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Not sure what you are talking about? 
If I can drive 9 hours just to show off some smother hooks...
I have the same problem only I now have added hooks to not being able to get it off the ground much.  My problem stems from tipping back in the downswing.  I actually have the same problem with the driver as well.  Take it out of the bag for a while. I have taken my driver and 3w out right now.   I took nothing more than a 3 hybrid off tee this morning and played pretty well. I agree with the others, post your swing.  If you are tipping back in the downswing shallowing the...
So that's the real reason why you did not show up Sunday.    I know all about the shanks bud.  Nice work EJ on getting out of the slump.  I can relate to your struggles.   Keep at it. 
That was 2011.  Just sayin'
Ahhh, he is a +2.7 now...just saying.
I don't think that it is any secret I have been struggling lately. I cannot stop hitting smother hooks off the tee with a driver, a 3 wood, and sometimes even my hybrid. A coworker that played 18 with me today said I look worse than a 20 handicap off the tee. Thanks buddy. I really appreciate it. Even though I pretty much hooked the ball on every tee of a par 4 and par 5, I still shot a decent 85 considering what I was dealing with by using concepts from this book. ...
Just talking about the updates on this thread. Sorry for the vagueness.
Signing off for a while. Thanks to everyone for all the help. Much appreciated.
Same here, I really like them.
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