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Sounds like a great offer, I would definitely be interested.
I hear ya. There is a lot of preference involved. I have a pair of dark polarized sunglasses I wear for driving and at the lake and that. For guys who don't generally like to wear sunglasses on the golf course like myself but are trying to do so in the effort to take care of their eyes, I think the Prizm lenses are a great option. I feel for me that other glasses are much too dark, as I am used to playing without glasses. I did wear them mainly with a hat over them, so...
That would be fun. I plan on doing plenty of bass fishing and will be trying out disc golf as well.
Thanks everyone. Having a removable cast type thing put on later this week. Not sure how long I will give that, but it will be as long as I can manage. I need to try and make some swings either way before the end of the season to see if I will need to opt for surgery.
I got that exact pair, the Flak Jackets with Prizm lenses, and really really like them. I am used to playing without glasses so they are great for me. I really like how they transition from sunlight to being in the shade. I feel they enhance your vision in either condition. Wish I could actually play some golf with them, but I am loving these so far.
Thanks guys, it is very much appreciated.  
So. no really good news here.  My season is shot.  Basically I have exactly what I figured I had and is it pretty dang close to what @poser had.  I have Subluxation of the Extensor Carpi Ulnaris(ECU) tendon.  This is caused by a tear or damage in the subsheath that holds the ECU into a groove in the arm bone near the wrist. See here  [[SPOILER]] The doctor basically says it can be surgically repaired but is about a 4" incision in which the doctor will need to deepen the...
I can't wait to see these reviews.  I will give a heck of a short game review for now.  
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