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 Since your watch has been watching all of that sex, it might have picked up a couple of tips you can use to get your cell phone turned on.
@newtogolf and @Golfingdad, Tin Cup, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and Bagger Vance are three of my favorite movies! Always worth a watch when there's nothing good on (which is most of the time these days).
Ha! Wifey asked what I want for Christmas this year. I told her I want to go play Pasatiempo in Monterrey with my buddy Darren. She asked "so you want to take a family trip to Monterrey?"Umm, no. (She's not a golfer.)
I think Erik would agree Tiger wasn't a role model. Calling Tiger a cheater might stir the pot a little. I think GD should voluntarily retire his handle at 9,999 posts...and come back as a female member.
 I have never really thought about this, but it's true. Shot a 73 yesterday at Apple Valley GC (Par 71/72.3/123/6805).  I hit 9 greens but managed 16 pars and only two bogeys (no birdies--argh).  I drove the ball well all day, with two "bombs" down the fairway and two drives out of position that required me to hit a recovery shot.   I got up-and-down 8/9 times (one of the bogeys was a 3-putt).  Of those 9 attempts to get up-and-down, 7 were from within three steps of the...
Maybe another thread about whether In-and-Out is better than Whataburger. Or start a fake profile called Patrick69 and talk about the benefits of the Happy Gilmore swing. We need to think outside the box here. (Btw that was an intentional use of dumb cliche, also calculated to goad @GD. Btw Fresno State sucks and Vijay is the GOAT.
And Tom has taken the lessons from his own life and saved the lives of others. This is irrelevant BS. His record as a Ryder Cup Captain is 1-0. His record as a player is 10-4. He's one of the dozen best players of all time. He's competed against the best in the world from before Tiger's birth until after his decline.Tom knows golf.
That's true for just about all of the US players who played in 3 or more cups from 2006-2012
Hangovers are a good indicator that the previous night was fun. But I don't remember what I did to get the hangover, so I can't really say I miss that.
I love my kids. The love is indescribable. You only understand it when you've felt it. However... I miss golf, cabo, football season, disposable cash, sleep, hangovers, sex, watching things other than PBS Kids....
New Posts  All Forums: