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I used Dana as a reference for me just because we are probably more of the same height... I noticed immediately that my hips are not as slanted as his. And his knees are a little more flexed than mine. What do I do to get my hips/ belt line to face down.
Thanks for the reply!
This is what I mean
I believe I've had a misunderstanding on what it means to have a centered pivot. As I was watching the European tour this morning I was looking at one thing in particular. They all for the most part have a straightening of the right leg and they all have a downward motion of the shoulders. But I think one essence i am missing is there shoulder is not on going down but it's gotta rotational aspect to it. Is the left shoulder moving over the right leg that is straightening?....
Here's my swing from today my buddy recorded on his Iphone 6... Ball flight was overall good except I pushed a lot of shots. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Update on my swing, I'm having problem getting number 3 right, anything you suggest to help me
I think that everyone who reads this needs to also look at how supple Sam Snead's arms are in that picture in the setup. They're not ramrod straight kinda just relaxed
Do u feel a slight stretch of the right side of the abdomen?
Can someone comment on what it means to stretch the right side... They mention this in the 5sk DVDs... I guess another question is, if you don't feel this stretch are u not pivoting correct? Thanks
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