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Thanks @billchao, glad you liked the drill.  I would say a lot golfers over flex there right arm, so this a good drill for a lot of people.
I would leave the ball position and my right foot is slightly behind my left (or closed) and I hit fades...
@Tomz On the next Evolvr, send in a practice swing and one with the ball.  After I see those, we may or may not need to make adjustments from there.
Looking good
Eyad, looks like you simply need to exaggerate more.  For instance, when working on the shoulder tilt, instead of trying to achieve the proper tilt to prevent the head from moving up try and have too much tilt that would actually cause your head to move DOWN.  Try to OVERDO the changes.  If you can overdo the changes it will be easy for you to dial it back within the proper amount.  If you can't make the changes at the speed you are practicing at then you need to slow down...
  I assure you, that wasn't it. :)
@mvmac not stepping on any toes :)   @JKolya Torso looks better (more upright) but you still need less anterior pelvic tilt (I also call this Donald Duck butt).  :)  
@mvmac is a beast!
Changed the routine very "slightly" for the month of March, still focusing on the same compounds though   Squats 5x5 (2 warm up) OH Press 5x5 (2 warm up) Chest Dips 3x3   Tricep Isolations, high rep, with little rest between each
New Posts  All Forums: