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 Umm, yeah.  I'm skeptical as well--that would equate to a driver SS of around 130.  Hard to discuss gapping of distances unless we're talking about actual distances.
I wouldn't expect Barney to be able to follow such complex thought patterns.   So I guess both golfers affected my early interest in the game.  Nicklaus and the 86 Masters for obvious reasons.  Curtis won a couple US Opens in a row right when I started playing, and I had two Nike golf shirts just like the ones he wore.  I was soooo cool back then.
My first TV golf memory was the 86 Masters when I was 11 years old. Started playing the next year with my dad. I really liked Curtis Strange at the time.
So much wrong with this article.  Ball compresses and rolls up the club face on the low spinner?  Lob comes out with similar ball speed despite faster swing because the club transfers energy to the ground??  Umm, no.  On both shots, the ball should be struck first (or in the case of the lob, the ball should lie at the exact low point of the swing arc).  The lob has less ball speed because it is hit with a more glancing blow, so less energy is transferred to the ball.  
It's cool to think about golf history in America.  Golf is probably one of the only areas of history where Americans can really compete; we are a very young nation, but we've had golf since the beginning.   I lived in Savannah, GA for 3-1/2 years from 2006-2009, the entire time in Savannah's historic district.  Started out in the garden level of an 1840s townhouse, then moved into a federal-style home a block from the river that was built in 1790.  It was amazing to be...
   Exactly.  The eggs are all about knowing where your safe zones are with each club.  Penalty zones are to be avoided at all costs, and include bunkers, trees, hazards, OB, etc.  That doesn't always mean taking less club, though.  Sometimes it means aiming for the rough on the other side.
I think everyone more or less agrees that improving your swing mechanics will produce more distance, better accuracy, and more consistency.  All of those are very helpful for maximizing your scoring potential.   What's tripping people up (I think) is whether to favor accuracy over distance on any particular shot.  This is I the most important revelation of the recent study of golf shot statistics, and the key point of LSW.  Fairways hit are an extremely overrated...
It's not academic. It's about club selection off the tee. Those in the "accuracy camp" are probably not hitting driver as often as they should to maximize scoring potential. Fairways hit is an overrated stat. You should hit driver unless your shot dispersion oval gives you a good chance of hitting into a penalty zone. That's it.
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