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Not really relevant, but the Texans who fought for Texas were just as "Texan" as the Continental Army was "American". Texas sought admission into the Union immediately upon Independence (and would have gotten it sooner but for the slavery question), but they fought alone.
I don't recall David Cameron kissing every Scot's arse on his way back to London. Wasn't that one of the conditions?Agreed that in international relations, the status quo is always preferable so long as human rights are in tact. The UK has been a Great Power for over 500 years, so it shouldn't be broken up lightly. And btw Scots make up some of the best UK Soldiers, and we're a little light on true allies at the moment.
Interesting thread. I put my clubs in the bag. Generally in the same place, but I don't worry about it too much. They're always there in the bag when I need one, and they have numbers on them so I can tell them apart. Cool bag though.
That's a cool putter! (But can you putt with it...?)
 Disagree, at least WRT Rory's performance in the playoffs.  He's been in contention in the last two events.  Four putts, three putts, missed opportunities to take control--not what I'm looking for in the next coming of the GOAT.  If he fails to close today, tied for the lead and playing in the final group with the cup on the line, then I'll be very disappointed.  That's just me. And the Tour Championship should be drawing more discussion than the Dutch Masters, is all I...
 Speed is far more important than line on >90% of putts. You're going to miss the vast majority of putts outside of 5 feet.  It doesn't matter how good you are, it's simply a fact based on the statistics of everyone who has ever putted a golf ball.  So, lets start with the assumption that in the vast majority of situations, you're going to have a second putt.  The longer that second putt is, the less likely you are to make it. With that in mind, how long do you want that...
Rory has to win this...otherwise being Rory isn't what it's cracked up to be. Speaking of Rory not being Tiger, I find it interesting that this thread--the Tour Championship--has about a third the number of posts as the thread about some event Joost Luiten is playing in.
With all of the idiot talk, I assume y'all mean that 43 and 44 aim at the flag?
I've been on the course when Pres. Obama was playing--at Marine Corps Base-Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay. I was playing up the 16th when he teed off on the first. Came surprisingly close to his entourage as the 16th green is only a hundred yards or so from the first tee. We had no idea he was coming out that day when we teed off, and the entire front nine was open ahead of him. Driving home from the course that morning was a huge PITA as most of the roads were blocked. Lesson: no...
Wasn't it Winged Foot that famously denied Bill Clinton membership when Mrs. Clinton moved to NY to set up her senate run? Their stated reason was that having a former POTUS would create a ton of hassle for the members. Seems like a rational decision to me. Trump on the other hand, promising Mr. Obama a free membership to any of his clubs if he resigns the presidency, is ridiculous as always. This thread has potential to go sideways, gents. Please let's keep it civil and...
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