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Grats to Tiger, Ricky played solid was pulling for him.
Go Fowler. ....
Lol, so ur good at cutting and paste. There are more golfers now is what I take from that and I love that u keep trying to point that Jack is saying " hey the old guys suck" and ur argument is golfers and the topic is who is bettet Jack or Tiger and not mid range golfers from now and then. Regards keep posting Jacks book might save us all a few dollars and we wont have to buy it.
Weather had a little to do with it.
Go Arnie, Looks like Phil will be spending time with the family. HICKS just drained a 50 footer, nice putt.Tiger has had some nice shots but a few mishaps.
Well thats the great thing about opinions, everyone has one and none are wrong, I have watched Tiger since he came into golf, he is 3 months younger then I, and though hands down the worlds best I still believe in todays day golfers have more available to them then the legends of past. If Jack feels the gear today makes them handicapped then I personally feel he is meaning players can use gear to hide behind meaning a lot of players today would not of cut it 30 years ago....
If u dont think gear has something to do/ with between the two, ur ridiculous, and. Cause a fair way wood from 70's is even with a a titanium fair way wood today will give u the same results, thats like saying if we would had f-16s during WWIi it would of made no difference during the war it would played out the same way.... my point if Jack would had better gear he would of had better oppertunities.
Jack did it with gear that was no where near what wehave today, The gear Tiger has is top of the line,If both would of been from the same time then we could tell, Jack was the greatest and Tiger is carrying the torch for a diffrent Generation.
I might of went to this one, butstuck working the whole weekend. So ill be pulling for Phil, Bubba and Graeme on the couch.
Best way of finding a good teacher especially if u dont know what to look for in an instructor?
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