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I never understood the appeal of fancy tees.  I mean really it is not that hard to figure out what height is good for you with a plain white tee.  Add to the fact that you can get a bag that lasts two years for three bucks.
I am much more disappointed with the well struck shots that end up like crap.  This game is hard enough without complaining about good results no matter how you got them.
Well distance balls aren't slippery through the air.  Distance balls are usually lower compression balls that give a little boost in yardage to people with a lower swing speed.  Also distance balls are usually designed with very low side spin which in theory is supposed to slice or hook less when mishit.
If I am walking I am using my push cart.  I don't care if people say anything about it. The convenience trumps everything IMO.
I have managed to slice a low spin ball just as bad as a tour ball so to me the difference is not very noticeable.  If you slice a prov1 violently you just need to learn how not to slice it violently.  It would be interesting to see how many more yards a tour ball slices right compared to low side spin ball.
I did the exact same thing.  I pulled my 3 wood on the tee for almost a whole season because I knew I could hit it accurately and about the same distance.  After awhile though I hit with my driver exclusively because I felt I needed to be able to learn to utilize the club.  I am glad I did because the last couple of rounds and range sessions something has clicked for me with the driver.  I am hitting it better than I ever have and with better consistency as well. It's...
If you don't mind used balls.   http://www.lostgolfballs.com/titleist-nxt-tour-2012-golf-balls-p/ti-nxttour12.htm   A lot of people swear by their quality.   I just ordered a dozen Callaway Hex Chrome and a dozen Nike 20XI-S AAAAA for $42.  
I may be that guy who doesn't talk a lot during the round.  I mean I won't be totally silent but if I don't know you I am not going to be cracking jokes and trying to start conversations.  I am there pretty much to play golf. The last time out as a single I was paired with a guy who gave me advice.  The stuff he told me helped me out so I can't really complain.  I don't really mind it as long as it is not on every swing and they don't expect you to drop everything and...
My last round I played with a Taylomade TP Black.  Usually play Q-Stars but got a dozen for $22 off Ebay (were supposed to be TP3's, but hat is another story)  Good ball/  Really takes off the club face when struck solid, but not a fan of the feel off the putter.  
I have been wanting to play CC.  I have only been out here about six months and have only played Riverdale and a few courses in Denver. From Wisconsin so I can deal with a little snow while playing as long as I can get out.  Golf season is officially over back there.
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