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Welcome to the site! Take it easy on those kickers. ūüėČ. Check out those links Boogie posted.
My advice is for everyone else.  "Some men you just can't reach." 
I actually like the Packer throwback uniforms.  Better than the yellow and white anyway.
Check out the i25 irons as well it you want to stay with ping.
I probably would not have bought one of these but it was given to me so I will give it a try...in about six months.
I am thinking about trying this myself if @MS256 does not, even though I would have no shot of pulling it off.  I just want to actually see somebody try it.    I bet @Shorty would love to give me an avatar as well, even though I would not be taking the actual bet.
  Some of the best live singing I have heard in a while:
Improve on keys 4 and 5 and if possible improve my handicap or at least have one that travels well.  I am probably finished trying to think about long term goals.
Haha yeah, come on down to Jackson County we grow them big.
That is easy. . Helps to live there though.
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