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Thanks, Iacas, for your post. Just point that i didn't say reacting but over-acting. Anyway, i say all this seeing the subject from a great distance. In that sense, i can't see any s&t instructor leting a student get his weight too far forward. I don't know what is "behind the scene", and how the "hierarchies" (as you said, and language is never neutral) govern their enterprise, but what i see is some clever people sharing good information. Maybe at the highest levels of...
You're right, cipher, i'm not saying you shouldn't show that fine results of your inquiry, just that i don't see them as a great change in the system, and for my taste isn't so fair to present the s&t camp as not being open-minded.
Hi, guys. Just how i see all this things. I think you are somehow overacting. Yes you're right and they're wrong in all that stuff. They could be over-emphasicing the importance of having the weight forward. But, in S&T, just like in 5SK, there isn't just an isolated principle, they are relative to others, in a system. And, acording to S&T, you want your weight forward, but you also want your head still. There are S&T spectrums everywhere (see the book) where they show a...
Anyway, also known as, "killing the father".
Thanks for the reply. And talking about cp vs cf, it´s Moradish stuff, just a description based on centripetal or centrifugal forces. You could check a great descrition by Iacas here (among other great information),  http://thesandtrap.com/t/44307/hitting-up-or-down-with-the-driver-in-an-inline-pattern. But, basically, and by now, you could think on your movement in the release, that has really gone from "out and to the target" to "around your body". Theoretically,...
Hi, Liam. First of all, that´s a great swing, no doubt about this. Just wanted to ask a couple of questions. Have you noticed a loss of height or distance switching to a more "inline" or even "cp" release protocol? Is it purposely that you set up with your right knee more extended that left? I really need to do the same to feel comfortable in my set up, don´t know why. Thanks.
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