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"The more upright a person is, the less they have to contend with balance and the easier it is to perform the body movements. "    I can probably agree with the former part, but easier to perform the golf swing when upright does not seem totally correct to me. For me, much more difficult to get the hips in action when too upright. I have heard tell of the 'Rotary Swing' but know little of it.  Whatever it takes for me to get the hips firing first seems beneficial....
Found this info, a competitor golf site, on such a grip and it's (supposed )  history.      http://bombsquadgolf.com/Invision/index.php?/topic/10516-hogans-putting-grip-and-stroke/   Gotta scroll down past the BS to get to the topic. Unlike here, where the goodies are first up. 
@billm408   R u using both hands on the grip?  And using only both thumbs and both forefingers?  I've never tried gripping without using left small fingers so will give a try. 
I would have said that Justin failed to orient his shoulders to the slope.  At least, that is what i do  when faced with up/down slope.  There were no replays of that shot.  
Just watched Justin Rose 'chili-dip' a short chip.  He was on an uphill lie and buried the club 3 inches behind ball.  Ball went 3 feet. Then he took a hybrid club and rolled it on. Close too.  Commentator was embarrassed that the world's #7 golfer would do such a thing. 
You are right, Mike.  No trick pix in Ben's day.  Hard to believe Ben advocated one thing, 'butt out a bit', and then  did not use his  own  advice.     I'm on that URL as we type.  Thnx. 
I believe that you can use a standard size grip, add a few layers of tape, install grip and it will be fatter. If can be done without using air pressure installation, i do not know. 
Well, OK.  Stuff about Ben i did not know, the ghost writers, etc.  However, as per the pix,  those old style trousers, big and baggy, may effectively hide his derriere. Photoshop?    Regarding Ben's,  or anyone's,  weight distribution at address, would you say that weight on heels, toes or balls of feet is best?  For me, weight on toes does not lead to clean strikes or smooth body movements.  But i will be happy to read your thoughts. 
I thought this was over as Rory had accumulated so many points, aka $$$$, that no one could catch him. Yes, the may play golf in Dubai, but even now we know the winner. There is no competition, only a run for second place.  But i may have misread the UK papers.    Look here              http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/golf/europeantour/11234159/Rory-McIlroy-wins-Race-to-Dubai-after-Brooks-Koepka-seals-the-Turkish-Airlines-Open.html
Greg Norman, arguably the best driver of his era, long and straight, offers his advice on turning the hips  using a memory aid : RPB.  Right Pocket Back. So welcome you to check out a short video of him discussing his  pocket, and hip, movement.    
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