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So, Tiger is actually a golf android. Explains a lot, really................
Well, I've had some great instruction.
Still working on the arm/pivot sequencing drill. Apologies for the glitch midway in the video.   Seem to have some improvement in Key #1 - my head still comes up during the downswing, but not as much as it has done. Also with Key #2. I haven't seen the sole of my right shoe at impact like this before. Usually it's still fairly flat. All constructive feedback most definitely welcome.
Glad it helped!!
Yeah, I need to remember that when I'm trying to implement a change to one of the 5SK, and I'm spraying the ball all over. Which is often.
I agree totally with the OP of this thread, and it raises a question. What does it take to learn a better swing? If almost totally similar swings can produce different results, then how do you know if you are actually improving your swing? I get that as you make changes, the results will fluctuate, but obviously you can't use results as your yardstick. Thinking through this a bit more, I'm guessing the short answer is if you are demonstrating increased use of the 5...
Yeah, that's it. I find it helps greatly with ball contact too - getting the marks to center more on the club face.
I'd think that your new practice routine would apply equally as well to the driver. Make the 1/4 swings and build up from there, exactly as you do with the rest of your full swing practice. The major difference is in the set-up (ball forward). @mvmac has a video somewhere on the site (sorry, can't find it at the moment) of him hitting 1/2 swing drives that all draw. Seems to me like a good example to copy.
Yes! A chance to defend my title........
Soooo. I've been working on the arm & pivot sequencing drill that Mike demonstrated in his last post. It will need ongoing work, particularly with completing the turn with the hips, and the arms are still lifting a bit. Also have to watch that I don't drop back into my poor posture at setup. But aside from that, progress is being made.   I've also included a Face On video of the complete swing after work on the sequencing drill.     Gotta flare the feet more!...
New Posts  All Forums: