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Even better. I have very narrow feet so I like a tight fitting shoe.
They look great. How does the sizing run?
If you want to go to South Carolina, Santee is amazing. Not as well known as Myrtle, but it is much cheaper and still great golf. They get a lot of visits from Canadians who are going down to Florida for the winter.
The Burners are great, I really really like them.
Well to clear up stuff, here is how a typical par 4 happened. We had to wait until the hacker 4 some in front got onto the green due to my friend's 280 yard drives, and the scratch golfer blasted a few out to 310. The scratch golfer would tee off, then I would, then my friend, then the scratch golfer. He played very fast and only took 1 practice swing. After teeing off, the scratch golfer would drive to his ball and hit his first drive onto the green and then go sit next...
FWIW he wouldn't putt out the one from the blues, just drive and approach shot.
Teeing off at 3 or 4 pm is always my favorite.
I guess, but I just met him so obviously I wasn't going to say anything to him. But by the time me and my friend walked to our balls, he had already played his next shot on his 1st ball, and was about to his his 2nd when we hit our 1st
But up until then, we had an entire hole lead, but we had to wait for the group in front to take their third shots on a par 5 so they caught up to us.
New Posts  All Forums: