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I have a Nikon Prostaff, which i do not think was made for golfers but rather deer hunters. Very accurate IF  you can keep it steady.  And frankly it takes time to use. Too big to really carry on belt, must detach from bag, focus in on object large enough to reflect the light beam and need to avoid beaming near people as laser beam can damage eyes of distant person if  beamed on him. Most flagsticks too thin to reflect beam, some (few ) have reflectors built in.  On very...
Suggest avoid caffeine too.  . Found in coffee,  cola and energy drinks.    Caffeine is a diuretic and can cause dehydration. From a medical web page. 
Seems to be in the Local Rule category that balls hitting power lines must be replayed.  I had thought a general Rule.    But today the poorly played wedge went way right and hit the upper branches of the tree,  fell onto the power lines and then into the rough.   If Local Rule in effect, must this shot be replayed?  If no Local Rule in effect, play as it lies in rough? 
Seems the longer the backswing the more difficult to hit the precise center of the ball with the center of the putter. I widen my stance, focus on steady head, 'see' a tack in center of ball and go as smoothly as possible  
I always thought the word 'cheating' meant  intention to mislead.  Really i don't think we can fully agree on her intention.  Yeah, it seems she violated an everyday rule and needs to consider her actions more carefully, best back home for a few months.  But labeling her with crude, insulting names is unnecessary and lets the name callers appear as 'jerks, first order'. 
If you insist on carrying the bag, lighten the load.  I only take the driver, 2 hybrids, 6/8/9 irons, PW, SW and putter. Covers 99% of my needs, reduces my decision making, and reduces the bag weight. 
In regards to Noh and his ball on the wrong green: if  you had been in the immediate spectator gallery would you have called out prior to his backswing that he was in violation of the rules?     Lots of folks accept that silence is the best behaviour for a fan on the course.  Others take a more liberal approach, usually after a shot.  But here is question of actually helping a player so i feel it's a fuzzy region.    Of course, if  you had been a fellow competitor you...
Caddies are mandatory , by law, here in Thailand. Many golfers dislike this law and would prefer to pull their own trolley.  Even if you hire a buggy, the caddy may drive it for you.   Precisely why such a law exists i can only guess. Common tip is 300 TB, which is US$10.   Caddy fee about the same.  For me, the cost of the caddy = 550 and the green fee = 800TB.   Have never seen a caddy here  carry a bag.  Nor any golfer, as the caddy then would only carry the umbrella. 
IMO, technique and skill account for 90% of golf success at our level. Clubs 5%, ball 1`% and confidence the balance. When your skill level increases better sticks may help to lower score and increase confidence.  If $$ is no problem, buy whatever suits you.  Half the readers  here prefer the max size driver head, 460cc.  The other half hate them 
Nor mentioning or criticizing anyone in particular but golf's new magic word seems to 'explode' or 'explosion through the ball' or somehow using that word to describe the action of striking the inert, defenseless, small white orb.    Didn't Ole Sam Snead want 'controlled anger'?  Too bad for me, my explosions and anger are highly erratic thus robbing me of control.  Maybe i'm in love with my own history.     Regardless, change ain't easy.
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