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Haven't been to Napa in years (long ago discovered I prefer the more laid back atmosphere of RRV) but Merryvale was one of my favorites. They have a giant "cask room" where you could reserve guided tastings and their wines were fantastic.
And a purple jumper?
I hear the owner is pretty cool to hang with too.
You should be able to get to Maui direct as well.Oh yeah, and can you be my dad too? Sounds like an awesome time.
Definitely play Abacoa--it's fantastic.  One of my college buddies lives on the course; I went to visit him last year over Memorial Day and we played it twice.   I've only been to the area once, but it seemed to me like a golfer's paradise.  My buddy was telling me that the entire county essentially empties after Memorial Day and between June and September you can play pretty much any course you want (except for the super-exclusive ones like Seminole, etc.)   Driving...
My normal 4i distance is 210, so I picked 200-220.  Off a tee I can hit it about 230-235 in neutral conditions, but 280 is just stupid.
 BTW I edited my post to make it sound less snarky.  Snarkyness wasn't my intent.
 Increased musculature, deterioration of bone/joint, and hair loss all could result from steroid use. As in I could find dozens of experts that would testify to exactly that. Which is why I said this:  Of course they could also be the natural result of aging 15 years and working the crap out of your body while playing/working through numerous injuries.  If I were cross-examining the above-mentioned expert, he would undoubtedly agree that it would be unusual for someone to...
@9iron I'm a trial lawyer and I'll buy your logic. There is direct evidence that Galea provided PEDs to athletes, that Tiger received treatment from him, and that Tiger has physical signs that could be related to steroid use. From an evidentiary and logical perspective, your argument is sound and the judge will let the jury hear it. Problem is that the jury thinks it's weak and biased. If you want to win you need to find new facts or a new argument.
Just used über for the first time this last weekend in Santa Barbara. OMG what a brilliant experience and business model. There are very few cyber-ized businesses that I feel provide superior service and experience to the old ways, but uber is definitely one. Scheduling a pickup, monitoring the progress of your pickup, payment, and the driver/customer rating system are all genius.
New Posts  All Forums: