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We are lucky to have your sage counsel. Please jump into some of the politics threads as well--we need the answers!!
 But what would the point be in that?  I think the primary argument against changing the name is waste of time, distraction, and obfuscation from real issues; it will still be those things when the next President takes office.   That's my primary argument, anyway.  There's no point in changing the name of the mountain when it's on fire.
This thread has taken a significant turn for the better.
Kanye West clasping his hands and thinking, "so you're saying there's a chance..."
 Would not surprise me at all if Bubba has a publicist.  He's a train wreck, and his brand would benefit from someone controlling what comes out of his mouth.  If he does have a PR person, it seems totally normal that they would persuade Bubba to do something about the General Lee when the Confederate flag controversy exploded.  The Dukes was a fantastic show.  I've blocked out much of my childhood, but I vividly remember evenings watching the Dukes and Airwolf (or was it...
How so?  He's not going to start executing congressmen or Generals who defy his wishes.  He probably would ignore separation of powers roadblocks in order to get things done. And really, so what?  My biggest gripe about our government lately is that it's so ineffective.  It took three shutdown crises to get us to sequestration, which was supposed to be a short-term fix to buy space for a negotiated budget solution.  Guess what?  It's still in effect four years later.  The...
I've never heard of Aeroburner Pro, but it's not their tour ball.The conversation was pretty much constrained to the TM tour ball line: Penta, Lethal, and their successors. I would say that was obvious, but that would be kinda snarky--and it may have been obvious only to me.Your response did not spare the snark, though.
This is me exactly. I don't care if the president is a nice guy. Anyone who has held a leadership position in a large organization, or any organization going through crisis, knows one thing: your job is to lead, not be liked.
Can't believe I'm about to comment on this thread, but here goes. I'm a disillusioned social progressive moderate. Label me what you will, but I think my core beliefs are pretty mainstream. I tend to identify with moderate aspects of both parties. That said, Trump speaks to me in a couple of ways. For one, I'm absolutely sick of DC's complete political ineffectiveness. Obama isn't a bad president, nor was Bush. However neither have solved the major social issues. Due to...
I was a huuuuge DL3 fan before Tiger came along. When he won the 2003 Players with a 64 in the rainy, windy final round playing with Fred Couples remains one of my favorite golf moments. I'm personally totally stoked he won. Ive been in the desert all weekend and am bummed I missed it.
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