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Friend on mine thru his stuff in the pond on the 18th hole of a tournament-including his new golf shoes! HIs bag, irons, woods-except driver which a friend snagged from him before it go tossed, kersplash! I don't think he ever played again. I was laying in the fairway laughing til it hurt!. This was June 1975 and I will never, ever forget it. The guy died young but not from golf frustration! RIP Itch.
I have used GolfNow several times and found it to be easy to use, cheap and effective. I must admit I am always worried that it will not be honored when I get there! Never happened though. 
Yes. Always use a new ball. One round one ball. Then it is in the shag bag.
And today IBF said to hit a fade set up open and point face at the target! Of course that isn't what he does as ball started left but whatbtheybsay is so wrong.
When I was fit for my Edel they showed me that I aimed much better with a line on the top line than the flange. I thought it hokum but they are right! I love my Edel. Got the wedges too. Wonderful stuff.
I hit the one I have about 165 yards. There is no hybrid on Earth that can fly as high as this thing! Mine is a Bang Cobalt or something. It is a beautiful blue head with an orange Matrix MFS 75 or 85 shaft. Just a funky club. I would hate to hit it in windy conditions!
I had one made for shits and giggles. When I hit it I feel like the ball is going to come straight up and hit me in the face! Ball comes straight down. If you played wet greens you would have to dig out your ball. I have never used it it any serious situation. Mine is sitting in a bag in the garage with countless other unused clubs. 
It is the most amazing system- you just have to TRUST it. I have taken the fundamentals and the advanced classes. The beauty of the classes is that you can sit in the fundamentals over and over again-observe is a better description. You have to practice, too. And it helps to be aimed where you think you are aimed! I have drunk the KoolAid and got an Edel putter and committed to AimPoint. I love it. Makes lags so much easier. I find that it is a faster way to read greens...
I got my custom fit Edel wedges this week and my putter shipped today. They make great stuff. I like the black Edel irons better than the Faldos.
Tom Lehman ( he was 16!) Brett Hull
New Posts  All Forums: