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I'm good 2 Nov. Otherwise I'm out.
Cool list an and cool article--thanks for posting. Seems like the TM guys are doing more for club tech than anyone else. Additionally I'd argue that some of the clothing designers (Trav Mathew for designs and Under Armour for innovative fabrics) are doing more for the look of golf than Fowler.
Came back to this thread with 20 new comments hoping to see some good Shark-bashing...but just more pointless tax policy debate.
The PI call against TCU that set up the final FG was BS. There was significantly worse contact that wasn't called on TCU's previous drives. And the fact that a penalty effectively decided the game pisses me off.But yes, agree they could have burned more clock. We were wondering the same thing.
I've seen combo sets like that in golf shops. Could be a great setup with the longer irons being high launch, forgiving SGI clubs and the shorter irons being more traditional players cavity. I play the AP2 and they're the best irons I've ever owned. Only concern would be possible odd distance gap between the 6 and 7 irons. The AP1s have strong lofts so there will only be a 2-deg loft gap between your 6 & 7 irons. The AP1 is designed to launch higher so it may cancel out...
From the lighting I can't tell if that's a 116610 (ceramic sub) or a 16610LV. I prefer the classic sub but either way nice watch!
Here's my collection. I've owned half a dozen different ones over the last 8 years or so but these are the ones I can't get rid of.
http://ncpga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/ncpga14/event/ncpga1429/contest/1/leaderboard.htm Look who missed out on Monday qualifying for the Fry's.com by one stroke. Is it him?
 Agreed.  I was simply pointing out that if you're going to try to compare 1953 Hogan to 2013 Speith, you can certainly talk about equipment--but you should also note the differences in golf course layout.  The tee shot on the 18th at ANGC requires about 285 uphill to get to the top of the hill so you can see the green.  In 1953 it only required about 240 yards--very manageable with persimmon and balata.
New Posts  All Forums: