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  I assure you, that wasn't it. :)
@mvmac not stepping on any toes :)   @JKolya Torso looks better (more upright) but you still need less anterior pelvic tilt (I also call this Donald Duck butt).  :)  
@mvmac is a beast!
Changed the routine very "slightly" for the month of March, still focusing on the same compounds though   Squats 5x5 (2 warm up) OH Press 5x5 (2 warm up) Chest Dips 3x3   Tricep Isolations, high rep, with little rest between each
@Golfingdad, when I do the drill my ball flight changes to a slightly larger draw.     
@Golfingdad   When doing the drill, slide the foot back, but feel like you are trying to keep your heel on the ground (probably not possible, but I want you to try)   I bet you'll never guess it, but............................. straighter right leg ;)  
Trying to keep it simple, if it comes to a point where I can't add plates I may add a "few" isolations".  @uno6518 when you were power lifting, what would another workout look like?
5X5 BB Overhead Press (with 2 sets of warm up) 3X5 Deadlifts (with 2 sets of warm up) 3 sets of Farmers
Big typo, meant to type "fewer".  Sorry, @Golfingdad knew what I meant :) 
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