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How important is it to keep it straight at impact? Alot of long hitters seem to let it bend, just wanted to get opinions if any single digit guys or teachers around
Not necessarily, driver swing has one hitting up with an ascending blow at impact whereas irons are the opposite.
I play a 7*, 48" driver and love it but you can't rush things. It takes time to get through the swing but the results of patience are outstanding(for me).
Funny, I do the opposite, I hit my hardest club,3 iron, if I can hit that well then I move up. If not, I know I need to practice my swing because something is out of whack. Why practice with the clubs you already hit well??
Actually, not true. More loft increases spin.
You may be standing too close. Also, try to keep your hands and arms very loose and don't start the downswing until you feel you have completed the backswing. This should help.
As you know, there are many ways to play the game. You need to find the ball position that produces the shot you want most with the swing you most often have on the course. That being said, ball position is a personal preference for many good players. I like driver played off left shoulder because with my particular driver and my driver swing, I get the most reliable distance and shot trajectory. I play most other shots from the logo on my shirt except on pitches,...
The split grip teaches your hands how to work, ie. makes it easier to hinge and also allows one to drop into the slot easier. Once the feeling is obtained, then put the hands back together and do it like that.
Watch the right thumb, if it wanders loosely around the handle rather than down and to the side, you will get too much wrist action. Check it out.
There's a reason it is called "hand-eye coordination", the eyes have to watch what the hands are hitting.
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