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Since 2001 the Masters has been somewhat of a Tiger/ Phil Show. Not this year WIth TIger out and Phil's health questionable this proves to be a rather weak field. If Rory can keep his mind on golf instead of his girl friend I would say he could shred this field.
Rory Mcillroy     -15   Jason Day          -10   Phil Mickelson     -11
I believe this is the best comment I have read about this issue. Obviously it is what it is and Paddy will not play this year. If and when Paddy picks off another major I will be back to remind the unbelievers on this board.
And your point is?
I would never tell someone how to think and I respect your opinion. I do agree that one time major winners do not deserve any special criteria. However two and definitely three time major winners who are under fifty years of age do IMO. 
I respectfully disagree with you. Yes he missed the cut from his last tournament but he injured his a finger during the second day and ended up shooting a 78.  You probably championed seeing Ernie not allowed to play the Masters a couple of years ago. Did you feel like eating crow when he won the British Open? 
Make a list of players who never have stunk it up at some point in a major and missed a cut before you cherry pick your reasons for not giving a player with 3 majors still in his prime the boot. Even Tiger has had a bad performance in the last few years.  I like to think that Ernie Els showed them they were wrong when he won the British Open.
I hae no problem with removing the 50 and under criteria. Hell I fall in the 50 + grouping also.
I don't think Daly has a current PGA card and if that is the case then you are down to just Paddy and Goosen.
Obviously we need to just agree to disagree. My feelings after thinking this whole topic through is that any MULTIPLE MAJOR winner who is under 50 years old and still in possession of a PGA tour card should be automatically included in a major. As it stands I believe this would only qualify Paddy Harrington. To me a very small concession to be made for the rest of the field. Hardly a concession when you think of the ability required to win more than one major let alone...
New Posts  All Forums: