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Golfing Dad:   I was teaching a couple of surgeons in Las Vegas a number of years ago and it keep saying "muscle memory" and I got corrected. They told me there is no such thing that brain dead people don't move. OK, that made since to me so I stopped saying 'muscle memory'. I questioned the same question to the doctors. It's where I came up with how to de-program you personal swing computer and re-program with information so you can tell your body to do something...
------------------------------ Pay for the balls. Oh Podner, I'm going to pay for the balls, pay for the round of golf, pay for all your lost balls, pay for the cart, pay for all the cocktails we drink after we play, tip the waitress and give you $20.00 bucks for gas to get to me. -------------------------------------   .What else will it take to get you on the tee line for an afternoon and play golf?  Just let me know.   Yours Very Truly   Dalton McCrary
Mr. Desmond   You seem to be very well golf educated from the number of post you  put up on just about every subject or forum offered you have some interesting comments.   You say you are from California now an implant to Dallas area of Texas. Well let me be one of the first to welcome you to my home state.. I can't live more that 20 minutes from you. Give me a call, 972-983-3331 and we'll stop all the debating on weather or not I know what I'm talking about or...
Thanks Arte, Appreciate it. Dalton
You don't have to hunt a VHS player, Dalton,  has a face book page and you can find what you are looking for that way.
Well, I'm Dalton McCrary got a question please ask me at str8golfer@tx.rr.com I'm also on Facebook..
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