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If the NFL can prove that balls were messed with then the Pats would be guilty. A 90 second pit stop is not proof so where did the balls get messed with? Again I think we both agree that until hard facts are presented on everything we can only surmise what happened. If all the people involved said that the PATS were innocent and were proven to be innocent by science the Haters would still call the Pats cheaters. 
http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/sports-physicist-says-temperature-could-have-caused-football-deflation-234639741.html   This along with a lack of reasonable evidence from the NFL exonerates the PATS.
If it is determined that a drop in temperature caused the balls to deflate then that would explain the deflation correct? I am sure you will then counter with: Well why didn't the Colts ball deflate?  Bottom line until we get all the actual facts of what, where and when the balls were checked we both are just making conjecture to explain our points. Given we live in a society that we are innocent until proven guilty the PATS are not guilty of anything at this point. In...
Lets look at the cast of characters supposedly involved in or have been a major critic of Deflation Gate:   Colts owner IRSAY: Been arrested for OUI and was found to have multiple drugs on his person including oxycontin and $29,000 cash. Can you say drug dealer?   Ray Lewis: major critic of Tom Brady and the Pats who after winning his first Super Bowl went out with some brothers from the HOOD for a wild night that ended up with two people murdered. While being...
What is becoming clear is that the evidence that GOODEL and the NFL have on this issue is falling apart.   An important lesson learned here is if you know you did nothing wrong stand up for yourself because no one else is going to do it.  
Because in my household bathroom we do not have a urinal I out of respect for others always do my number 1's while sitting. It avoids splash over.  So I have to lower my pants and underwear. Hence i estimate the 10 second prep time. I am confident I could cut 3 seconds off my time if I had access to a urinal.
Just made a second experiment this time doing a good old #2: Without getting into details the total time was  1 minute 52.16 seconds With only 90 seconds to "work with" clearly it was just a PISS STOP!
When and where were the balls tampered with? Where is your proof?
Well here is the latest the Ball attendant ducked into a men's room before heading out on the field. He was in the room for 90 seconds. Sure sounds like a Piss stop to me. I timed one of my normal piss stops while I did not have a duffel bag full of footballs with me I did find a similar time approximately:   10 seconds prep time I was sitting on a toilet. I don't have a urinal at my home. 55 seconds for actual urination 8 seconds to redress 20 seconds to wash and dry...
If you have information on how long the balls were in the refs testing area before being tested please let me know. I would assume the balls are tested upon them being delivered as it is done prior to the game. If the balls are left in the same room for an extended amount of time then I would agree with you. If they were tested immediately after being delivered to the room then we need to know the temp of both Colts room and the Pats room do you agree? It will only take a...
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