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@mvmac I love the look of the new classix white on black.  Any indication at the PGA Show when they'll release the 2015 line?
It's an insignificant rule that no one cares about. However, Brady was confronted about it and lied (probably). Not only did he lie, he's going to let some kid take the fall.It's one of those cases (for me at least) where the cover up is far worse than the crime.
Drew the issue is still Tom Brady's knowledge and consent. It strains credulity to think a kid from the equipment room would alter the balls without the HoF franchise QB knowing about it.
Pats have found a Patsy. This was the only way this could end.
You are probably right that everyone has a limit to how much speed they can generate in their swing. You can increase speed with mechanics, but there comes a point where were limited by athleticism.Distance is more than just speed. Smash factor, launch angle, spin, etc all play into the overall distance as well. Setup, mechanics, and equipment all play a role.So, you hit it perfectly every time. You've tuned your gear and are generating speed to your physiological limits....
Don't think it's really relevant at all.  Ben Crenshaw is 64.  Miguel Angel Jiminez is 51.  I'm fairly certain you'll find a strong correlation between age and performance (driving distance, GIR, and scoring) on the Champions Tour.  None of that really has much relevance to the distance vs. accuracy debate for amateurs. The most you can conclude from this is that if Ben Crenshaw could hit it 50 yards farther off the tee he'd be more competitive on the Champions Tour, which...
 I told y'all my version was probably pretty close to what happened!   One thing I learned doing criminal trial work in Hawaii is that you couldn't make up some of the stuff that actually ends up in police reports.  For some reason people do bizarre stuff there. Allenby's story is definitely bizarre.
If Hogan hadn't rinsed a sleeve of balls on the last two holes at the 1960 Open then maybe he'd have a shot at the discussion.
None of the explanations account for why he reported a crime and made up a bizarre story rather than just hide for two weeks. Everything about this is strange. Things are not what they seem.
Yes. Rory is competing against the generation Tiger created, including an explosion in Asian players.
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