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That was awesome! Thanks for sharing.   Vijay is definietly my favourite to watch at the range.  Cool to see him helping some other golfers too
Hey guys,     I decided to start a thread pertaining to our weekly fantasy picks. I'm hoping this catches on and we can keep posting our picks to win/play well in the current week.   Basically just post who you think will win, from the more likely candidates such as Tiger, Rory or DJ, to sleepers deeper in the pack that may win or just post some good numbers and get you bonus fantasy points.   Im in a yahoo league so we need 2 "A group" guys, 4 "B's" and 2...
From what i've heard, he is the only one of Jack's FOUR sons not to go pro! Its actually very funny.  But like i said, he was the best 6 I've ever seen.  He was a great ball striker.
  I dont know how to quote a single line so i quoted the whole thing!   Anyways, you say you will know if your putting stroke is "straight" or not?   The putting stroke is actually supposed to be an arc, not straight. If that was a typo or I misinterpreted I apologize.  But if you didn't know about the putting arc, you're welcome!
Luke Donald is one of the best irons players and he doesn't even use blades. so i thought why do I need them. To me, the look like a blade at address.   And for the purpose of this discussion, not to tute my own horn, I am a pretty good ball striker.  But  if Luke can use a little extra forgiveness, then im sure i can too.     I generally hit a straight ball with my irons and only shape the ball when i have to,  but these the MP59's are very workable. So unless you like...
In terms of putting, I spend most of my time hitting putts inside 10 ft.    I put 10 tees down every ft, starting at 1 ft.  I start at the 1 ft putt and don' t move to the next tee until I sink 3 in a row. I try to find as flat a spot I can do this, so I can focus on speed and not the line. This drill REALLY helps me get the feel for the speed of the greens.  Not to mention this just builds confidence and gives you something to refer to on the course for those...
Not my favourite tournament. Im not a fan of the celebs. And I probably wouldn't be watching if it wasn't the winter or if it wasn't at Pebble.
You guys seem to think she is trouble.   Before the year started I said DJ would have a lights out year, including a major.  Once I saw this, I knew it would be!     You need to be relaxed in golf, and who is better to help you relax more than Paulina Gretzky?  He will be the happiest man on the golf course and I think his future wins will prove me right.
This may be a very very late response...haven't been on in a while!    So, if over the whole summer and most of the winter you were not able to figure this out then I would get a shaft with a lower kick point.  It will help get the ball in the air quicker. 
Not sure if this counts, but I caddied for Steve Nicklaus (Jack's Son) in the nationwide pro-am a couple years ago.     On the 18th hole one of the days, he his approach shot from about 150 to 2 ft left of the pin and 5 ft short (left himself with an uphill putt).  I said nice shot Steve, he goes, "No Paul, its short." I wanted to say, Sorry JACK my bad.  But I bit my tongue so I wouldn't get thrown off the bag.     He was by far the best 6 handicap I have ever...
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