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Ditto man, twilight, solo golf is great. Hit an extra ball when needed, quite, peaceful. Magnifico!  
Golfing by yourself is great, the golf course late afternoon, early evening is an experience. It is my kinda church!  
Hey Lost My Balls   Learn to use your hands and arms correctly which will control the club-face; do this with 7 iron and hit just 40-80 yards (goal is to start using the club-face, arms and hands properly which will give you a straight divot and ball flight)   1. Make sure your grip is correct, V's pointing to your trailing shoulder (see two-three knuckles on top hand) 2. Takeaway: do not roll hands away, keep left palm looking at target longer before letting...
Great videos but Peter Kostis say they are wide then narrow? Very poor analysis. Their width on the back-swing is correct - not wide. Getting too wide would be extending left arm too far and this causes all sorts of problems (poor hinging of wrists, head and center moving off ball too much). Their heads do not move of the ball much if any - meaning they are not getting too wide, wrists are hinging and not over extending.
Get the back-swing correct and the downswing will take care of it self. Thinking about manipulating the downswing with your hands or arms will not lead to good, consistent striking. The correct movement of the hands up and arms laterally will get you into the slot and if you get into the slot, it is all over...the ball is going to the target. Had it to 5 under through 16 the other day (three putted 18) with some of the best long-iron play of my career. The insight I...
My go to club is quite often the driver with a few adjustments. Coming from a tight course with plenty of OB and bush riddled with black snakes, straight drives are very important. Up short par 4's I hit a 2 or 3 iron but sometimes when the wind is in to one's face, an iron just wont do. I go to a "gripped-down piercer" - as I call it. I grip down the grip, the stance narrows naturally and the swing is a little more three quarters. I imagine a low, piercing flight that...
Great Avatar!  
Yeah keeping your putter-face pointing square relative to your belly button is a good idea; this way the wrist hinge naturally with the putter-face opening and shutting as it should, not to much, not too little.   If we all get focused on the line and feeling the speed then reacting without delay to that vision and feel, the stroke becomes fluid and pure without thinking about it - and when this happens, putts start going in from everywhere. It's a beautiful thing!
Yep Sounds like an interesting project. Definitely agree on the importance of  a steady head, my golf has got better over the years as I have stopped moving off the ball. Having send that, not extending my arms too much helps with my head staying still.   Where does the grip and set up come into the the system? Key number 6 and 7 perhaps.I still like Ben Hogans fundamentals when it comes to the basics.  
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