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Utterly fantastic time. And that's considering that I barely broke 90 and suffered impenetrable traffic on 15 north on the way home. 12 hour day in total for one terrible round of golf, but hanging with the SoCal crew was worth it 100 times over.
Has anyone seen my golf swing?
It's going to be a little cold to play shirts v skins. Besides, Barney won't pass up an opportunity to wear the family sweater.
I'm sure you guys will dominate...The Denny's Grand Slam menu before arriving at the course.
It's going to be 60 at 0800 when we hit the range. Thursday was our last full day at the resort in Phoenix, and it was too chilly in the afternoon to spend much time in the pool. That's right: Memorial Day weekend in Phoenix and it's too chilly to swim. Back home in the Mojave yesterday I had to wear a jacket while grilling burgers.WTF is up with this weather??
Not sure I've ever used greenskeeper but check it out. And thanks for the swag. Now I'm going to feel really bad about dominating your team.
Not sure if this affects the estimate but my ball speed was 296 mph average but the spin was like 10,276 rpm so the total distance was only 14 yds because they all spun back so much.
My HCP would have to be established off of the 25 balls I hit in a booth today at Golfsmith. But seriously, they all carried 272-276 and within 3 yards of center. I was testing a new 20-deg hybrid. I didn't buy it because I was trying to fill a 266-271 yd gap.
You could have just PMed @Golfingdad this rather than call him out publicly.
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