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I have the SM Four 5.  Awesome bag.  Lightweight and very comfortable on the shoulders. Easily hold all of my stuff (dozen or so balls, tees, rain gear, gloves, ball markers, pencils etc..)  Pockets are big and can hold a lot.  Its the first bag I have had with a 14 way divider.  I will never use anything else again.  
I would never wear the stuff.  But I find it funny how people are calling golf the "gentleman's game", and they should not dress in stuff like this.  How many "gentlemen" dressed nicely at the golf course have you seen get mad, throw a club, or curse out loud?  How many "gentlemen" have you seen drunk on the course and making an ass out of themselves?  I have seen plenty.    I don't like the skulls but I do like flashy, bright colors.  My favorite polos are red,...
Very good point.  And at least the guy answered and questions without the aid of something that was pre-written like Tiger's so-called apology.  That was pathetic.
Just watched the video.    He defiantly did not look comfortable in front of the camera.  But it looked more like nerves than social anxiety.  I loved the lame segue attempt by Kelly.  The island in the background reminds her of lost, which is his favorite TV show, blah blah blah.  Too funny.    Granted the interview could have gone better, but I did like when he said "There's a lot worse stuff that goes on out here than what I got in trouble for."  I know Hank...
Golf - Pub, Golf - Pub, Golf - Pub, Golf - Pub.  There is your itinerary.  Just kidding.  Let us know all about it when you get back.
Entered.  Glad to have Global Golf on here.  They are great!!
I think it is interesting how things have changed at my old home course in high school.  15 years ago it was pretty evenly split between walkers and riders.  25% walked while carrying, 25% walked while pulling, 50% rode.  Now you are lucky to find even 1 person out there walking.   A little off subject.  Sorry about that.
When I see Pro V1 392 or 332 golf balls I am assuming that means the number of dimples.  Is that correct?  And if so, what differences would one see between those and the regular Pro V1?
Please don't take offense to this.....but you better feel pretty lucky Santa got those for you.  I could never imagine forking out my own money for clubs I have never even hit.
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