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Gee, Ferguson, that info on Colt Knost is pretty specific. Is Colt telling us his penis is sore, or what?  Or do you have some special knowledge of ailments which cause bad golf ?
Could i move my ball marker, on the green, without the request of the nearby competitor, who may or may not care? 
As ugly  unique as your mark is, OP, i've certainly seen worse ball ID sketchings.  Don't forget, player always (??) permitted to mark ball, pick up and look.  No cleaning though.    I too get Sharpie marks on my club face, but don't use a Sharpie.  I use only a purple Identi-Pen marking pen by Sakura.  Comes in many colors, has fine/med point. The spot of color on the club is easily removed (brass brush) but not so easily taken off the ball.    The Cubs. Now the new...
@billchao. Re post #4 and Tiger 'rotating ' the putter head.  I looked at this video of Tiger putting on the practice green and could no evidence of such rotation.       So, could you offer more explanation or justification that Tiger does not offer the putter face square to the ball?  Perhaps you mean he, and many others. moves the putter head on an arc during the backswing, which of course increases on longer putts.  But 'rotation' as if he is placing some 'english'...
@dfreuter415. What do you mean 'change out balls on my approach shot'?  Ah, maybe you lost the first ball into the canyon, and now must play another ball.  Or, ...? 
Guitar pix?  Good until it blows away in the wind.  Small wonder that the cheapo golf markers have pegs to prevent that very thing. WIll the wind lift a dime?  Hardly. 
Where did you read that, SavvySwede?  Certainly can place feet in water/sand hazard and play ball not in hazard.  Sounds like you are saying 'cannot have any part of body, when playing shot, not in-bounds'.  Is that correct?     Can my hands extend away from in-bounds body into OB country and me be legal?  If not, then OB extends upwards, not only on ground.  What about the club itself extending into OB, then back again into in-bounds? 
New forged Titleist irons (VG3 )for me, so of course i'm concerned.  But only during transit as i'm sometimes on crummy buses, even motorbikes.  I made covers, from old towels which look like big socks with attached tying lines.  Accommodate 3 or 4 irons and tie tight.  Once at the course, off they come and into the bag till game over.  My other issue is that with my 'sunday' bag, just a practice bag with a kinda flimsy top covering, the irons press hard and have known to...
Fowler's cool, young, colorful, got some kind of game, pulls for PUMA and, importantly, has hair.  Green would look good with the orange.  
Hmm.  Not one digital, that i have seen.  Nor one smartphone shown.  That's the time of tomorrow, so i'm told. 
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