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Shot 38-43=81 at Crandon. Was 1 under after the 6th hole with back-to-back birdies on 5 & 6. And, of course, I thought about it then proceeded to go double bogey-bogey-bogey.   Caught a great tip from John Cook on The Golf Channel the other day which really helped. Crandon is a second-shot course; there's room off the tee but your approach shots have to be real precise as every green is guarded well with bunkers/water, many of them elevated. Cook's tip for better iron...
 Of course you are. You got the last word in.  oops.
 Fair enough. I'm not trying to cause any kind of disrespect to you or your profession. I obviously do not understand like you do what you do. I concede that. But I do have to say you adding the additional things you do which I left off or misstated; I don't see how that adds to the discussion or my point. But hey, it's your site.
 I'm sure they do, and I'm further sure you would know. So thanks for making my point even more valid that selling retail stuff in a sporting good store doesn't seen to fit my paradigm on what they truly do.
 I think the replies in this post is proof that their efforts fell short. We're all avid golfers & many weren't aware they had pros.  And trust me, this group doesn't miss much. 
   Well there you go. Seems there was a lack of marketing on Dick's part. Which is odd given the size of their stores - they couldn't have a poster on one of the humongous windows on the front of their stores with this fact? And I would imagine they were paying these pros more than the typical Dick's employee. You'd think with that investment they would blow their horn loud.  Sounds like poor management to me.
I have a friend, Paul, who is my age - mid-50s. Very good player, about a 3 handicap. Back in the day when I was also a 3 we would play together all the time with his dad (has since died). Paul and I would be launching high drawing irons into par 3's. Paul's dad would bump n run hits shots into those holes.    Paul never had a hole in one. His dad had like 6 or something of the like.   So what we concluded, aside from outrageous good luck, was that Paul's dad was...
From a loss of jobs perspective, obviously this is sad news.   But it seems like an experiment that simply didn't work out - golf pros in a retail sporting goods store.    When I think of a golf pro, I think of the guy at the club giving lessons & running the pro shop; not working at Dick's. In a way, it almost seems undignified for the pro to work in that environment. 
No.   It affects my score but it doesn't affect me. 
An Arnold Palmer. 
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