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@Lihu.  A bit out of range of my interests, but what kind of plastics will we find in a cavity iron and where are these plastics hiding?  Who makes iron heads with plastics inside?  I hope you are not referring to those tiny plastic badges or painted words we see on the surface of some irons.  I have seen irons with small rubber bits glued on the back surface but the effect of those must be very marginal. 
Paddy shoots par, wins by 2. After 4 dry years Irishman accepts trophy at Indonesia Open.
Is this the oldest TST thread?  Regardless, JDaly did win the tourney but somehow Crim missed reporting the news of JDaly's ENGAGEMENT TO GET MARRIED to the Hooter's former promotions manager.     Life could be worse.  Bet he gets more invites too in 2015.
PHarrington now 4 clear of field after 3 completed rounds in Jakarta.  
Day 3; no result due to bad weather.  Round abandoned.  PHarrington remains tied at 130 with TKhrongpha. 
I've seen guys falling back after hitting the drive 230 yrds.  Damn good for a duffer, age 64. So, IMO, falling back is not the principal culprit in crappy strikes.  Sure, not falling back may improve the drive for that bloke, but at what cost?  Revamping the entire swing?     And Saevel25, the 'lead foot' would be your left foot?   Are you  keeping pressure on that foot all the time or only during the downswing?   And 'too early extension' refers to the arm extension?...
After nearly 2 rounds finished at the Indonesia Open, PHarrington, age 43,  is tied at -12 with Thai golfer half his age, Mr. Thanyakon Khrongpha. Second round delayed due to weather. They expect to finish 2nd and 3rd round today, Sat.    We will see how the Irishman can tolerate the high heat (90*F ) and humidity four days running.    http://www.asiantour.com/tournaments/394/leaderboard/?leaderboard=2
I foolishly thought the Hero Tourney was a self-description by TWoods.  What i dope i was. 
EGAT is the Energy Authority of Thailand, Mae Mo is the small town nearby, in Lampang Province, about 130 km from Chiang Mai.  A massive lignite coal mine dominates the scene and supports  the monster coal fired electrical generating  plant.  Fortunately, the wise owls have decided golf would be good for the workers or anyone.   Very cheap, only 450 baht (US$14.00), plus always must tip caddy 300 baht. Course in good shape, plenty of water, low cost labor and owned by...
Very interesting.  See you again, some day.
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