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Only 6. PA, OH, WV, MD, VA, NC
Welcome from the other end of PA. Welcome back to the game too. Enjoy
Run an independent insurance agency
Looks like a great time. Hope to be able to get there next year.
I would love to but have already made plans for this weekend that I cant change, or I would.  Thanks again.
I've been away from the forum for a while and am just getting back into it. Wish I had been around sooner to see this, sounds like a great time. Next year for sure. Have a great time everyone.
I will wathc either but prefer CBS. I like Nantz & Feherty on CBS, not a fan at all of Jonny Miller's.
Switched around a lot but have settled with Bridgestone E6. Really like them
Very anxious to get out. So tired of winter. Wish I would have been able to get out on one of those nice days. Wow, I havent played Conley's in a long time.
I just missed it. I have plague of locusts on Day 1.
New Posts  All Forums: