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Damn! Azinger's been lying to me, again!
Alright, just so you all aren't left wondering forever, I will reveal the 3 fundamentals, as personally revealed to me by the man P.A. himself............. 1. Hit the ball.... 2. Straight... 3. ...and Long.
This is the kicker for me, also.From what I remember of "The Talent Code", it isn't just the 10,000 hours that matter, but that the hours are put in practicing at the edge of your ability, so that you are constantly expanding said ability.The author of "The Talent Code" gives the great example that most of us have over 10,000 hours in the skill of driving a vehicle, but haven't really improved since the first few years of getting our licence, because we have reached a...
  This is who I am according to the quiz...................................no, really! 
Wow, that is a lot of added weight near the heel! Just out of interest, do you find that you get a draw 'gear effect' from the added weight?
Houses in general aren't so bad - I'm more worried about windows. 
Congrats on the personal best! 
Everyone has at least one, some of us have several at once! My long time favourite thought/s are "See the shoulder, See the sweep". It relates to key #1, keeping my head steady. During the backswing, I want to see (or be aware of) my right shoulder being under my chin before I start back down, and I want to see the club head sweep through the ball before I move my head on the through swing.   What is your favourite swing thought? It may be gold for the rest of us as...
Mike, this is great stuff! I'll be turning up to the first tee with a sharpie mark on the snuffbox and right index finger from now on..........
I'd swing a Driver, and not be too upset if I was in the sand. The hazards are the deciding factor - that, and the need to stop the ball fairly quickly once it's on the green, due to the drop off if you go long. With the green being elevated, approach shots will tend to run on more, so the closer you can be for your second shot, the better.
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