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I agree I watched that Pats Raiders game. You can not compare the two sports. It is sad that this happens to me it makes weather rather than golfer talent the biggest determining factor as to who wins.
If there are no kids involved then it is just a couple that didn't work out.  Good luck to both of them.
The nay sayers on this forum wrote Paddy Off. Not me and I am looking forward to watching the 3 time major winner tee it up at Augusta! I'll be lifting a couple of cold Guinness drafts in his honor tonight! 
 I agree and lets not forget that Browner made a great block preventing a pick. Anyway Tom Brady knows it and is giving Butler his MVP pickup truck.
You maybe right I never played much golf back in the 70's. It was beyond my means. I probably played one or twice a year in those days. Still I don't remember any colored balls in those days. All being said I would be fine with the majority still using white then I will know my ball while approaching my next shot if everyone else is using white. I think that anytime you can shave anytime off a round it all adds up. I think it would be more than you do in this situation....
Obviously you are a dyed in the wool traditionalist. The same sediments were cast when tennis introduced the optic yellow ball back in the late sixties. Within ten years you couldn't buy a white tennis ball. Wimbledon was the last tournament to allow yellow as opposed to white. It won't be long before stuffed shirts like yourself are out numbered. As more convert to colored golf balls Titliest will change there marketing strategy and the Yellow Pro V1 will be born! I...
In the seventies I was in high school then college played tennis never could afford greens fees. I don't remember hearing the need to speed up play back then but then again I didn't even follow golf much in those days.  It is my guess that this is the biggest marketing of yellow and other color balls in golf to date.  So you are telling me if four guys tee off on a hard dogleg right that leaves a blind leave from the tee box you are not going to determine faster who's...
Plus Lynch has a poor record on goal and short runs. Add to that the PATS stacked the line with bigs it makes sense to try a short slant pass. Which statistically has a very high success rate. Bottom line both Browner who blocked the pick and especially Butler made sensational plays.
I never questioned Sherman intelligence. It was a retort to his busting TB's ass when the Seahawks beat the Pats last year. He went up to Brady and said  "Are you mad bro". If you can't take it don't dish it out!
Good point which is why that new company Volek? Is ahead of the curve. We need multiple color choices. I know it sounds like mini golf but if I have 4 different color balls in my bag to choose from I am all set. Would you agree that it will help speed up play?
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