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Exactly tats what i wud have thot and plus pele played in the world cup when he was 17 and became the worlds greatest player, the americans need all the help they can get why don't they just stick him in the squad at least.
mexico are crap! argentina will win the world cup easy. Hopefully england will be knocked out soon. The U.S.A are also pretty bad, tell me this why do they not take freddie adu to the world cup. hes betta than donovan! Up da mighty irish even tho they rn't in it!
do u ship to uk?
I am Heading over to America for a holiday and i am thinking of purchasing new golf irons i am thinking between the likes of 350-400 dollars. i am currently off a ten handicap and should be into singlefigures soon.what irons would you recommend for that price and my handicap. peace mcflynn
jeez tats like something u would see in augusta keep it up!
i use to use baseball changed to interlock playing much better now!
i would be interested in the 15 degrees adilia! r these clubs new and r u's willing to send to the uk!? thanks brian!
just wanderin incase u made any savings!
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