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Welcome, and great for ordering LSW. Hope you hang around for a while!
 When expressing an opinion on a subject in the form argument supported by facts, it's useful to discuss opposing views and alternate conclusions.  You must acknowledge the opposing view in order to explain why the offered conclusion is more plausible. Can we add "you're missing my point" to this list?  As frequently used on this forum, the phrase can mean "I disagree," "I lack the logical and reading comprehension skills to understand what you've written," or my personal...
I only play golf in synthetic polos, and would wear any or all of them for a casual day/evening away from the house. I'm such a dork. I'm kind of on a Travis Mathew kick right now. Just fits well and looks great.
How about 26 October? That's almost November, still in the cheaper price range, and would increase @Golfingdad's chances. That weekend also happens to work for me (as would 2 November but I'm out after that).
There are some pretty good watch forums on the inter webs.
Next time you fake quit try to remember to multi-quote.
You're right--TST is rigged. You should(A) Pout about it for four more pages until you're suspended.(B) Quit and find a new forum.(C) Quit beating the horse and find something new and interesting to talk about in this event. It'll be tough--this tourney is a real snoozer.
Count me in the group that loves Stenson. He just seems so focused, but not in a dick way. In a "I'm going to crush you" way.
Btw these are all great things. I don't use drugs, and I wouldn't if they were legal. I would be among the group that would find them unacceptable and would not associate with those that do.Well, maybe not MJ. MJ is harmless (IMO).But I think criminalizing drugs is counterproductive and a waste of resources.
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