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Oops.  Genitalia not *****.
Have read that the FBI is on the scene searching for the 'criminals'.  God a'mighty.  The world is crumbling as we speak the the FBI is worried about some milk bags and shaved *****.  HARD to believe. 
Don't have an oven so i just squeeze the store-bought refrigerated cookie dough directly (into my oral cavity).!  I prefer  the ones with oats and raisins.  Healthier.  Truthfully i have mostly quit refined white flour and sugar as they tend to gum up my teeth.  Unpleasant.  Not quite so bad when soaked in milk.     When a boy probably ate, during 15 years, 50 kilos of chocolate chip cookie dough, made by Mum. Just loved it.  Then nasty USDA told mum that raw eggs not...
Whoa.  That's awesome.  SS of 92 gets you 234 yards?  Y not me 2?  That's carry or full run out on the Texas range in mid-August.?  
Utley changed the avatar? 
If proven that hitting up on driver is 'better' (longer, less spin) why would anyone purposely hit down on the ball, as some male pros do?  Does hitting down give more control, or lower ball  flight?   Or what? I know that maybe some pros learned to hit down and change is not easy so they continue.  Is it like a bad habit? Wanna quit but can't. 
Otto wins Italian Open.  Howell 2 nd and Gallacher alone in 3rd place. 
Here's his Wikipedia page.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hennie_Otto                  Where is the page with your name? 
Yeah, I've gotta a big gap too but on the other end.  Cant' find any club to go more than 220 yards, which is leaving me at least 80 yards short. . 
With the Alps in the background the 71st Italian Open is entering the final day. Gotta wonder if they played during WWII with Benito Mussollini shooting numerous HIO on opening day. You know how dictators are!   But this year it's Hennie Otto.  Yes, Otto of South Africa going low, 62 on Friday to grab lead at -16. He's only a few months off back surgery and looked a bit weary Saturday. .  He remains 2 ahead of RRamsey and 3 above BWiesberger.  Others follow.  The TV guys...
New Posts  All Forums: