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I wouldnt say there is any problem. Most of the pros did this, and currently still do. What you want to do though is act like a pro and make sure you warm up properly and keep it going at a steady pace. Don't smash 200 balls in an hour. Take your time and a bit of a breather between shots to compose yourself etc. 
I don't know how tall you are, but you can't go wrong with the Tiger build. He's built like an athlete, and I'd suggest the same if you want to perform like one.  That said, great golfers come in all shapes and sizes, but the build like Martin, Tiger etc are the ones I'd go for.
My pet peeve is when they do green maintenance but still charge full price.  About a month ago I played a course that did this. You could almost hardly putt on the greens and they had the nerve to charge full price.  Surely this doesn't happen everywhere does it?
Yea this is great news. I agree with you when you say the PGA is where all the big stars are. The European tour is great, but the big dogs all run on the PGA tour.     
I seem to be pretty good out of the bunkers. Of course it's not great to be in them which I tend to be quite a bit lately, hence the practice.  But yea, I'd say bunkers are my strength at the moment. Always good to be able to get up and down from the sand. That's how the pros roll it.
They must be paying him well, that's all I'm saying :)   I know I'd need a lot of money to walk around on tv with that thing on my head ha ha.
Yea, when you think how good Rory is, it really puts into perspective how good Tiger was at that age. He'd won a couple of majors.  As for 'talent', it's a tough one. We all know how hard Tiger worked as a kid, so its hard to tell where the talent and sheer hard work merged together.  I'd go with Tiger though. 
Yea, my bet is Tiger comes back strong next year. He's just way too good to be out of it for much longer.  All that muscle memory has to kick in again soon :)
I'd have to go with Luke. I think Tiger will start coming back into form soon, but Luke is just too solid to not perform consistently.  For me, this time next year, he will still be number 1 most likely. 
Tough question. 5 years ago it looked like Tiger was going to take this one with his eyes closed, but now I'm not so sure.    I remember years ago, Jack once saying he would be interested to see how Tiger did once he had wife and family. We all know what happened. 
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