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I've got a 3 iron/hybrid that I use on narrow and short holes, especially if there is OB to the right and/or I have lost my faith in my driver & 3w.   If you practice it enough and can rely on it more than your bigger sticks, feel free to use it - avoid the trees however possible!
Have you considered moving the ball forward in your stance to hit it shorter, and back in the stance to hit it farther? Or do you feel this adds unnecessary variability to your game?
  The problem with this logic is that the learner doesn't know whether or not they are making the correct motions unless they see the result of their actions born out in the ball flight. They would essentially be repeating movement after movement, ingraining a skill with no knowledge of whether it, once ingrained, will lead to success. You can easily imagine someone spending a month working on a swing path using this golf net, only to find upon reemerging onto a golf...
If you are practicing but can't see the result of your swing, you are getting no feedback, and have no way of knowing which swings were successful and which were not. You have no way of diagnosing your errors and no good way of experimenting with corrections (because testing those corrections requires you see your new results to determine if the corrections worked or not). If you practice without receiving feedback, all you are doing is ingraining your current swing....
If it is due to a steep swing he probably experiences a lot of tops and chunks also. I am under the impression a push results from an in-to-out swing and a square clubface (relative to the swing line, not the target). If what I believe is correct, it seems like you should focus on swinging more out-to-in (but not excessively so). Try taking three practice swings. In the first, swing normally, in to out. Then have a swing that intentionally goes out to in, the...
The tips he gave you, you could have found them on your own in a golf book, for example, I'm assuming? What is the benefit of paying for an instructor when you could have looked the corrections up in a book?   I don't mean to demean your action, despite how it sounds. I am interested is all. Thanks for answering!
This is just an extension of the anger some people have at slow pace. Walk slower, breathe deeper, calm down.
Do you believe that you couldn't discover the fixes this coach suggested to you by yourself?
What is a 13 handicap, about an 85 peak? That's impressive, I can't even break 100.
Sports psychology recognizes three distinct types of goals:   Outcome Goals:  Goals that take competition or comparison with others as a criteria, such as "I want to win my league tournament" or , "I want to beat my friends this weekend".   Performance Goals:  Goals that take self-referenced performance criteria that are not dependent upon comparison with others, such as "I want to break 100", or "I want to lose less than two balls on the course...
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