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 Thanks, but Mox is correct. I just got home from my fantasy football draft & I gotta catch a flight in 8 hours to Panama. Don't even have time to prerank. Must sleep. Thanks for thinking of me though. 
 Then we differ on definition, cuz I would label all the above as simply bad people. A wife beater who hits his wife every 50 days is still a wife beater, whether its 2% or 100% of the time. And a thief is a thief, irrespective of the frequency of the theft.  But I wouldn't put Choi's actions on a par with a wife beater or common thief. Those are criminals. She isn't. No law was broken. She just does not have the ethics to be a professional golfer.
 Wow. quite a lofty standard you possess.  For me, I would be quite fine with someone who was 98% good. The 2% means they're human. Choi may be a very fine person who I may consider a friend if I got to know her. But she's a cheater, so she cannot, nor should not, play a sport for money that requires self-policing.
To me, the guilt is based on the utter simplicity of what she was to do - marking and placing a ball back down in the same spot.    To contrast, we've seen penalties where a player moved the coin a putterhead's length then forget to move it back...or a questionable drop (like Tiger in the 2013 Masters)...or whatever. With those, there's a modicum of reasonable doubt/brain fart/whatever.   This was a rudimentary move that a 36-handicapper can do without incident...and a...
 For that matter, why even mark, replace, line up, putt out? Just tap the damn thing in. Except, perhaps, she thought, 'I could improve my chances by moving it a little to the left if I mark it.' Cheater. 
 'Big Vijay' certainly did have problems with that label. Once it's on you, it's on you. 
 In the professional golf world, being labeled a cheater is more than sufficient disparagement. This will make her a pariah. Hell, low-life scumbags would have a better chance of playing the tour over a cheater. 
 Don't know about all that. She could be a high-life philanthropist for all I know. But she is a cheater. 
 Which begs the question - how many other times has she done this? Not that it matters. You got caught & you WD'd when confronted, Cheater.
Cheater. Period. Seeya.
New Posts  All Forums: