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I'm fairly certain if Duff initiated this, or his conduct prompted it, Amanda would be getting more than $2.5M.
I'm sure that's just stock language in the divorce statute that lawyers cite as grounds when traditional common law grounds (abuse, neglect, fraud, imprisonmemt, infidelity) don't apply.
Here she is enjoying her first sunrise in the Mojave Desert.
I'm not a fan of overly big watches either, which is one reason why I'm such a huge Rolex fan. Particularly the pre-2006 40mm professional line with 5-digit reference numbers. The 6-digit models with fat lugs look too blocky to me, and the the new 42mm models are bigger just for the sake of being bigger. The primary reason I just flipped by 16610 and 16570 was because I loved the look of the Sub but preferred the thinner, lighter, and more comfortable Exp-II. The 16710...
WTH is a Rolie? Sounds like a designer drug that club kids use.
I think it could be a lot of clubs.   At least two drivers, set up to hit high/low or draw/fade. A deep faced FW designed to hit off of the tee. 2-3 FW woods. 2-3 hybrids. 10 irons at 3-degree gaps, from 21* (3i) to 48* (PW). 4 wedges (also at 3* gaps, from 51* to 60*). 1-2 opposite hand clubs. Putter.   That's 25-28 clubs.  I could easily see that increasing (a lot) if the player favored a different setup for high/low launch, or draw/fade, or wanted to carry...
  Here's my latest purchase!!  New watches are waaaay more fun than new golf clubs.
No one buys a $6k+ watch because it's practical or strictly for functionality. That would be like thinking custom made lizard golf shoes will make you play better. We buy them because we appreciate the craftsmanship and horological history.I have sold four Rolex watches, each one for more than what I paid for it. From that perspective they're not exactly a waste of money they way an expensive automobile is.I've got a new Rolex inbound. Will post pics when I get it.
Which is why membership at ANGC is relatively inexpensive, if you believe books written about the club.
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