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Tailgater nailed it! I could watch those four girls play golf all day long! I hope Michele Wie gives up the body art decals. She is far too beautiful  of a woman to have those tacky looking decals on her.   Not to be critical but CIganda needs to get a fashion make over. Her outfit looked like she just threw on her saturday morning casual clothes.    I think Sandra Gal is going to become the next Golf super model.
I find his article to be rather poor from a literary standard. I think most seniors in high school prep would be capable of producing a similar piece. Perhaps his time has come and gone. I think GD should have noticed this subpar bit of literature and given it the axe instead of printing it.
I did the same thing with my WH #2 as well. cut off 2 inches and didn't notice any weight issues. Found my putting has improved.
Watson made a mistake by playing Phil 36 holes on the first day. He had fresh players who could have played the second loop that day but he chose to play a 44 year old who has a history of arthritis. Then he benches both him and Keegan the next day which I would imagine didn't make them feel very special. As time passes i would not be surprised if other negative comments emerge about Watson's decisions from other players.   As Watson made his press conferences I could...
Tiger has had more wins than any golfer in the last 18 months. He has had an injury that has kept him out of competition this year.    If he didn't hit the flag stick at the masters does anyone believe that he would not have won that Major?   Today Bramble doubled down and compared Tiger to an over aged actor with too much plastic surgery. If it was not for Tiger Woods Bumble Chamblee would not have a job at the Golf Channel.
Just an observation on my part. I was watching the finals of the LPGA in Texas and the gallery where very small actually it was hard to call them galleries IMO. I personally enjoy watching womens golf as much and sometimes more than the men's tour events. Probably because they hit about the same distance as I do so it is easier for me to relate to there games. But I am relatively sure that the viewer ratings are not that spectacular. Granted 13% is a good improvement but...
This is true but in this new multi media world we live in there is so many other things people can do the competition for survival on a major network is extremely difficult. Take a look at professional tennis. I couldn't name more than three or four men's players current playing the same with the women's tennis. Without a doubt every pro player should take a turn kissing TW's ass.
I am like you not informed of what the bidding process or contracts are for gaining shows broadcasting rights. It just seems to me that both the Golf Channel and the golf tours would be a better fit for ABC because of there association with DIsney. They would compliment each other.
I would bet that NBC would be willing to make a deal to cast off both the golf channel and there PGA interests. Mainly because ABC would have the reason to offer more money than NBC can realize from them.
It is purely an observation as a businessman. Believe it or not the LPGA is hanging on by its fingernails. If you don't believe it take a look at the paltry size of the galleries at the events. It desperately needs an infusion of viewers in order to succeed. The PGA  while not hurting as much could definitely use a lift as well particularly the Champions tour. If TIger fades from the scene then all bets are off for the PGA's success as well.  My point is thatDisney has a...
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