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 Thank you and this is what I was looking to do! I will look and see if there is a local PGA Tour Superstore.
  I really liked the honesty of your post and think I agree with it but not knowing is the hard part. Maybe I do still need and benefit from GI irons and then again maybe I could get better by stepping up to some players clubs. If I am being honest with myself I do not think I hit it in the center of the face enough to make this move yet? That's why I wish there was a way to test clubs for a round or two while you decide if they are a fit or not. I think it would be a good...
 ...about 75% of the time, the other 25% is off the toe.
Here is a shot of the bag in its current state.  
I am really not sure which way I am going to go because I am not sure I know the difference between the AP1 vs the AP2. I am very tempted to wait for this fitting until after the 714s are released.
I tried many wedges and I decided to go with the Cleveland 588 RTX black pearl wedges with the KBS Hi-Rev S shafts. The jury is still out but I feel much more confident over the ball than the CG 14s they replaced.
Thanks for the post Jake and the kind words. I would like to work the ball a little more and the GI clubs I have now make that a little harder. I have a lazy draw and consistency is pretty good when I am playing regularly. Right now I am working on my game daily so I was bound to make up some ground. I struggle with my consistency from about 80 yards and in so I try and leave myself with 120 yards and in for my lowest scores. I picked up some new wedges and am really...
I have an appointment on Friday to get fitted for some Titleist clubs. I have never hit them but my game has improved enough to where I feel it might be time to see what they are all about. I have an appointment with one of their club fitting specialists at 1:20pm on Friday.
I have been playing now for about 4 years and my Handicap is a 12. I am playing with the Taylormade Burner 2.0s and I really liked the feel of the new SpeedBlade but I do not want to blindly buy another Taylormade without ever trying anything else out there so I decided to get fitted by 4 other companies for comparison purposes before I make a final decision. In a perfect world I could rent a different set of clubs exactly the way I need them (+1 length, +2 lie, c-Taper...
Driver: 285 14.5 degree 3 wood-255 18 degree 4 wood-230 22 degree hybrid-205 5I-190 6I-180 7I-170 8I-160 9I-150 PW-140 52 degrees Gap-130 56 degree SW-115 60 degree LW-100
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