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What do you want?  To look good or score well?  IMO, from my experience in golf, nobody gives a damn what kind of stick you use to accomplish your goal. 
Michael Phelps, the undisputed King of Swim for many years, retired after the London Olympics, 2012 and took up golf.  "Loving golf, made 150 foot putt today".  And by marching around the golf buffet tables he took on 25 lbs of body weight. Now he's sick of fat and can't shoot par so is working out with an eye towards the next Olys, in Rio, 2016. He will need to work damn hard so succeed, IMO. But, working hard to regain self-respect is worth doing well and i wish him the...
Easy.  Moldy spinach in the plastic bag been in the refrig 3 weeks.  That's bad greens. 
You are so right, boogielicious.  We like what we know and know what we like.  Any reasonable person would also say that the earlier in life we learn to like something, like taste, the more strongly this opinion is held.  When i was boy in a house with 5 younger sibs my granny told me to suck on the rubber nipple, to get it wet, then dunk it into the sugar bowl, then stick that into my bro/sisters mouth. Do we all 7 sibs like sweet foods now?  Certainly.  Yet my current...
I watched the 18th hole sand shot of Kooch's from recent tourney and i would say that as he finished he was falling away from the target, and onto his back foot.  My experience is that such action is like a flop shot and gives maximum ball elevation. Would anyone say that this falling back is a good idea, generally? 
Regarding the wine, you may consider this    http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/jun/23/wine-tasting-junk-science-analysis   and then we can talk again. 
Steamy Kuala Lumpur watched through the thunder storms as Lee Westwood walks home by 7 strokes. WTG Lee.  Lee says he has had a new coach for a month and is seeing good results.    more here      http://www.europeantour.com/
Thailand has some world class golfers, many golf courses and resorts, and plenty of players. However, in the Thai Kingdom the standard of English is not so good.  I read this post on a Thai golf forum and had a good laugh.  I have made no changes to the original text. The author is known as 'Item2'.      Mechanical stand Standing in the way known as the golf stance . Stance used depend on a stick . Starting with a narrow foot distance and somewhat open to stick the...
Seems to me that there is only one important thing in putting.  Did the ball reach the target? From 3, 6. 10 feet i would say the target must be the hole.  From 45 feet out, the target may be within a foot of the hole.  How you personally can do that is your business.  Beyond the rules relating to type of club or stance you are free to do as you like  Yes, some players look only at the hole, others look only at the ball. And as you say, some go eyes closed.  
I read that article in the Atlantic but had to Google 'Rafa'.  I supposed him to be someone like 'Pele' who struck the round football with his foot but 'prpbably' no.  Most likely it's Rafael Nadal and if he could ever compare, in any universe, to 'Wilt', or Tiger, well that universe is not here yet. Yeah, big suspense watching a golf ball fly through the air and wondering where it will land  so i doubt golf as a spectator  activity will ever reach NFL levels. Tiger...
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