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'Your current equipment'?  Does that include your body?    Only a small joke, but at your HC of 20, IMO, the technique employed and skill possessed by user will determine about 90% of ball flight. A bent shaft or big cut on ball may account for balance.  
@fore.  R u carrying your own clubs, will rent at each course or travel with one rented set, or other option?   I too considering same kind of trip but the clubs seems a  huge burden and expense.  My route:  Bangkok, Ireland, USA, Bangkok.
OK guys, i'm pretty ignorant of shanks so can't figure out why/how Poulter did it.  What in that swing caused that result?   OTT, too active hands, etc  ??
See here:  https://www.google.co.th/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1024&bih=562&q=cara+robinson+golf&oq=cara+rob&gs_l=img.1.1.0l10.1115.3514.0.7896.   I've watched her on the Euro tour shows.  Thumbs up.  
Had to google Zepp.  Now Edsland, it's your task to inform all here how that video golf app is working for you.     Looks like a long wait before you get back to the course, given the weather conditions for northern  Illinois.
Seems unlikely that the putter is causing blisters on your hands.  Most probably the club (s) which have the greatest speed and tend to fly out of your hand is the one to examine first.    Many golfers get bloody hands.  And often the blisters came before the blood. 
The worst part of putting is all the time available, to think about so much.     I made a good improvement last week and it's  a grand feeling to change the course of the round after 13 holes.  Until then putting very lousy, missing left and right.  I'm forever moping around searching to a smoother, cleaner stroke and sometimes within that search i find a few hours of success.  But last week i consciously went back to step one and went down a mental list of yes/no.  Once...
did not listen to blab, but kind of bullet would make a difference.  big expanding, mushroom upon impact, won't go as far as solid and dense bullet.  IMO.  i did guess but 2 off the mark.
I do not clutter up my few remaining brain cells with yesterday's rubbish.  A few good shots i do permit to remain in my brain,  until tomorrow. 
Welcome dude.  Enjoy the game.  
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