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A few days back I started par-bogey-par-par-birdie-birdie. One under thru 6. And of course, I started thinking about it. Next 3 holes: double bogey-bogey-bogey.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330-S golf balls.   Erik Compton -10 Kevin Na -10 Gustavo Fernandez-Castano -10
The thing is, and I just looked on Youtube to find it & couldn't, is at one time he actually had a decent swing with none of the start/stop herky-jerky stuff. Somewhere along the way it got into his kitchen & he can't stop doing it. 
 Yep. Modell was pretty dumb to move the team. 
Trust me, David. Nobody deserves to be a Browns fan -   http://zipsclips.blogspot.com/2013/07/confessions-of-tired-fan.html
I like the concept of this, making it part of the practice round should the pro wish to give it a rip when they get to the 10th hole. Gives every pro in the field (or those playing a practice round) the opportunity of just one drive - swing a-hole to elbow at it - then continue your round. In other words, it's not a separate event where I would imagine most (or at least a lot) pros would just skip.   Also, it's just one swing. So there's no claims of it messing up their...
Shot 38-43=81 at Crandon. Was 1 under after the 6th hole with back-to-back birdies on 5 & 6. And, of course, I thought about it then proceeded to go double bogey-bogey-bogey.   Caught a great tip from John Cook on The Golf Channel the other day which really helped. Crandon is a second-shot course; there's room off the tee but your approach shots have to be real precise as every green is guarded well with bunkers/water, many of them elevated. Cook's tip for better iron...
 Of course you are. You got the last word in.  oops.
 Fair enough. I'm not trying to cause any kind of disrespect to you or your profession. I obviously do not understand like you do what you do. I concede that. But I do have to say you adding the additional things you do which I left off or misstated; I don't see how that adds to the discussion or my point. But hey, it's your site.
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