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 Very cool.  Thanks for posting.
Being part of the KKK or beating your wife is not the same as plowing a few Perkins waitresses.  Barring an extreme situation like that, I also don't care much what a player does after hours. They aren't role models.  But I respect that some people do care, to each his own.
Until you get a launch monitor and can hit each club multiple times to see your real CARRY distances, you just can't really know.   Assuming we are talking about carry distances, and we should be, I think most people think they are about 1 to 1.5 club longer with irons because of the bounces they get.  The driver is a really weird one, people are WAY off with their distances on this one.
Would be awesome if these reports are true.  I loved his swing.
Like others have said, I am not a fan of those who spew "jesusy" remarks and cry all the time.  His golf game is fun to watch tho.
Alot of people have short memories about alot of players.  Just cause a guy like Mcilroy isn't winning or a guy like Speith has a chance to win, doesn't mean one is now washed up and the other is the next Tiger.  Rory will be just fine, and so will Speith.  Neither are anywhere near Tiger imo.
If Bubba can calm down a bit and drive the ball like he has all week, he should win.  He was bombing it right down the middle.  Talk about leaving shots out there.  Would be really cool if speith could pull through though, or kuchar, or Ricky!  Going to be a great sunday!
i love how Nick Faldo  coined it when Reed got to the 18th today.  Something about how Augusta will bring guys back down to earth.. lol
I watched some of this today as well and will watch the final round tomorrow.  Very cool final pairing but lets hope they don't choke!
Hey guys, Another thread has motivated me to post about an issue I'm having.  First off, I have a device that measures ball data so everything I'm talking about is measured.  To make this as short as possible, I am trying to eliminate a two way miss with all shots, but especially my driver.  Having fiddled with things for a few months I've been pretty successful but I have a question about hitting push draws.  Basically, how much of a push is too much?  Lets say we talk...
New Posts  All Forums: