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Tiger Woods -12 Brandt Snedeker -12
Thanks, Mike. Here's another player example that Stephen used in my analysis.     Video that was also recommended.     I really like Mike's suggestion of keeping the butt of the club the same height. Good luck moving forward.
I hope someone can answer as I'm also having problems with getting my right arm folding faster..
Played TPC Louisiana, where the Zurich Classic is held, yesterday. Shot a 51-43, 94. Driver was killing me until I figured out what was going on with my swing. Too bad it took 12 holes before I figured it out. Course was in great shape except for the two temporary greens on #2 and #3.     Also won my flight in a tournament. Didn't play my best but I improved on the second day. Also, didn't help that I got an analysis the day before the tournament started and tried...
Some swings from today. Hitting it pretty well and my misses aren't so far offline like last month. Also hitting it further. I think it's a combo the swing changes and from working out.    
My latest swings. Working on shortening the swing by not overloading the wrist angles and taking the club more up in the backswing.    
I just want to say this video from Mike finally helped me understand how the right arm works in the downswing. I've been hitting all my clubs a lot straighter and have been mashing the ball as well.      I'm gonna get a video up tomorrow to see if there's an actual difference in the swing or not.
Welcome, Bama
Weather hasn't been too nice the past few weeks and I wasn't able to practice as much as I would have liked to. My last lesson James wanted me to work on a few address changes, knees more bent and head tilted down more, and a steeper hip slant at the top of the backswing.   Here are a few swings from today. I submitted them earlier to evolvr.     
Yeah, I switched to the 913D2 from the 910D3 and couldn't be happier.
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