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If you're working in Arlington, you may want to consider something between Dallas and FW and south of 183. Check out Iron Horse GC and Waterchase--both have homes with large plots that are not too stacked. Also there are places between 20 and 30 in Arlington where you can get a home on 1-2 acres and have a very secluded feel in the middle of the plex (though you may be sending your kids to private schools). Btw I like Trophy Club but probably wouldn't join there. It's...
This is already law for most suits that an average citizen might find himself involved in.
 It wasn't that nobody was paying attention.  We knew they were a threat, but didn't believe they'd actually attack the US.  We saw the indicators but refused to believe it was serious.  Very similar to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Suffice it to say, we now take the intel seriously and vigilantly pursue domestic threats.  
The difference is that we now know to take the intelligence seriously and respond to specific threats.  And I haven't forgotten anything.  I've spent a day or two in the Sunni Triangle--have you?  I was there the last time we defeated ISI, were you?
I think the ISIS comparison is OT, but you brought it up.  I'll comment on it only because I think it exposes your anti-admin bias and colors your view of the Ebola issue. Essentially, you're advocating that we spend hundreds of billions of dollars; kill 20-30k people; and allow another 3-5k American Soldiers, contractors, and other field support personnel to die.  And for this price we may or may not marginally reduce the chance that a few hundred to a few thousand...
I think this kinda makes @Golfingdad's point. ISIS has yet to directly threaten anyone outside of Iraq and Syria. Reporters, diplomats, Soldiers, etc going to the region understand and assume the risk. That's not to say ISIS isn't a problem, just not a direct threat to folks shopping in Kansas City.That's GD's point. Ebola is a huge threat to hospital workers treating Ebola patients. It remains to be seen whether a general panic is in order.
@Ernest Jones cooks something like this wrapped in bacon. He's posted it before, maybe in this thread. Not sure if he smokes his fatty or roasts it.
As for the booze enema...the large intestine absorbs alcohol very quickly into the bloodstream.  I'm aware of a case from Texas in 2005 of a man who was a long-time alcoholic.  He had throat cancer and could not drink anymore.  He was near death anyway, and his wife wanted to alleviate his suffering...so she bought an enema kit from a drugstore and a bottle of cooking sherry (no need to waste the good stuff up your bum, right?).  She poured a liter of sherry up his bum and...
Gonna be in San Diego this weekend, but sadly not playing golf. Gonna be a Sea World and SD Zoo weekend, with a little IPA and seafood thrown in for good measure. Maybe I'll sneak the clubs into the car. The wife won't notice one more bag, right? Any SD courses I can get around before 1000 am on a weekend?
Yeah, but so is golf!!!
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