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LOL.  What are you a lobbyist? I guess after I'm married for 20 years it's open season on your wife then, is that right?  Stupid comment.
hahahahaha.  He didn't just look though did he.  I guess you are only on your high horse when you choose to be.
lol, what about the other 3 rounds?  I hope he plays well!
He just hit every fairway and every green on the front 9 of his pro am today.  Now watch tomorrow, he wont hit any fairways and he'll miss half the greens.
if you are willing to put in a it of work you can grow your own green.  When I moved into this house 2 years ago, the previous owners had a 600 sq ft garden that  I converted it into a creeping bentgrass green.  Finding a mower is the real tricky part, but its doable.  It requires alot more work than synthetic, but its fun to be able to control the speed and hardness of the greens yourself.  For instance during US Open week you dry it out and double cut it to make it fast...
LOL  @ the video in post 14.  A-Swing approved training aids?  A boomerang?  The guy has like 4 training aids for this simple new swing.
Hopefully they pick it up.  I gotta say though, I'll miss Miller.
Some idiot said the following after Allenby teed off:  "you aren't a nice person, Robert"
Hope it feels good my man.  You earned it.
Crim, stupid question, is your avatar a real pic?  Is that donaldson?  Did he really pose like that lol
New Posts  All Forums: