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Definitely agree that a beginner could just purchase a set off the rack, and be good to go. But if money's not a concern, knock yourself out and get fitted. Fittings started on tour, to optimize the Pro's length off the tee (driver, 3w) and to dial in their wedges and putter. That filtered down into the masses as people wanted to play with clubs like their favorite pro used. And devices like launch monitors and radars became available for purchase that a regular teaching...
@mvmacSo do you believe it's tempo? Should he invest in a Tour Tempo track? 😜
When they say there is 'no touching' in the champagne room... That means you too Mr. Allenby.
Hey guys, I saw I was tagged here in this thread. Just wanted to confirm that I indeed do have the GoPro Black from a few Christmas' ago. It films 240fps at WVGA resolution which is great for the golf swing. There is a 'fish eye' effect which distorts the image a little, but you can post edit that out using the proper Adobe programs. Which some of my early vids did that, but it wasn't really worth the time/effort to post edit as the net results in my opinion is that you...
I'm out. I'll be in Taiwan 11/30 through 12/7. Have fun!!
Where's Grant on the list?  And of course T_Dub (ladykiller69) is working with Evolr.  
Support them... Mizzy and Ping make nice clubs.
I may be able to join this one?  My Father-in-Law is planning on visiting my wife and I around Thanksgiving (dates have yet to be confirmed).  Knowing that, my availability would be better toward the beginning of November, and would be worse the closer we get to T-Day.
Cocaine is a helluva drug.   (6pgs in - and not one smart ass said this!?... Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
So you're saying there's a chance?
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