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20 Mins today, still in the nets. I have made it a goal to hit every ball with the same tempo this month. This involves about a minute of rehearsing the shot at a very slow speed, checking the position at A2  & A4, before stepping up and making a 40% speed full swing.  
In the nets again, about 40 Mins this time. Still working on the back swing as per previous posts. Swinging at what I think is about 40% speed, making a complete movement back and through.
30 Mins in the nets. 20 mins full swing, 6 iron and Driver. Still working on left shoulder down and back with a centered hip turn. Also 10 mins chipping.
Travelling today. 5 Mins full swing practice in front of the hotel mirror. Still working on left shoulder back and down during the backswing & Key 1 through impact.
10 mins outdoor, no ball. same as yesterday, working on getting the left shoulder down and back during the backswing, while maintaining a steady head.
5 mins full swing practice in the nets before playing 18 holes. Worked on getting the left shoulder down and back during the back swing.
15 mins outside, no ball. Full swing for 10 mins, chipping for 5. Worked on getting more bend in the right wrist at A4, so that the clubface and left arm are parallel.
10 Mins outside with a 3 wood, no ball. working on Key #1, while making a full turn.
5 mins practice (literally) before playing 9 holes with a group of mates. Full swing, in the nets. Key thought was to keep the flex in the right leg until A2 in the back swing.
15 Mins in the nets. Slow, full swings again. Still working on a centered pivot. Plus 5 Mins chipping and pitching.
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