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I've found this technique works best for me when my wedge sits a little bit toe-down, heel-up. Anybody else play these shots with the club a bit more vertical than usual? I assume it has something to do with the bounce on my wedges.
It's been a couple years, but here's the latest:  
  With the ball more forward than usual, or in a neutral position? (I assume a neutral position based on your next sentence, but I wanted to clarify).   For a swing with a later "release", would placing the ball further forward for irons cause AoA issues? Why do you recommend a bit of "throw" for irons instead of moving the ball up?   And would you recommend a little "throw" with the driver too?
My drives have always been pushes. I have to intentionally flip like crazy to be able to hit it straight.   Just to experiment, I tried playing the ball an inch FORWARD of my front foot, teed pretty high, hitting up. Here's the video:         Just from these two pictures, you can see how much ball position would affect my drives. I'm 6'3'' with long legs, and I've always gone with the standard "inside left foot" ball position. I'm reconsidering,...
1. Charl Schwartzel (-7) 2. Steve Stricker (-5) 3. D.A. Points (-5)  
I feel like this is my best swing to date. I'm going to work on lowering my scores, instead of tinkering around with my swing every week. Unless anyone sees any big changes I need to make, I think I'm going to just relax and play some golf for awhile.    
  Especially the last sentence, considering the entire article teaches you how to hit 'double-cross draws'.
I have this problem from time to time too. I find it's when I'm set up a little bit too close to the ball, and my weight is too much on my heels at address. Your video shows some of both of those things in my opinion.   Maybe you could try backing off the ball a bit, and making sure your weight feels more toward the balls of your feet.
I wouldn't worry about it honestly. As far as the actual performance of your clubs goes, it most likely has little to no effect. I think offset is more about how your clubs look to your eye at address.
I use a line.   If I can't line up a putt when looking directly down the line of the putt from behind, I don't think I would be much better hunched over with a tilted head. It's mostly a confidence thing.
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