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Right.  Sport and law, etc, are human activities and are 'made up' according to various individuals and groups in power.  
RMcIlroy shoots 64 on 2nd day, leads by 1 at -14. MWarren alone at -13.  Others follow.  Both USA guys, PUihlein and DLipsky make cut. 
Had the ball quite above my feet, actually it was on the slope of a grassy mound and i was on the fairway. Played the shot with 23* hybrid and the ball shot left into, yes, the pond at least 70 yards left of the green, my target.   Fellow competitor said 'that was to be expected as it was a hook lie'. I thought i made a decent swing but results say otherwise.  So why did the ball go so dramatically left off the mound?   And is the opposite also true?  If the  ball is...
Who wants to be a cheater?  Course not.  But what if the club was 15* loft, and had a shaft 43 inches long and was outside the parameters of the 'conforming' stats? And you could hit the ball further with that club than your 10.5* 'conforming' driver.     Such a club would be deemed legal for play. So let's get on those club makers for super-trampoline 15* drivers. I'd grab one for sure (if under $100).
I believe that's the case, Crim.  Appearance fees can be quite large in Europe and Asia but forbidden in USA (to my knowledge).     Nearly all finished with round 1 and BWeisberger at -8, NColsearts, LWestwood, ASullivan and PUihlein at -7, RMcIlroy and  others at -6.     My fav, DLipsky, doing well at -4.  I'd like to see him get into the top 10, or better.    Course said to be in super shape and the TV i saw confirmed that. Greens at 13 ft 2 in on the Stimpo.  I...
Vancouver is considered the Miami Beach of Canada.  
I have one of those Callaway ERC+ drivers.  I never knew it was 'illegal' till i started hitting the ball so far and then my friend took a look at it.  This after i was booming my drives 20 yards beyond the 185 mark.  It's on the shelf now.
Interesting read from Barry Rhodes 'golf rules blog' regarding lack of rules knowledge by new pros.   Refer to Rhodes here   :  http://www.barryrhodes.com/2010/03/tour-players-to-go-back-to-school-over.html "And there’s more. Further down the page, Paramor cites another example of the sort of things he and his overworked team have to deal with. During last year’s BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, an unnamed individual pushed his approach to the 15th green way right of...
Hey, nice to see PHarrington in the field.  He won that tourney in Indonesia a few months back and retired to swing 2000x per day.  I guess he has it all figured out now.  Now, i'm pretty ignorant, at times, but i wonder how could anyone expect to be a great orator by reciting the  alphabet 2000x per day.   Hmm, who is Scott Harrington?  PHarrington is the only Irishman in the field, all the others in Dubai. 
Hey guys, he's playing Stableford golf.  That means he can pick up his ball anytime, no penalty.  Which i suggest he does if that hole gets out of hand. As in the water twice, 400 yards out and he won't get any points so pick up the ball and quit the hurt.  Focus on the next hole.    And i also suggest that if you exchange cards with someone prior to the match, that you inform him that you will NOT keep his points but only the gross score he reports to you.  Mark that...
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