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He could make his money back with the PGA Pension alone if he puts in the years.  If he's able to play, he should go play.  I have no sympathy for insurance companies though.
1- none 2- 75%
This post is both a great suggestion and pure condescending crap.  Pot meet kettle?  Please.   People can do whatever they want as far as setting league rules.  If everyone follows the same set of rules, it's fine.  It's gonna require 2 separate caps, as Erik has mentioned, but what is wrong with the league operating the way it wants?  What his dad does and what all the other players do isn't comparable. I do however agree that playing by the real rules of golf doesn't...
Don't become an officer.  It looks like this is a ploy to get you to talk to your dad.  By the sounds of it, you already have had a discussion with him and it went nowhere.  It's not worth it.  Let someone else take care of it and continue to play honest golf.
Congrats guys, this is awesome.   If Brandel does read internet forums you have to give him props for exploring all avenues.
Playing short ball is boring and I would think those that do it don't have the choice.  Lots of ways to play though.
I've got a set of blades (Nike VR PRO) and I've got TM Rocketbladez.  There's no comparing the 2 but I'll tell you, the rocketbladez go so far its obsene.  I'd def check those out.  I know a low clubspeed player who got them last year as well and hits it alot further now.  They are workable too.
I think Keegan and Mickelson are locks as long as they don't start playing like complete garbage.  If Tiger doesn't improve by the deadline he might not get picked.  Zach is on the bubble and you gotta believe he'll get picked if he falls out.  The Euros look really strong this year too.  Should be a good one.
Tiger will fix this issue and be back to #1.  No one on tour is consistent enough to compete in world ranking points with a guy who wins 5 times or more a year.  He's not even 40 yet and he just got off back surgery.  People have short memories and forget about last year.  As for the majors, I have no clue.  Even last year it looked like a mental block once he got into contention.    I read somewhere that tiger should get himself a deep faced 3 wood for his tee shots and...
Lead will be -8, Rory.Tiger -5 totalAdam -1 total
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