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This is why I love the game of golf.  One day you can play lights out and shoot the best round of your life.  Then the very next day on the very same course, you can in turn shoot the worst round of your life.  It's going to happen.  I have had it happen several times.  It's the way this game goes.  When I was younger and just getting into golf, I used to get really pissed at myself, the course, the club, etc.  I have learned, through a lot of practice and patience, that...
+1 mith Mr3Wiggle.  I experience this quite often where it will be 45 degrees on #1 tee box and by the time I finish up it is 75 or 80 degrees.  Every vlub is considerably longer at the end of the day than it was on the first few holes.  I am located in NE Nevada where there seems to be a 30-40 degree swing from the low to the high.
PM sent to iacas for the alignment sticks.  Thanks for providing us with a great website guys.  I am glad to be a supporter for many years to come.
I would like to apologize to my teammates for my lack of play the past 2 weeks.  Have had some hectic days with work and family, but I'm back on track now.  Sorry guys.
This is one of my main goals for this season.  Learn my game better and play the course to my game.  Not make my game fit the course.  I agree with everything that has been said above and have heard most of it several times.  The hard part is actually sticking to it.
Played in Boise last weekend.  40 on the front and a scary 47 on the back.  Driver went to hell.  Hit 3 in the water off the tee   I was very pleased with my front nine though.  Lots of room to improve, but still felt pretty good.
Process Electrical and Instrumentation Trainer at a gold mine in NE Nevada.  Plenty of time to look at the forum in my down time haha
I love this thread.  I am currently working on getting my shoulders turned down in my backswing.  I haven't made too many full swings in the last couple of weeks due to this thread.  I'm just going to the top and checking my shoulder position while maintaining my right elbow position tucked and close to the body.  It's amazing how much you can see when you take a slow and specific approach to each and every part of the golf swing.  Thanks guys.
I'm in.....
Played on Jan 1 with my son.  A great way to start off the new year :)
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