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    Oh I had bought them before but they came in the wrong flex so we returned them and just got my instructor to fit me for them and I was supposed to get them around January or February but they came in early, to my surprise.   I tried them today and was hitting everything flush. Great ball flight. LOVE them
Mom surprised me with Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons. She doesn't know a thing about golf so she went to my instructor and got them fit for me. Gotta lover her
I'm pleased to say Santa brought me brand new Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons. They're already fitted with FST KBS Tour Parellel shafts +1/2". Anyone have these? How do they play?
If I'm not mistaken, he started that last drive in regulation at their side of the field with 30 seconds left. They ran 3 plays and he completed then all for gains of 9,11 and 17 yards. He also had no timeouts so i don't think anyone would have done better. What else you want? Him to go 3-3 and score a touchdown with no timeouts? I would love to see Tom Brady (who I root for) or Rodgers drive down the field just like he did
Hey Wayne, By any chance is your last name Defrancesco?
May I ask how it ended up underwater? lol
I got a used Cleveland Classic Collection 2 putter from Edwin Watts for $60. I consider it a huge steal I absolutely love it. It came with a SuperStroke FATSO Grip which helps alot. I've averaged below 2 putts a hole since I've acquired my baby
May I ask what simulator you bought? I really want to buy one too
Shot 92 hit 4 fairways (32% last 3 rounds) I've been missing 61% of fairways to the right and hit 5 greens (24% last 3 rounds) The only thing that has been going good has been my putting avg less than 2 putts a hole
If it wasn't for Tebow Prater wouldnt be in range to kick 
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