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Right pocket, a penny or a PGA partners club marker, short tees, and a divot repair tool. Sometimes a pocket full of sunflower seeds in the left
my country club just recently got a range about 2 years ago... I hovered around an 8 or a 9 handicap without a range. I stopped golfing till this year, and I'm down to a 3.6 handicap index... and I think I owe it soley to the range, with mats actually. Sure the mats kind of suck, but i think the range puts muscle memory into your swing with trajectory and solid hits, etc. So i dont mind hitting off them. Plus I dont leave till p pure 5 balls in a row, take the...
Driver: 260-295 depending on conditions 3W: 240 5W: 215 3I: 200 4I: 190 5I: 178 6I: 165 7I: 150 8I: 135 9I: 115 PW: 105 SW: 75 LW: 50 (62 degree)
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