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Here is the 18th from this past summer when I played Goose Creek. Here is their practice area. They have a great range. See you guys on Sunday!
I was confused. I was thinking Westwood was working with Chuck Cook? But then realized it was Luke Donald who wanted to work with Foley, but Foley said he was fully loaded and recommended Luke to work with Chuck. Carryon.
Thanks for having me. Looking forward to it. Erik, my cap is a 7 right now. And that is being generous. I blame my child for that! Lol
I'm in... Can I play with Pakoh, Golfswine and Golfingdad... aka Cheese? We have a Beach/Lake Cup that we are competing for...
I can't commit at this time... I have a trip to TPE that is pending and it is right around this time... We're trying to lock down the dates with our client for a PV build, and it could be the week of 2/17 or 2/24.  If it ends up being 2/17... I'll be in the air on Sat, 2/15 and out of the country on 2/16.   I'll let you know sometime in late Jan or early Feb.   SJ
Agreed.  I've really enjoyed season 4 so far.  Last nights ending was !  I'm looking forward to seeing season 2 of 'The Following' which will start-up in January with a 2-night (Sun/Mon) premier.
I haven't posted in a month... But this still stands for me.   Unfortunately, at this point in time, the last person you should select dates based on availability would be using my voice in this thread...  I'm gonna be flying by the seat of my pants if I can even make the next event or not.  Most likely, I won't know until the week of - or even a few days before (or after!?)?   
I can't make any commitment at this time. New baby will be here. Plus I have a trip to Taiwan pending in Jan before the Chinese New Year. The first quarter of 2014 is going to be real crazy schedule wise.
I think Tiger's season fizzled due to fatigue and nursing injuries.  In the FedEx playoffs, he played well in the Barclays (T2), then faded when he had to play back-to-back weeks... Fatigue?  When he had rest, or played courses he's familiar with, he was in the hunt... Or won.
New Posts  All Forums: