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Makes some sense that longer swings means more chance for error.  Pros, and others, prefer fast greens coz less clubhead movement, among other reasons.  Chipping with an 8i means less club movement, compared to sand wedge so may be better for most of us. 
Do you Evolvr guys have some kind of 'non-disclosure' agreement with pro players, or secret pact in sharing the winnings?    Just wondering about why the vagueness in identifying that player?    My guess thoughts: if in top 10, would have said, so probably between 10-15 name list, many tie scores so if only counting players and not finishing place, who's left?  Probably not a chinese of korean guy (language issues), only one USA guy, PUihlein who has lots of 'help',...
IMO, the vast majority of scratch golfers first shot par at under the age of 18.  As kids, they learned some basic, but un-natural skills, which allowed them to swing fast.  Those of us who did not learn these skills early in life, won't be getting towards scratch.     A corollary to this is that scratch golfers generally do not and cannot understand why other golfers don't do like they do: swing fast.  It's kind of like language.  Some 8 yr old Hungarian kid is making...
PUihlein is the USA guy tied at 2nd place at -7, one behind the leader.  6 guys at -5, including 2 chinese, 3 frenchies, one thai and one italian.   DLipsky and NColsaerts both miss cut, set at +2.
Actually LOosterhuisen made a HIO a few years back and won a Volvo car.  But what he needed to work around his hobby farm/vineyards was a small digger machine so Volvo provided that, not the car.    And the best/worst HIO prize i've seen, not at a pro tourney, was 2 tons of bagged portland cement. 
Last Q.  Is there any way to know, without cutting the grip, if the grip has been installed with sticky tape?     Next Q.  What is this 'blue tape' and what makes it special? 
I felt good.  
How big is your library, boogielicious? 
Well, i don't know about low T, POTUS and women.  But i am happy Sarah Palin is not POTUS, whatever her T level. 
I've gone through a small library of golf books in 40 yrs.  Now have only a very few which i picked up at a yard sale.  Don't know if i would ever again pay full price for a golf book.   What about U?  Are you reading and replacing your golf books? 
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