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PM sent. Love a good golf novel..............
Congrats, Golfing Dad! Very impressive!!! And thanks for knocking me out of the competition - wasn't looking forward to trying to explain to NZ customs agents why some guy in Florida was sending me a biohazard in the form of an old golf glove......................
Mine arrived yesterday, Yay! Only read thirty pages so far, but can already tell that it was money well spent, even including the international postage. I'll give more detail once I've finished and had time to reflect. PS. No way I'm passing the availability of this book along to my golf buddies, until I've had a chance to beat them a few times!!
Doesn't matter - just get posting!!
Excellent!! The next time you see this glove, It'll be on my hand as I take a ceremonial tee shot on the first at Nelson Golf club here in New Zealand. After that, it's taking pride of place in my golfing memorabilia. Thanks again, Silent!
C'mon Golfing Dad, I need you to finish this in the next 24 hours!!! How about I start a mountain/ racing bike thread - give you a chance to show off your bike photos?
38 for me.   I rely on my pre shot routine, don't usually come back when I'm way down in a match and will work through most of my clubs in a practice session - reason being that I want to see if my current swing thought holds up with every club. 
"It seemed like every gunslinger and lowlife wanted to try and see if they were faster than me. One day I heard a voice behind me say "Draw!" I spun around, and there was this eight year old kid standing there. I threw down my guns and walked away................ ...............little bastard shot me in the ass."     Gene Wilder "Blazing saddles"
"Hi, who is this calling?" "MY NAME IS LEROY!" "What unit are you with, son?" "I'M IN THE ARTILLERY!" "Well, Leroy, can we play you a song?" "ANYTHING, JUST PLAY IT LOUD, OK?!   Robin Williams (RIP) "Good morning, Vietnam"
New Posts  All Forums: