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@mvmacSo do you believe it's tempo? Should he invest in a Tour Tempo track? ūüėú
When they say there is 'no touching' in the champagne room... That means you too Mr. Allenby.
Hey guys, I saw I was tagged here in this thread. Just wanted to confirm that I indeed do have the GoPro Black from a few Christmas' ago. It films 240fps at WVGA resolution which is great for the golf swing. There is a 'fish eye' effect which distorts the image a little, but you can post edit that out using the proper Adobe programs. Which some of my early vids did that, but it wasn't really worth the time/effort to post edit as the net results in my opinion is that you...
I'm out. I'll be in Taiwan 11/30 through 12/7. Have fun!!
Where's Grant on the list?  And of course T_Dub (ladykiller69) is working with Evolr.  
Support them... Mizzy and Ping make nice clubs.
I may be able to join this one?  My Father-in-Law is planning on visiting my wife and I around Thanksgiving (dates have yet to be confirmed).  Knowing that, my availability would be better toward the beginning of November, and would be worse the closer we get to T-Day.
Cocaine is a helluva drug.   (6pgs in - and not one smart ass said this!?... Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
So you're saying there's a chance?
 I haven't done the fitting because I have vertigo when I stand over putts... That's why I can't aim, and that's why I suck at putting! Honestly, I agree that if you have settled on one setup/ball placement, and don't tool around with it... Then you should be fine with an Edel fitting.  Unfortunately for me... I had/have screwed around with my putting stance, ball placement, stroke type, putter length, weight, etc. etc... In the last three years, that if I would've been...
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