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What the ^&*$ is fluffing?
  In essence that's 16 penalty strokes, so unless you play the rest of your round only 12 over par(ish) there's no way you're breaking a hundred. Those rare instances that I go a round without losing a ball I am fighting the 100 line.
The title explains it all. I'll be sitting in the fairway (who am I kidding, the rough) from about 50-80 yards out, and I reach for one of my Maxfli Revolution wedges (52, 56, 60*). The problem is, I primarily use them for touchy pitches, and I don't have much practice hitting them full, like a short iron. It also seems like those times when I do try to hit them full, they aren't (read: I'm not) very accurate, nor does the ball fly a predictable distance.   Does...
1) Keegan Bradley -9 2) Rory McIlroy -9 3) Brandt Snedeker - 9
Noticing the giant list of "don't pick these people for 2nd, 3rd choice", I'd like to edit my selection but won't actually  "Edit" it for fear of someone saying I did so after tourny began! So scratch the above post:   Keegan Bradley -12 Sang-Moon Bae -11 Mark Wilson -11   Got it?
Keegan Bradley -12 Phil Mickelson -11 Tiger Woods -11
I got a lot of opinions from this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/58586/bridgestone-e6-or-srixon-q-star. I'd like to turn it into a poll, to guide my buy later today. My foremost consideration is reduction of sidespin with the driver. Which would you buy?
At the 18th hole on my second ever round of golf I I come to a par 3 that demands a shot over water. My friend (equally new) and I are tied playing match play, so the hole is very important. He hits his tee shot *plunk* into the pond. I follow his shot with a wild pull into a big oak tree. I couldn't tell if it was lost or not, so I walked over to it to look. Thinking the 5-minute search rule applied, I spent the whole 5 minutes looking, knowing how important the hole...
I have played maybe 20-30 18 hole rounds, practice more often than I play, and still have never shot as low as you! So yeah, job well done amigo.
Thanks for the tips, mvmac. I have hit a few draws trying your advice. But I can't really control how much they draw, and I must admit I'm afraid that I'll hit one that won't draw back, and will land where my slice would have landed anyway.
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