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Terrifically confusing here when Avatar is not corresponding to reality.  Is that really U, BuckeyeNut? 
Many 'natural athletes' are crap golfers.  Guys who run, jump, swim usually don't have long sticks with metal heads on the ends of their arms.  Good eyes, coordination, strong legs all can help learn golf.  But, for the vast majority of low HC players, and golf teachers, etc, they all learned golf as kids.  By the time these 'kids' have gotten to age 22, they have played a 1000x times, practiced till dog tired, went to summer camps devoted to short game play, competed in...
Playing public course with guys i don't know. On third hole hole, par 5 over the canyon, i noticed player C tee his ball forward of the tee marker, by about 4 inches.  There was no doubt.    Stoopid me.  I said to him 'the rules indicate balls not to be played forward of marker'.  He turned and gave me a mean and nasty glare.  I meant no harm.  He did not move ball back to proper place. I said no more to him that day about the rules.   Later in day, i gave myself a 2...
Ah, right.  The ubiquitous phone.  I never think of it, coz don't have one.
Mike.  Were you taking photos while on the bag?  Who's taking pix of you?    I have found that playing golf, and caddying, are very focused activities and incompatible with photo taking.  But i'm old and not too swift.    A good read, and nice photos.  Thnx  
Um, Tazman.  R u in Tasmania?  Club offerings there may indeed be limited to local forgers. 
@saevel25  I thought 'wristy putting' long ago went out of style.   I occasionally practice with more wrist action, can get nice clean stroke but distance control would take time to master.  Now i am very conscious of how far, precisely, i take the putter head back. Prior to putt, I visually measure the distance, slope, etc and figure 'take back 4 inches'. So i take it back only 4 inches and focus on moving putter head along needed line, do my best to eliminate mental...
Along a similar line.  My course has large, bright lamps installed at the 18th green, for games finishing late in the day. Here in tropics night falls fast, no twilight.  But if my ball on green and i am putting directly into beam of light, can't see ball well, or cup, could i claim relief from temporary obstruction?  I mean the lamp went on 5 mins ago, and no one else is bothered as their ball not in beam of lamp. Cannot turn lamp off until game over.  I recall pro...
Man, do i ever wish my new, and expensive, turbulator has chopped 6 strokes off my HC.  But i can't say that and be honest.  Lying is not permitted in golf, nor on these pages. 
Tourney over.  Scott Hend, Australia, defeats Philipino AQue in one hole playoff.  EEls 5 behind leaders at end.  This may indeed be the final hurrah for the Hong Kong Open.   It's been a pleasure for me to visit the great club at Fanling, to play golf there and observe the pro golfers during the tourney this year and the past 4 years. 
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