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Diving into this incredibly stupid thread for the first time. I've been a member at a club before, and long for the day when I can again. I currently can't because being an Army officer I move every two years. Private clubs are great because they are clubs. They're your home course. You know everyone there. You know the pro, bartender, and the bag room guys. You can get a tee time on the weekends. You can walk on whenever you want. You know the course. I wouldn't join a...
See my post just above yours. It was miserable. We were in a tent between the 18th tee and landing area; guys were hitting hybrids into the green (which is usually a 7-iron). Wind was up, rain was sideways. I don't know how the guys were making contact at all.
Well I'm here right now and it's freezing and I'm soaked.
 Ricky, it's possible that your criteria are a little off. @iacas owns and administers a golf forum, tweets about golf, teaches others to play the game both as a profession and in his free time, produces DVDs about how to play the game, and wrote a book about golf.  He also watches golf, follows the Tours, attends professional events, and stays current on teaching teaching techniques and playing styles of professional golfers.  He further attends equipment shows and stays...
//sarcasm// Two consecutive majors that no one will watch or attend!??! How will golf survive? Just saw that Arnie listed his interest in TGC on the sales forum at WRX, since it's essentially valueless now.Guess now we'll see who the real golf fans are. //sarcasm//
There is a hooters about a block from magnolia lane.
Lol. How about chic-fil-a?
Saw the back of one of his irons a minute ago and it didn't look like the new 714s, but it wasn't a great look.Bubba is a moron for trying that shot on 15. A highly skilled, lucky, balls of titanium moron.
Jordan is playing all old clubs. His driver is a 910, and his AP2s might be 710s.
Can't believe the masters hasn't banned feherty yet. "That's greasy."
New Posts  All Forums: