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One of my favorite courses, The Experience at Koele on Lanai, finishes on one of my favorite 3-pars. Its a 7-9i shot that must hit the green, which is narrow, terraced, and protected by water and bunkers. I don't like finishing on a humdrum 3-par (see Klipper Course at Marine Base Kaneohe Bay, which is otherwise a fantastic course), but a great 3-par can provide real drama for a finish.
Don't know if it's legal, but I can't imagine you get too many folks that want to play with you a second time if you're doing that 20 times per round.
Yes irons should be 4-PW, and add a 56-deg SW. I'd bet the 64-deg was a special add for the small, quick greens at Harbour Town but that's just a wild guess.
I'm sure this has contributed greatly to his longevity.
Wtf. Had no idea about the early start. Just turned on the noon broadcast start time and opened this thread. Bugger!!
Speith will probably need a 63 tomorrow to have a chance. Anyone think he can do it?
How about something you can hit well? Nothing more classic than two-putting for birdie.
So did tiger. 17 times. In the PGA Championship. Which, incidentally, has the strongest field of the year measured by cumulative OWGR points. So there.(Btw this post is totally sarcastic, even though 100% factually true.)
I like how you say "These are the facts" and then just make a bunch of shit up.
 I was unaware this information had been revealed either.  You know these girls and what they were thinking? The smoking gun!!  Man, that Duf is a FREAK!!    Thanks for recounting all of these facts for us!!  I mean, they seem unbelievable, but I'm sure you have your "published sources."  We can trust you, right?
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