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SSsshhhh!! keep it down mate don't tell everyone!!
You buying!??? I'd prefer a Barossa chiraz please.
Haha. of course you are always right.
This is great.
Geez mordan....!!
The folks that run golf clubs are the most reactionary, conservative fools. EG. my old, old course refused a married couples discount to my friend because her partner is a woman.Golf is the loser
Yes there different things(putting and chipping), but consider a 30 foot putt from the edge of the green.......we putt ......no body turn ,no wrists no body involvement at all really. But then consider the same shot but from the fringe. not 30 feet from the cup but 32 feet. So now it's suddenly important to use the body in some way......to enhance control? yeah right!  I mean that's funny!   Hell, all I'm saying is there are different ways to play that shot. I like...
 Enhance control ha ha ......I'll try a full body turn next time I putt then. Haha!
I agree dak4n6, I prefer no wrist, no body.......all hands, all arms, all shoulders. The chip and pitch shots are some of the finest control shots in golf I don't get why you'd introduce other elements like knee turn, body coil etc. 
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