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38 for me.   I rely on my pre shot routine, don't usually come back when I'm way down in a match and will work through most of my clubs in a practice session - reason being that I want to see if my current swing thought holds up with every club. 
"It seemed like every gunslinger and lowlife wanted to try and see if they were faster than me. One day I heard a voice behind me say "Draw!" I spun around, and there was this eight year old kid standing there. I threw down my guns and walked away................ ...............little bastard shot me in the ass."     Gene Wilder "Blazing saddles"
"Hi, who is this calling?" "MY NAME IS LEROY!" "What unit are you with, son?" "I'M IN THE ARTILLERY!" "Well, Leroy, can we play you a song?" "ANYTHING, JUST PLAY IT LOUD, OK?!   Robin Williams (RIP) "Good morning, Vietnam"
You nailed it! Had a shot today into the green that I pulled badly. It hit the bank, bounced sideways and ended up in the centre of the green. Great result, not a great feeling..........
"I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last man alive!" "If I were the last man alive, you'd be crushed in the rush!"
As always Mike, great instruction and great presentation!
Try starting a "Favourite Movie quotations" thread - he won't be able to resist!!
Since you put it like that, how can I refuse?Ok, my best guess is that GolfingDad will pass the 10,000 post mark on 28th September, at 8:30pm EST
Make sure to extend the middle finger before varnishing....................
Great, another glove competition! I have an enviable track record in these.........................BTW, your offering doesn't look quite as salubrious as Silent's
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