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hogan advised a grip with the trail hand (your right hand) having pressure in the middle and ring finger for proper contact. so you might be pressuring incorrectly with the thumb and pointer finger? that's what i think it might be
  It looks like you use the hands and arms to much to initiate the swing, then bring the upper body in too late. That might be what gets the right arm a bit too far back.
  I think he also doesn't want his analysis to be drawn more to your ass than necessary
It doesn't help me, seems like it would hurt since most people don't putt with the eyes right over the ball or perfectly in the line of the putt so it won't look right, imo
I don't play soccer but this sounds great
Wow. I am impressed, getting it over the water no problem like that
I wouldn't practice with only one club, unless you were working on distance control or something driver related, like trying to teach yourself to not overswing
I like the different pics of people b and a of key#4... the 5SK system isn't a cookie cutter swing. The DSP isn't exactly the same for everyone.
Sounds like me at the driving range vs the course! :) as cliche as it is... it's just the head. It's easy to hit at the ball instead of swing at the ball when it's a real ball
How on earth do you hit a 7i with a crisp downward strike that only goes 10 yards?
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