punches but it turned out just fine.  I really like how it looks and It should make for a great hunting rifle.    Here are the twins:
Yeah the lower assembly is probably 80% of the work.  A lot of little parts.
Took way too long for me to get a couple of the parts I needed.  Here is the build of my 6.8 SPCII complete, filmed in time lapse on my phone.  Sorry about the music, it just would have been way too boring without it and of course I had to add the silly factor in there as well.  Let's see, I think @14ledo81 may have been interested in this.  I will tag @David in FL and @Jakester23 as well.    
I spoze I should buy one of those umbrella thingys one of these days.  I honestly don't have one.    I ended up voting for the Nassau style of play as well.  Hopefully it will add a bit to the excitement.  
Not gonna happen.  The beard is how I intimidate @Golfingdad.   I was also only partially kidding about the sunscreen and the Gatorade.  I am gonna have a crap ton of that stuff.   
Lol, good one.   Sorry about that...
This one.  The guy hit the ground about 12" behind the ball and never touched it.  Because I am a jerk, I took a picture.
I wonder how many cans of sun tan spray and Gatorade I can fit in my bag?   Yeah you gotta watch me, I may concede a match up 3 with 4 to play.
I agree.
Is that Olsen or 9iron?
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