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    its been a while since ive posted anything.....   heres something new.....
Great work Erik!!!!
  here is a swing i took before it got cold....still looks like crap....just dont know what to do after the backswing.....
he had the 5SK lol 
I was looking at some clone clubs last night...i was wondering has anyone had any experience with them????   heres the ones i was looking at:   http://www.diamondtour.com/golf-clubs/irons/snake-bite-volt-golf-clubs.html   Thanks
good info in the last post....
mvmac:   should i be feeling those arms connected in the 2 pressure points under the armpits....i watched you video on you tube....i was just wondering is this what i should be feeling???  
Hey everyone,   I've played golf for 2 summers now....probably more last summer than this....but anyhow.....Read Stack and Tilt book, watched the dvd's, read all the various post on here.....anyway i don't wanna go on and on and this is not a flame topic....but there's even misconceptions when it comes to Stack and Tilt.....The misunderstanding for me is how much of a movement do you have to do.....for instance:   They say weight forward, 55/45 okay.....this one...
how do i get the shoulders right, if i tilt to the left and extend, i feel all bunched up in the chest with my arms.........   iacas: can you do a youtube video on how to get the shoulder's right and what would be wrong....   thanks
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