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10 Mins outside full swing practice, no ball. Working on my priority piece - making a centered pivot on the backswing.
20 Mins outdoors practice, full swing, no ball. Using an 8 iron and a 3 wood. Slow swings, working on getting the hips to move forward through-out the downswing.
Practiced for 40 mins following 18 holes today. Went through the bag, making slow, full swings in the nets, working on Key #3.
15 Min's full swing practice. 7 iron. Outside on the lawn, no ball. Looking to get the right hip pocket turning toward the target as far as my body center line as I swing from A2 to A4.
15 minutes outside full swing practice on the driving range. 3 wood and 6 iron. Worked on slowing down the back swing and making a full turn from A2 to A4. Very good contact and ball flight, but pulled a few.
I'm in! As it is already May 1st here, I have started with 5 Min's full swing practice, 8 iron, no ball. Making slow swings, keeping the right knee flexed to A2, then making a centered turn to A4.
Still on track to have a complete month of doing at least 5 mins a day. 
Got my 5 Mins in yesterday. Will get today's lot in later.
Sure can. I flew home yesterday, spent all day in airports & buses. Got my five minutes in using a coat hanger for a club while checking my swing in the hotel mirror. No worries about hitting the light fixtures.
Did mine. Still working on the centered pivot.
New Posts  All Forums: