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I ordered a Cleveland 62 degree with 12 degrees of bounce. I'll try it out and decide if it's helpful or not. Gorgeous looking club btw. With the 58 degree I've been practicing this method it really is a nice way to pitch the ball. In the beginning of my round on Sunday to about the 6th hole I had all PARs which were mostly up and downs and I was looking at possibly the best round I've ever had. The problem is that I had one of those swing issues that happened where I...
 YUP!  EXACTLY!!!!  That's exactly what I should be doing.  It works well too! So do you think I should get a 62 degree?  Do you have one?  Like it? Not like it?
Do you think I should look into a 62 degree?
Ok, I played today, and I definitely want to thank everyone for helping on this!  I started practicing pitch shots like those being described and I've figured it out for the most part.   What I was doing before when I came through on the bottom of the shot was turning the club over sort of.  This closed the face a tad and caused the ball to roll out more even though it did get up in the air.  When I do this successfully I actually turn my right wrist the other way a tad...
Great videos! very informational! Thanks for posting!   I'll try to get a vid up soon.
Hmm.... So is it possible that I'm not actually hitting the ground first what I use this technique?  If you are hitting it 40 ft in the air to 30 ft how far back are you taking out the club?
Ok, so suppose I'm 35 yards out and I want to make it land soft.  When I did it I put the ball toward my front foot and leaned the handle back.  I then lifted the club whilst turning my left forearm to open the face and then I just dropped the club which put the ball up in the air.  The ball travelled about 30 feet hitting the green and bouncing some then rolled forward.   I would say the ball got up about 15 feet up in the air.   In this case did I need to hit it even...
OK, let's back up.  I think I am asking the wrong questions here.   The real question is how do I get the shot to land softer?
I always out the ball in the front of my stance... like I said it goes up. But doesn't. Stop.
The slope was definately neutral. The greens (if I were standing in the fairway) would probably come up to my waste... Can someone explain the lower handle advice?
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