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Luke Donald - E Y. E. Yang - E D. A. Points - E
Matt Kuchar -9 Miguel Angel Jimenez -9 Thorbjorn Oleson -9 Thorbjorn Thorbjorn Olesen
If Tiger wins after all this, it won't have an asterisk next to it, it'll have an exclamation point.
Why would he withdraw, he accepted the results by the rules committee. Lets not let be prideful goats. Play the game.
He moved the ball a yard and took two extra strokes. That's a fair result for most reasonable people.
Keegan Bradley -13 Nicholas coelsaerts (sp?) -13 Karl Petterson -13
The best thing you can do is find someone who doesn't plan to vote and try to get them to!  
The birther argument is so ridiculous. He's an American, get over it.
To Adam: The theory behind low carb diets is that, because the body burns carbs before it burns fat, if there are few carbs available to burn the body will burn fat for energy instead. This is of course in direct contrast to calorie counter diets, but it sounds like you've got your mind made up already!
I am so inconsistent with the driver. I am hoping to find a good book that will guide my practice time at the tee. Do you have any recommendations?
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