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Good playing!
Slightly off topic, but how did you go?
P.S. great post!!
Ahhh, iacas wouldn't start a whole new thread just to have a dig at a fellow moderator............... Maybe.
Tiger has never made a secret of the fact that he is chasing down Jacks' record. Now, with his injuries etc. I'm thinking that even he realises that he's more than likely not going to get there.So, while he no doubt still loves to win, just maybe he doesn't have the vision and goal he once did.Just thinking............. 
What am I working on? Key 3 - Weight forward at impact.Why? To get more consistent contact on the ball.How?~http://iacas.org/asm/fimgs/golf_swing_impact_fix.jpg
Thanks for the great, full report on your day. I know it's been said before, but I think we all enjoyed living (a little bit) vicariously through you.
Hi iacas, Just wanted to thank you for this nugget. I've been working on key #3 for a wee while, and this description has become the focus of the 5 "s" of my practice.It's easy to say "I need to get my weight forward at impact". It's much more specific (and helpful), to go slowly through the motion detailed above.Cheers!
Wooah, great looking all Mizuno set-up! I'm assuming the bag is Mizzy as well...........................?
Yes again.I'm also very pleased with the stock shafts on my MP series driver and fairways. It may just be me, but the Mitsubishi Rayon "Fubuki" shafts appear to be as good as any custom spec upgrade.
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