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Whaddaya think I meant by "something interesting with the stuffing?"
Not much of a decision. I can't go for that green from more than 240, so anything short of driver off the tee is a guaranteed layup. Laying up from the bunker is no worse than laying up from the fairway. So it's driver off the tee. If I hit the bunker it's a layup. If I carry the bunker or miss it right (which would be the intended shot) then I'm hitting 5i to 2h into the green.
Agreed which is why I decided to smoke the bird this year. At least I can have some fun cooking, even if the finished meal is just whatever.My wife insists on the traditional boring meal: mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc. I asked her if I could try something interesting with the stuffing, but she said no. She's making the stuffing. Meh.
No. Bama has to beat Aub or Miss St has to lose to Ole Miss.
My buddy left a weber bullet smoker at my house. I've never used one, but I'm pretty handy in the kitchen and on the grill. Gonna smoke the turkey on Thursday. Any tips from smoker pros out there?
Huge game for the SEC. I know the entire SEC West will be rooting for Mizz, because they'd rather not play UGA in ATL. Nuclear scenario for CFP final four is an SEC East victory in Atl.
I've played Princeton, UVA, and UGA. Birdwood (UVA) is just an okay course IMO. The UGA course is both beautiful and a great course. I'll agree that these "rankings" are somewhat arbitrary.
Yeah, I figured that out when I realized those photos came from an advance catalogue for retailers. I guess I'll just have to wait for Ryan Moore to win the Masters...
 Isn't that what you're suggesting is (unfairly) punishing the SEC West?  They've got a super hard schedule, so if they don't win 11 games due to their super hard schedule, then other, lesser teams will take their spot in the SEC Championship game or the CFB Playoff?
 What's interesting is that the top-4 might have the exact same schools if Bama beats Miss St. and all current top-5 teams win out all of their other games.   Aside from the Iron Bowl, the only test any of the above schools have remaining is the Bama-Miss St. game.  Bama appears to be peaking and could very well win out, which probably leaves TCU out. I guess it's also possible that Miss St. could lose to Bama and Ole Miss, and Bama could drop to AUB, in which case maybe...
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