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Gday,    I've been playing golf for a few years now, I'm generally a bogey golfer, but I can shoot lower when I'm in the zone :p My dad bought a set of clubs off ebay (just a cheapie dunlop set, no more than $180), and I've been playing with these for a few years. I've replaced the putter, and added a sand and lob wedge.    Of the original set, the 3 wood cracked, and the driver head broke off. I got an RBZ 3 wood for christmas, and now I'm looking into buying a...
Bloody incredible performance from Henley. 
KJ with a bad break on the 17th. His ball lands on Webb Simpsons' ball on the fly, and it ricochets into a bunker. Expect that to make the highlight reel :p 
92 (+24) 39 putts... I average around 30. 4 x 3 putts and 1 4 putt. Shocking. Hit 1 green, and 25% fairways.
Putter, I wonder if this will be a popular option or not?
38 (+5)   12 putts :o   I'm bored, so I'll type up a hole-by-hole summary. My putting was phenomenal today, the greens were a bit wet, I think that took a bit of the break out.   #1. (Par 4) Hit a hybrid fat off the tee Topped a 7 iron Sand wedge to the fringe Chip to ~8 feet Putted it in   #2 (Par 4) (Hybrid) Shocking low ball flight but the ball rolled for a while, so my distance was pretty good in the end Sand wedge to 20 feet Putted it in...
A Tiger vs Phil playoff would be sweet :p   However, if I had to put money on it, I'd probably pick Wi, I think he's just slightly out of reach, and as long as he plays well, it would take a fair bit to catch up to him. But anything can happen.
Hit a few nice ones yesterday.   First one was a ~40 ft putt, with about 10 feet of break to the right. I hit the putt, very nice pace, but I thought it would fall below the hole. I started walking towards the ball, and as soon as I did, it dropped right into the cup for birdie.   The next was a perfect 6 iron shot on the 10th (~160yd uphill par 3). It stopped about 6 feet past the hole, and I made that one for birdie too.   A few blowup holes, and losing...
Looking forward to spectating on Saturday :D   I'm hoping Chalmers can take out the triple.
I had a great one on a par 5 today, from about 130 yards or so. Needed to get up and down to save par after driving it into the trees. I hit a perfect 7 iron, which I actually thought went over the green, as the green was in the shade. When I walked up there, it was sitting just 3 feet from the cup, which I tapped in for the par :D.   But that was nothing compared to the next two. I'd been driving the ball fairly well all morning, so I thought I'd have a shot at...
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