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Lee Westwood -10 Ian Poulter -10 Gary Woodland -10
Welcome Dennis!   As David in FL mentioned, I live in Miami too & Killlian Greens is the closest course to where I live (Dadeland area). I haven't played it yet but plan to; have passed by it a few times.    And yes, I volunteer at Crandon on Saturdays which gives me unlimited playing privileges...so I haven't ventured out to other courses much as a result. But I would love to meet up with you at Killian so you can impact some of that 'local knowledge' that's needed to...
 If the Iguana on 13 tee doesn't first -  
Sorry gang.   
 Ha! It's warm here in Miami, about 74 at the moment with 80s by the weekend, but my peeps in Orlando say it's in the 40s there. Yikes!
 Yeah screw that. Straight up. If you want shots we'll do a Nassau.
 Yep! Me & My Man Mike always play for the same thing each time we tee it up. A Snickers bar.
I just read this whole thread.   Ten minutes of my life I'll never get back.
 It's technically the best 10 rounds of your last 20. So 20 rounds is the number. I am not sure if you can have an official one with less rounds.
Yeah I get asked a lot, "Will they attack?"    Only if it's a mama and you're getting near her babies. Otherwise, nah. They're chill. Besides, you'er bigger than them so their instincts say to leave you alone.    Now, small children or dogs? Different story. About a month back a lady said she lost her dog on the course. I asked what kind of dog & she said a chihuahua. Sorry hon - that was lunch.   And David, you're right - in a straight line they can outrun you. They...
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