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Here's my swing from today my buddy recorded on his Iphone 6... Ball flight was overall good except I pushed a lot of shots. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Update on my swing, I'm having problem getting number 3 right, anything you suggest to help me
I think that everyone who reads this needs to also look at how supple Sam Snead's arms are in that picture in the setup. They're not ramrod straight kinda just relaxed
Do u feel a slight stretch of the right side of the abdomen?
Can someone comment on what it means to stretch the right side... They mention this in the 5sk DVDs... I guess another question is, if you don't feel this stretch are u not pivoting correct? Thanks
Thanks Mike for the new video, awesome stuff!!!!!
Very very very good post Mike!!!!!
Okay thanks for clearing this up Erik.
I'm talking bout full swing When your club reaches parallel on the backswing should the toe be up? If so didn't your forearms have to rotate or the wrist
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