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Gonna be in San Diego this weekend, but sadly not playing golf. Gonna be a Sea World and SD Zoo weekend, with a little IPA and seafood thrown in for good measure. Maybe I'll sneak the clubs into the car. The wife won't notice one more bag, right? Any SD courses I can get around before 1000 am on a weekend?
Yeah, but so is golf!!!
So what's the deal guys? We gonna do this on Sat or Sun? Are there really only four of us playing???!?
There is a toooon of great golf in Houston, including daily fee courses that offer memberships. It's so big you can't even have the conversation until you know where you're going to live.
If you're only 80% male, what is the other 20%??
I'm in Saturday as well. Will anyone be staying sat night (I will either way). Anyone know of a good place to stay with deals? Btw @Golfingdad this brings you back in. You're taking 3 months off from golf starting November. Go out with a bang!
I'm good 2 Nov. Otherwise I'm out.
Cool list an and cool article--thanks for posting. Seems like the TM guys are doing more for club tech than anyone else. Additionally I'd argue that some of the clothing designers (Trav Mathew for designs and Under Armour for innovative fabrics) are doing more for the look of golf than Fowler.
Came back to this thread with 20 new comments hoping to see some good Shark-bashing...but just more pointless tax policy debate.
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