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Two skills that have helped me recently out of the sand are keeping the clubface always pointing to the sky,  and visualizing the ball coming out while sitting on a dollar bill.  The   dollar idea helps keep the angle flatter so not so much digging in.  
Reading in the NYT on the guys looking to make the Ryder cup team i read this about Bradley,    "Bradley, who is so superstitious that he has not unpacked the suitcase containing his dirty clothing from the 2012 Ryder Cup,"   Embarrassed that although he and i both enjoy golf.  keeping one's 2 year old dirty underwear in the suitcase smacks of exceedingly juvenile behavior but he passes for an adult possibly representing the USA.    Saddened that although he's highly...
I always ask the price before buying at a new shop or restaurant.  You were foolish and greedy. Both correctable. 
@Hardballs You type the comma with your thumb?  Odd.   And i believe that you want the words 'their ass', not  'there ass' when describing the effects of UK heat waves, if any.  Finally,  i much prefer cotton, or cotton/linen, pants (trousers) for hot weather golf.   Except for modern sun-blocking synthetic fabrics, which i do wear for the protection, i generally avoid synthetics and go cotton for shirts.  And long sleeved only.  Can wear short sleeves if also use...
You guys   know how much genuine GUCCI, or HERMES handbags, for ladies, costs?  Luxury goods find plenty of buyers but  poor folk don't spend  much time looking, only dreaming.  
I see  many lady pros popping the score card into their BACK POCKET.  Hey, we can never by sure why women do what they do, so it's a huge waste of time wondering.   BTW,  i wear a glove on each hand, for sun radiation protection, and keep a chunky steel washer  and my steel ball marker stuck to a good magnet in my front right pocket.  The big metal  thing is easy to  find  while wearing  the glove.     That said, lately i always take a caddy and she's the one on the...
So what is keeping the hackers amongst us going with 24*, 28*, 34* and 40* hybrids?  Or of any loft? Of course with appropriate length  steel shafts.   May I suggest tradition and ego.
Mike, on slopes i always try to shape my shoulders to the slope, not my hips.  But i have never thought about doing so with my hips.  I'll try it.
8 teams comprised of 7 countries and one city.  Pretty weird.  And not one of the four players on that team would ever say that they come from 'Chinese Taipei'. There ain't no such place except in the chinese communist hegemony of Asia.     The commies threaten that missiles will rain over Asia if The Republic of China (Taiwan) is recognized by anyone.  And Taiwan is simply the common name for the island, aka Formosa.  So in order to bend very low to the  commie dollar...
I was on the course the other day and my play partner mentioned 'inversion table' (IT) and i wondered the benefits. News report i just read found very little , if any, benefit of IT for low back pain.  Cautions for those with hypertension, glaucoma or heart troubles. If you are unfamiliar with the 'upside down' position the blood rushing to your head and eyes esp can give you short term problems.
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