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Do you remember who was the 2nd dude to run a 4-minute mile?(Not saying I agree with that logic in this case, but in "greatness" comparisons the tie seems to always go to the one who achieved it first.)
So it is. I just saw "skiing". Duh.
Moving the ball left to right is simply a manner of face angle relative to path at impact. Don't put the ball too far back in your stance, as that promotes a left-to-right path which makes a fade more difficult. Take more club...I only attempt this with a 5i or more because opening the face adds loft and thus nullifies the point of the punch shot. 4i or 5i, middle stance, aim left, face open. Don't swing too hard; typically over swinging results in pulling the path left,...
I think you're reading the chart wrong. Both golf and water skiing are equally douchey, but skiing is much more strenuous.Maybe we need a douchey and strenuous chart for TST thread topics. Vigorousness can be substituted for most likely to result in Internet brawling.
Your definition might be somewhat different from the ordinary definition.menialadjective1. lowly and sometimes degrading:menial work.
But he'd be turning his back on his country and extended family...forever. For what? Two avoid two years of military duty--something that hundreds of millions of people have done, and many volunteer to do?I'm guessing those that think military duty is the equivalent of prison or death have never worn a uniform.
I agree that Bae doesn't deserve special treatment. Military service is essential for the security and preservation of Korea. It can't really be compared to the U.S., as we don't have existential threats on our borders launching limited attacks on a regular basis. I also doubt he'll be given a menial job. I'm sure he'll be on the public relations circuit, just as many high-profile US athletes and celebs were in WWII and Vietnam. That is, unless he's pissed off the senior...
Kind of fugly.
You're comparing the defense of Jordan Speith to those who defended Lance Armstrong to the bitter end. Your analogy is way off.
WTF had Jordan Speith done wrong? Respect his parents? Did I miss something? Has he been cheating this entire season and duping everyone into thinking his wins were legit??
New Posts  All Forums: