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So I'm playing yesterday with my buddy at Dauphin Highlands. I get free tokens for the driving range and decide that I should definatly take some swings to get warmed up and ready to go. I get on the Driving Range and find that the tees have been moved all the way up the the range tee box to the very front. I don't think anything of this and start to take some swings with my 7 iron. Feels good but I start getting a fade then a pull hook that a slice. I then take out...
Haha! Got me there!
Wow!  I feel even better about it now!  That's great!  It feels great to finally make progress!
So, I wanted to show a picture from my last analysis.  I'm very proud of this picture because it has been a lot of work to get to this point in my journey!  Below is a picture at a certain point in the downswing of Robert Rock and myself.  I feel very positive with how close the two pictures are, because 5 months ago it was very far from this!     I definitely feel good about this picture!!!!!
So, I give credit partially to this book as to my handicap going down as well! It was a 12.5 and after this weekend I am now looking at an 11.5. I'm partially giving it credit because FOR ME I am working in Evolvr and some of the stuff that I could comprehend from Evolvr happened to be explained in a better/different way in TLSW. That has helped me regain my length and be more accurate whilst also for the most part making better decisions. Sometimes my length gets me...
I got the Swing Extender today and went to the driving range.  I gotta say horrible name for absolutely the smartest thing that's been created.   I wore it with every club and was still able to make good swings.  I took it off then tried to feel that stop in my right arm.  I really think it was working!  It will definitely ingrain that shorter backswing feeling!
Mvac, thank you for the feedback!  I really think the backswing will look much better when I get that swing extender.   Iacas,  I think I forgot to publish it.  It should be good now.
Ok....SO I've just posted some new videos (one from last month and two from today to show differences).  The tip about the keeping the right arm straight have DEFINATELY helped my shorten my swing.  It's still not where I would like it to be, but I'm going to get the swing extender which I think will help me even more.   Here I the link to my swing thread:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/62190/my-swing-mattm/18#post_1020959   I think my right elbow is still going past 90...
So after working with Stephan and Evolvr for a while the big things I'm working on are shortening the backswing and keeping lag in my downswing.  The two videos below show a ton of improvement in my downswing and not coming from over the top, but as you can see I'm working on getting my elbow off my ribs and shortening my backswing.  This videos are from June 2014.   6.19.2014 Driver DTL   As you can see my backswing is way to long and I'm bending my right elbow past...
Ill post my latest DTL video when I get home.
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