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I am 6'3" I bounced in between two putter last season. First was a The Laguna 1.5 and I have that at 36" second was the daddy long legs putter which is 38". I enjoy the SC but found the Daddy long legs to be much more comfortable when putting due to the extra length. The putter is designed to have about 2-3" exposed above your hands due to the counter balance effect. but regardless it is a good putter, I would recommend it.
This looks awesome, I would love to try this out. I enjoy the fact that you it keeps you active through the whole round. I don't see it as something that will replace the golf cart though. To much liability and unfamiliar users are at a higher risk of putting it in the drink.   Needless to say, I would definitely use it if it was affordable.
Has anyone else signed up for the birdiebox subscription? Wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were. If this makes you want to sign up, please know that there is a profile page you have to complete that will customize the contents of the box to you. Shirt Size, Glove Size, collegiate team etc. Can't wait till March to get mine and looking forward to the Masters version also. the website is www.birdiebox.com      
You have a review up on the optishot? just looks to cheap to be effective
So as far as Tiger's Swing with Foley, his go to shot being a fade falls under what? Pull Fade? Straight fade? The reason I'm asking because alot of people say slicing happens from a mix of over the top which Tiger looks as if he is doing, as if he is getting more into the target line, and secondly an open club face (which is obvious). I'm on this never ending quest to draw the ball it looks good to my eye but every pro I go see or every good player I play with says play...
Hello Everyone,     I am currently Active Duty Military finishing up my BS in Aeronautics through Embry Riddle and intrested in getting into the golf industry. I will be starting my masters degree through Penn State ( We Are!!!) I was wondering if anyone works in the industry and could give me some advice regarding what employers are looking for on a resume when applying for a golf related job. I am intrested in the marketing side of the industry (Demo and...
Shot an 82 today  @ Painted desert Golf Club Las Vegas 43-39 Carrying a 13.0 hdcp wrapping up a good year 2011 new years resolution was to get under a 15 (started the year at a 22) Any suggestions on what helped getting over the hump from a teen to a single digit?
New Posts  All Forums: