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The basics are: Dalton believes that hitting the ball straight is not the hardest shot in golf. If the club head is square and traveling straight down the line to the target the ball will go straight.   He shows you how to increase the 'zone of squareness' The basic moves are that the swing is initiated by the club moving straight back to what DM calls the 'one' position (which varies from player to player depending on your own physical ability) you then move up to...
Firstly I am not linked to DM in any way other than I am a satisfied customer.   I took up Golf in 2001, my start point was a book by Sam Snead bought in a second hand shop. I followed his instructions the best I could and managed to get my handicap down to the mid 20's.   A couple of years later I saw a series of adverts on the Golf Channel (I think) advertising the Straight shooting system. I was sceptical, but as they were offering a money back guarantee I...
Great offer Dalton.    I have already posted twice in this thread and  am on record as being a believer.   With all the talk about "provide meat" I was very tempted to post, but I believed that the information that I bought was for my personal use and it was not for me to pass on.   If I lived close enough I would be there like a shot. I do hope the meeting takes place.
It is a few months since I posted further up the thread that I had the programme copied to DVD from my original tapes, since learning of the 'Straight talking golf' site last night, I visited it and have downloaded the 2013 version.   It is very much the same instruction but presented in a much better fashion, but there are a few extra specifics that are new and  that I think may help my current situation.   I purchased the original when I was playing off 24 and...
It works for me.   When someone wanted to know what  I wanted for a Birthday present some years ago I asked for the Video's, I have since had them copied onto DVD.   As already mentioned the workbook is the key, If you can accept the concept and  philosophy there is no reason why it would not work for most people.
Play consistently in the 70's
Pressure is a self inflicted wound...   You are worried about something that has not happened   Stay in the present 
Short term - Have a round with no big numbers (Double bogie)   Mid term - Single figure handicap   Long term - 5 handicap
Not got one, but seriously considering it as my putting is certainly one of my weaker areas.   I do have a put on the carpet now and again but not as often as I should.
I have been tracking mine all year.   However now that winter is almost here and we have moved onto fairway mats, winter tees and no doubt in the near future winter greens I am going to stop and restart in the spring.
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