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Thought of this thread again today.  Seems even more necessary now than it was two years ago...
 Excellent post!  
That was a great video!  
 In the overall average of his career, probably.  But over the last year, definitely not.
It seems so obvious that Tiger's back physically this year, but an inconsistent mess mentally.  Why doesn't he hire a team of the best mental coaches around and get his mind up to par with his physical capabilities?
What's most disturbing though is that he slowed down immediately after the ball moved.  He had to be looking right at the ball.  He had to know it moved.  And to not call the penalty on himself seems like of shitty.  Definitely not the same way a lot of other professionals would have handled it.   Karma is a funny thing.  If he had called the penalty on himself, he probably would have felt a lot better about things, then chipped it in on his next shot.
  First, let me say that your progress is stunning.  I am very jealous!   Second, I would like to point out how easy it is for mortals to shoot over a hundred.  You didn't factor mishits into your equation above.  Imagine a tee shot on a par 4 that goes into the woods.  Then the next tee shot is a grounder that goes 50 yards.  Then the fourth shot is a chunk.  The fifth shot is topped.  There is nothing unusual about this for a beginner.  It can easily take one of us six...
  Same here.  My SwingBySwing phone app is always within two or three yards of any fairway yardage indicators, marked sprinkler heads, etc.
121.  I'm posting now, even though it's early in the season, because I really hope I don't ever shoot worse than that.  
That was a great final!  I added up each of their scores.  James shot 67 and Mark shot 65.  I think they both played really impressive golf.
New Posts  All Forums: