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Welcome to the site Barrett!  Great seeing you again yesterday, and congrats on the 'Dub'.  Your back has to be killing from carrying @mvmac, @tristanhilton85 and @BigC all over the limestone track yesterday?  
Guys, I had fun playing yesterday.  Thanks for putting together another outing...   Too bad our team kind of limped around the course... Mike M. needs to be a 15 cap, not a 9.  9 was my guesstimate from 6mo ago, when he played Talega, and I've forgotten to have Tristan update it.  That would help a little, but @GolfSwine and @bplewis24 and I all had various blow up holes too which didn't help. #2 and #11 kicked my tail.   So Cheers to Team A.     Regarding the next...
Oh boy. This could be fun. Lol @Pakoh
Hahahha can't wait. It's gonna be fun.
Can't wait! See you guys Sunday morning at Denny's. Grubbage, then take a dump on the first green so that the scrubs in the group directly behind us know we care. 💩
 Good deal.  I'll be there at 6:30.
 I don't know if that is good, or bad? 
 Which one did you guys decide?
Wow, I didn't know we had Henrik on TST. 
A little peace and love for my Homies...  
New Posts  All Forums: