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Never heard of 'taping information' onto the shaft. Sounds like a plan.  I'll simply write down 285 and put that on my driver.  Is this a legal modification of the club? 
I have read that only the driver, least lofted face, should be struck on upward arc.  All others, even if on peg, struck with slightly downward blow. Driver, don't touch the grass and never a divot.  3w off tee, brush the grass in front of peg.  5w off tee, very short peg, clubhead slightly into the dirt, after ball departs.  I 'know' these things, find difficulty applying. 
Rock looks pretty tensed up.  Not good for the golf game. 
If your hips, the center of movement and power, are not working correctly, all else counts little.  IMO>   Me?  I fit Mike's criterion precisely as the 'guy too steep' with driver. I can hit the 5 wood off the mat very well.  Put the ball on a rubber tee and pick up the driver and all results go total crap.  How many pop-ups can a guy accept before putting the damn thing back in the bag?  When the ball goes more up than out, like up in the air 20 yards but only 12 yards...
Rat lab psychologists came to this same conclusion decades ago.  If reward always given for effort, soon boredom sets in. If reward never given, quit soon. Only when reward sometimes given, does the effort become meaningful and thus consistent.   Same for the one-arm bandits at casinos, pursuing  or chasing women at the pub, and taking the 20* hybrid and knocking it stiff, once in 12 events.     Put in the effort, work, money, etc and sometimes receive the reward.  It's...
In Perth, OZland, TOlesen, Denmark, wins EU tour event with 3 stroke advantage over VDubuisson. Dane gets ticket to RaceDubai.   In Macau, on the Asian tour, ALahari, India,  defeats SHend, of OZ.  Win comes on final hole puitt out.  Lahari shot 61 first day to propel him onward. Neither  Els, nor Jimenez, in contention.  The gaming tables of Macau too attractive at night. 
Where have you been?  A year ago i told everyone she was 1. a real cutie, 2, a talented golfer and 3. very good looking. 
Terrifically confusing here when Avatar is not corresponding to reality.  Is that really U, BuckeyeNut? 
Many 'natural athletes' are crap golfers.  Guys who run, jump, swim usually don't have long sticks with metal heads on the ends of their arms.  Good eyes, coordination, strong legs all can help learn golf.  But, for the vast majority of low HC players, and golf teachers, etc, they all learned golf as kids.  By the time these 'kids' have gotten to age 22, they have played a 1000x times, practiced till dog tired, went to summer camps devoted to short game play, competed in...
Playing public course with guys i don't know. On third hole hole, par 5 over the canyon, i noticed player C tee his ball forward of the tee marker, by about 4 inches.  There was no doubt.    Stoopid me.  I said to him 'the rules indicate balls not to be played forward of marker'.  He turned and gave me a mean and nasty glare.  I meant no harm.  He did not move ball back to proper place. I said no more to him that day about the rules.   Later in day, i gave myself a 2...
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