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I've got a set of blades (Nike VR PRO) and I've got TM Rocketbladez.  There's no comparing the 2 but I'll tell you, the rocketbladez go so far its obsene.  I'd def check those out.  I know a low clubspeed player who got them last year as well and hits it alot further now.  They are workable too.
I think Keegan and Mickelson are locks as long as they don't start playing like complete garbage.  If Tiger doesn't improve by the deadline he might not get picked.  Zach is on the bubble and you gotta believe he'll get picked if he falls out.  The Euros look really strong this year too.  Should be a good one.
Tiger will fix this issue and be back to #1.  No one on tour is consistent enough to compete in world ranking points with a guy who wins 5 times or more a year.  He's not even 40 yet and he just got off back surgery.  People have short memories and forget about last year.  As for the majors, I have no clue.  Even last year it looked like a mental block once he got into contention.    I read somewhere that tiger should get himself a deep faced 3 wood for his tee shots and...
Lead will be -8, Rory.Tiger -5 totalAdam -1 total
Great thread, thanks.  Can you share a bit of detail about his shot preference.  Did he play the ball both way or did he stick primarily to a stock shot?  I checked his stats and looks like he is a decent putter.  Did you notice anything there?
I'm going to do it the first day.  I might get up friday if the morning wave didn't wet the bed the day before.
Ya.  I'm a bit bored of his press conferences as well, but do people expect him to say that he's not sure how well he'll do.  He's not wired that way.  I'd be shocked if he won though.
I feel in my heart that it was.
Gary is the man.  
Did he bang your wife back in '09?
New Posts  All Forums: