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Stensson is Tiger-like this season.. Pretty nice top 10. Some terrific golf from the top lads.  Joost Luiten will hit the Mayor scene next year.
btw... If i was a betting man and had money on a draw... I would ve jumped on a plain immediately to go after Tiger... What the hell was that all about!!??
  Cause he was having a terrible, terrible year... 
  I think it was Poulters 5 birdies in a row with all the clutch putts... that won this ryder cup for europe.... It gave Europe hope and momentum... And it was that 1 point that's the difference now.
Oleeeee ole ole ole oleeeee    What an epic night...    Furyk really choked, that was terrible....    I think the big difference here was that the europeans wanted it more.... Of course.. guys like Mickelson, Bubba, Keegan fought there heart out.. But some other guys looked really uninspired.. While the europeans ( lesser golfers overall imo) all aproached this as the biggest day of there lives...
Disappointing performance by europe so far... Too many golfers are out of form..And i think it's safe to say that bottom half of the americans are a lot better then the bottom half of the europeans. Be that as it may... Those last few holes of Poulter yesterday really gave me the chills.. That type of pure sincere emotion is very very rare in top sports in our commercialized era with egocentric metro-men like Christiano Ronaldo and Lebron james...   Bubba Watson is...
man. i have to wait another 3,5 hours before i get any coverage...It's ridiculous.    I get more coverage from any other tourney.
Yeah the following the car stuff is pretty bad. Hope it's a temporary foot injury or something. Would love to see him in last weeks form at the masters. But i think we can also agree that Golf can def do without Tiger. Their are a whole bunch of great golfers hitting the scene and they are here to stay (Rory, Kaymer and Bradley especially).  Look at who great this tourney is. 
Guess it wasn't just speculations. This looks pretty bad, otherwise you wouldn't withdraw from a final group. Unless you're John Daly of course. 
Dutch commentators are speculating about Tiger being injured. Cause he doesn't walk normal and changed his shoes.  Do American commentators say the same?
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