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Lemme see your putting stroke & I can accurately answer. 
 Good for you. If I had $10 for every time someone told me to switch to righty... And the funny part of it was, it was after they watched me hit a few balls & saw how solid my swing was & the quality of the shot - "Have you ever thought about playing right handed?" - Uh, no. Have you ever thought of playing left handed? To me it was such a ridiculous question. I'm left-handed. Duh. 
I was a single-digit handicap by the age of 18 with no instruction. I learned from reading Ben Hogan's Five Lessons & Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way & hitting TONS of balls. I was (and still am to an extent) blessed with a good putting stroke though. It's just natural to me, so that greatly aided in lowering my score.    When I was about 28 I changed my grip from an interlock to overlap. My grip was too strong & I was fighting hooks, and in competition it really exposed...
 Well, I don't have Robert's number handy to call & ask him.  And besides, it's not the bad ones we're trying to determine. It's the HOF-worthy ones. 
It's not that I don't understand the role of a caddy...it's that I don't understand how one determines which ones are hall-of-fame-worthy.   I'll predict it now. The ones in there are the 'famous' ones - Angelo, Bruce, Bones, hell...maybe even Jack Jr. since he was on dad's bag for the 1986 Masters.   I mean, Briny Baird may have an awesome caddy. But I doubt he'd ever be considered for the HOF since his man has never won an event. 
 I agree. So how are these measured to determine the ones which are hall-of-fame worthy?
 Right. What's a 'great' caddy versus a 'regular' one? Better greens reading?  Does Danny Noonan get in? What about Romeo...oh wait, no. He couldn't talk Roy McAvoy out of losing the US Open.
A Caddy Hall of Fame? Really?   A hall of fame...for helpers. Never hit a single shot. Carry a bag. Yells at photographers. Tells the player yardage. Walks a lot.   I assume there has be a Stage Manager Hall of Fame. After all, that dude working the sound board makes bands sound good.
I snuck onto Seminole once & hit a few putts if that counts.
 Thanks, but Mox is correct. I just got home from my fantasy football draft & I gotta catch a flight in 8 hours to Panama. Don't even have time to prerank. Must sleep. Thanks for thinking of me though. 
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