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So you're saying there's a chance?
 I haven't done the fitting because I have vertigo when I stand over putts... That's why I can't aim, and that's why I suck at putting! Honestly, I agree that if you have settled on one setup/ball placement, and don't tool around with it... Then you should be fine with an Edel fitting.  Unfortunately for me... I had/have screwed around with my putting stance, ball placement, stroke type, putter length, weight, etc. etc... In the last three years, that if I would've been...
Mophie Juice pack. I can go days without charging my phone with it. And I have Bluetooth, Wifi and LTE all running on the iPhone 5. It's like ~$100 accessory, but worth every penny as I travel a lot. And as GD mentioned, can use the GPS apps playing golf with no impact at all on the battery.
Journey. Don't stop! Believing.
I'd like to play somewhere other than Temecula Creek. I've played there a lot. It's nice. But for me to drive 2 hrs. I'd rather play a better course.
Patrick Reeds Ego! LOL those tweets are money! LMAO
Who the hell is the freak with his paws on my golf bag?!      @mvmac thank you for posting a swing and a few feels to consider... I'll work on the right palm/wrist and try and prevent it from overflexing from A3 to A4.  Definitely would like to see that club become more square at A4 and believe you nailed the weakness in your observation.   Sorry about being sporadic on here... Baby and work have both taken a lot of my downtime!!
May 4th sounds good for me...  I'm not aware of any conflicts.
I'd like to play... Just need to checkout the calendar once a date is set.  Perhaps late April or early May?  Black Gold sounds good to me...
Had fun playing Goose Creek this past Sunday.  Thanks to Mike and Tristan for putting this event together... And Erik and Brandon for traveling into Socal to participate.  It was a good time and great to see everyone again.   Look forward to playing in the next outing...
New Posts  All Forums: