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40 (+8) 18 putts. FIR: 5/9 GIR: 2/9     Played very well today, but it still feels like I can improve so much more. I blasted some drives on the short par 4's within ~50m, and then often failed to hit the green with my wedge :(  3x 3 putts didn't help my cause. I'm getting a mallet-putter for christmas, so I hope that'll improve my putting. At the moment I'm using a very basic putter. Although I did get a few nice putts in today.   Highlight was...
Not good at all. 53.   It was looking good after 5 holes, only 6 up, which is OK for me. But then my 3 wood cracked, and I went +10 on the last 3 holes to finish 18 over - using my brothers wood. Mostly due to sliced drives and irons, and a few bad chips. Highlight of the round was getting a ~20 foot putt for bogey on a par 5. Straight uphill though.   2 3 putts on the last two holes, mostly due to my frustration from my bad tee shots and approaches.
Epic chip in eagle for Tiger, only 1 back from Day and Chalmers.
Day and Senden (Last group) struggling on the front nine :s   Hoping that Tiger can win, shot a nice 3 under on the front nine, and is only 3 shots off the lead.   Edit: Magnificent shot from Day - sticks it really close on a par 3. Chalmers - the leader is struggling on a par five.   This is shaping up to be really exciting.
200 yard par 3, final hole of the course. Rated as the most difficult hole because of the bunkers and the length.   I brought out my 3 wood, and did a nice, relaxed swing, which bounced on the green, which is guarded by 2 bunkers. It's not much, but it was a great achievement for me to hit that green in one.   Last week I did a nice shot too, my approach shot on a par 4 went slightly over the green, leaving me a short chip and run. Hit the flagstick and stopped...
My first post here :D   Took up the game about 3 months ago, using my dad's clubs. Still yet to break the 100 barrier over 18 holes.   My round yesterday was on a public beginner's course. (Normally par 33, but 2 new greens are being built currently, making it a par 31) It currently opens with 4 par 4's, followed by 5 par 3's   First 3 holes I went bogey, bogey, bogey, even with some fat iron shots. Next 3 holes, I completely failed, going triple, double,...
New Posts  All Forums: