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Sorry, no further knowledge or citation possible but i heard it on TV, probably a commentator on ladies or Asian Tour.  .   But i think we all can agree that the least muscular effort needed to maintain any posture, the longer and stronger that posture can be kept.   There are some differences found between simply maintaining balance while static, and keeping in good balance while golfing. One can find some argument that since more upright is naturally more stabile,...
Cleared the course for the    PREZ?  U must be joking if you   offer that statement as a question. When WBush came to my town, as Prez, they cleared the Interstate Hiway and stopped all traffic, on and off, for miles.  And when the Prez goes to foreign lands, they clear the entire hotel for him.   Of course, I was not in Vegas but  all things considered, i don't think i am mistaken on this.
Hi Erik  Just how would you  paraphrase 'definitely protrudes' ? And please do not invoke the nanometer.   This entire  discussion has been useful to me, thanks to all. . Would remind that the book i quoted, 'Power Golf', was published nearly 10 years before his most famous book 'Five Lessons'.  . Maybe Hogan's idea evolved. 
DL III?  What's the attraction?   When he arrives on my  tube, i grab the remote.  
LKo defeats CCiganda and JGranada in 4 hole, the same hole, playoff.  So Ko wins the half million dollar tourney and the million dollar CME prize. MWie ties for  5th and SLewis ties 9th.  Teenage winnings, not too shabby. 
The peanuts in Snickers elevates that morsel into the 'health bar' region.  Ordinary chocolate is simply fat and sugar. And despite the fact that Reese's Peanut Butter cups melt fast in hot weather, they too are terrific wholesome food.  Are Reese's cups 'candy bars'? Good lord man, who cares what you call them. For under a buck, a decent lunch. 
Yes. Get one dozen of each.  Mark them each with your special mark, use a quality waterproof marker pen. Never play a ball without your mark.  And never get attached to any particular ball. Use 'em and lose 'em.  Focus on the next shot, not the next ball. When you shoot 95 or less 3x in a row, then you can buy better balls. 
Played a new course, very flat and watery. Something like So Florida with the palm trees, even coconuts. But sent 6 balls into those dark waters. GIR, maybe 2 only. Scrambling good, 16 putts on front, 14 on back so total putts, 30, pretty acceptable. Total score 96. Ugly off the tee, that's me. The important thing for me is increasing confidence that i can hit the shot i want.  And i did a few times.  Hit a 23* hybrid 165 yds over some  coconuts and big pond onto the...
"The more upright a person is, the less they have to contend with balance and the easier it is to perform the body movements. "    I can probably agree with the former part, but easier to perform the golf swing when upright does not seem totally correct to me. For me, much more difficult to get the hips in action when too upright. I have heard tell of the 'Rotary Swing' but know little of it.  Whatever it takes for me to get the hips firing first seems beneficial....
Found this info, a competitor golf site, on such a grip and it's (supposed )  history.      http://bombsquadgolf.com/Invision/index.php?/topic/10516-hogans-putting-grip-and-stroke/   Gotta scroll down past the BS to get to the topic. Unlike here, where the goodies are first up. 
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