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Great progress in one year!To me, it still looks like the club is getting away from you a bit at the top of your backswing. Certainly it is dipping past horizontal.As Jetfan said, the left shoulder needs to come down and in more on the backswing. I'm working on the same thing.
 Hi Ernie,Looks like you and I are working on similar things.FWIW, have a look at My Swing Thread. In order to stop rising up on the back swing, Mike has gotten me to drive the left shoulder down and in, trying to make it go toward my right hip, like in the right pic below. It may be helpful for you to do something similar.
I like the sequence you have going here, Each new "feel" building on top of the previous one.
The calm, cool voice of reason, as usual.
That's why you go to see him! Wish I had that option.
You never know who might be reading!Using the thread as a golfing diary is a great idea, I do the same thing with a notebook. The one thing I have to guard against is 'getting ahead of myself' - trying to implement new changes when I haven't even got the one priority thing nailed. That's why your list of three things to work on set off alarm bells.The other danger for me is doing drills too fast. "It's not how fast you can do it, it's how slowly you can do it correctly"
At the risk of suggesting what you already know...................1. Which one is the priority?2. What is the simple, specific drill to address it? ("Hip turn" is too vague)3. It may take longer than a week.............
You may need to do a 'Happy Gilmore'..................
I Argue Convincingly Against Stupidity (but still don't always win) 
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