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 Managed a full 36 at Primm; Desert course in the AM and a replay on the Lakes course starting at noon.  The afternoon round only took 2:40, otherwise I might not have made it. The courses were in pretty good condition considering they're in the middle of the Mojave Desert in July and I only paid $60 for 36 holes on two different courses!!  The fairways and greens were lush and green.  The rough was thick in places.  Only complaint about the conditions was that they have...
 They're not there to watch golf.  They're there to share the outdoors, golf course views, time, and maybe a few drinks with the person they love. My wife doesn't play golf.  She owns a set of clubs, but I can count every swing she's made with them since we got married.  She has accompanied me on the course a dozen or so times.  About half of those times occurred when we were on vacation in some beautiful location.  I wanted to play golf, but we wanted to be together, so...
Wasn't NE the first rag to publish the Rachel Urchitel story?
I see what you did there.
Yup.They talked about this on Mike&Mike this am. Their "legal expert" said that an individual placing a bet isn't a federal crime (though it would be a state crime). Phyllis's only legal trouble (with the Feds) would come if he conspired to commit money laundering. Since they've completed the investigation and released an indictment, my guess is that the investigation didn't reveal any intent to launder on Phil's part.I'd be surprised if he gets his $3M back though.
I'm playing 36 at Primm Valley tomorrow. It's going to be hot. If I don't post again, it's been nice knowing all of you!!
This outing happened last year, but we'll be sure to let you in on the next one. Sorry../@carrx
I must have been watching the wrong event. I missed the event where Jason Day was held up by his caddy while he swung and carried between holes. Who won the Open you watched?
Quintero at 6:39 for $39. Stoked--I've heard great things about the course.
Horse$hit. He knows puppy would miss the cut in his next ten events anyway. The ACL surgery is a cover-up for crappy play and gives him an excuse to WD.
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